Top 10 “CAMPING SPOTS” in COD HISTORY (Top Ten) Call of Duty | Chaos

Top 10 “CAMPING SPOTS” in COD HISTORY (Top Ten) Call of Duty | Chaos

What’s up guys Jimmy? or cows before we get into the video wanted to share something with you pretty cool june theme over on gamer Crates is a Chaos Crate which is really really cool. So if any of you decide to go over there to get it You can do one month you can do a year you can cancel at any time? I’m going to follow back anybody that shows me proof that they got the Chaos crate over on Twitter Just tweet me proof and I’m going to give you a follow these are some of the past crates They have a ton of cool stuff and of course This one is all themed team Chaos and also I had them set up a discount code for you on top of that so use promo code Chaos save a little bit of money If you get the gamer [crates], and I will tell you I can’t tell you a lot because it’s a secret But there is a shirt involved and g fuel is Involved with the Chaos crate for june so go over to gamer Crates link at the top of the description if you get one let Me know, and I can’t wait for you guys to get them in june and be able to open them [now] Let’s get in to the Top 10 Camping spots with some honorable mentions at the end as always and we’ve done one of these in the past But there’s a lot of spots So I thought we would do an update and everybody likes to talk about those spots So it’s actually the top floor of the market on standoff in Black Ops 2 you can see see Tom and be Tom in other Important parts, and what better way to stay up there on the market that went to L Set with the target finder does this does this not ring a bell does this not bring back? memories for everybody when it comes to black Ops 2 and stand off [and] we’re going to go [over] a lot of Frustrating positions that you guys were very actively tweeting it at me. There’s a lot of animosity toward campers So here’s what I want you to do a like equals every time you’ve ever caught and killed a camper in Call of Duty Just remember that let that sink in [I] like on this video in a comment equals that alright number Nine from coal Barret the building in the back corner [a] prison break from [ghost] [there] was always noobs up there with ieds Hashtag [kill] [it]. Well. There’s not one noob There’s literally a whole team of noobs And this was a normal occurrence on this map in prison break this was oh Frustrating because a team could literally hold this to level prison Tower the entire match [I] Hate it this map just for this reason because you would be focusing now of course They’re not going [for] the objective or anything like that But you would be focusing the whole match Trying to get the little cockroaches out of the tower And it was almost impossible because it was two levels and there were so much cover in it the spot sucked coming in at number eight from it’s actually again on top of the building [hum] [Plaza] from Black Ops 2 Straight view To be Tommnow. I will let you guys pick which one but look at the walls you are basically on a roof that is considered a Fortress, and once again what better way to do that [than] to throw some claymores or some shock charges on the ladders get you an L set Maybe put a little Target finder on it and Set up shop [for] the entire match and the problem is there’s only one ladder going up this thing I think there’s only one ladder on most of the roof spots to get up them and if you had claymores or bouncing betties It was game over [it] was a traditional classic camping spot on this map Let me know if you guys be honest have you ever just stayed up here and done your thing coming in at number? [seven] from its ARc see again the radio tower on array on Black Ops 1 hashed out Chaos [top] [10] one of those popular camping spots this one Wasn’t as good there was no cover was that it look at that trick shot And it wasn’t just camping it was trick shot people trying to do their thing [-] it was definitely a camping spot people would lay prone in there But it didn’t have a lot of cover, so this one wasn’t as frustrating it also I want to give an honorable mention to the same map the actual building across from the Array tower This was a campers delight. It was huge. You can never find them They have multiple windows to access they have the elevation I mean It was just everything about it Sucked if the team actually had control of this building and you were trying to get them out there was a couple ways in but they could still do a lot of damage when it came to camping and Controlling the area if you will coming in at number six from Macneill the back of the plane from terminal Hashtag Chaos top [10] very very classic spot Who decided to not only you have the ladder going up, but let’s give them some space behind it enough space That they can go Prone so let’s what are the negatives of this if you’re the camper? Well if he climbs up the ladder you’ve got it dead to rights. He’s climbing up with his back to you. There’s no way He is [going] to kill you other than that Well if the guys come in from the front of the plane you have them too You have a direct line of sight [to] the front of the plane or to the side of the plane if they come there? So this one is deemed a very very frustrating camping spot You literally have [your] own cocoon of a hole back here You could stick a claymore in there? Whatever you want to do and just go to town coming in at number 5 here We go 80 day 94 has to be the tower on [russ] new Captor nuke after nuke if you got up there Hashtag Chaos top 10 now you [have] to do a little bit of work to get up To the tower on russ because it’s such a small map Everybody is focused on anybody that [is] trying to get up to the top [now]. I remember back in the day I got in a modded Lobby This was back when [that] you could pay people like 5 bucks and join a lobby on rust And there’s like a hundred people in there, and he’s like just there telling you what to do I actually got in To one of these things and the dude was at the very top with a noob Tube and every time he would [noobtube] you You would like max level prestige or something so it was just like a bunch of fish down there Just waiting to get a new Tube rammed down their throat on us that’s one of the memories. I remember yes Top of the Tower on rust is a good camping spot number 4 [Vinnie] [Corps] [oh] Youtube the house is a nuke town nuff said now we have to encompass the entire map because the entire map is A very frustrating camping a map in Duke town you have the houses which of course that’s classic Just lockdown shock charges Claymores bouncing betties, whatever whichever call of duty You’re playing use your flavor for how you want to look out the window now I will say that you can wallbang pretty good and get them through the walls on the window a lot of people die that way But not just the houses the back grass The blue car the crates on be Dom when they were there the car on [B]. Dom if it’s already blown up There are so many areas on Nuketown that you might as well consider the whole map one I know somebody tweeted at me Jimmy You’re going to give away all these camping spots on this top 10 And we’re going to go for these are all from past [call] of [Duty’s] everybody knows About every one of these spots these are not a secret This is just you guys putting them in order how popular unpopular you think they are number three great xBL on top of High-rise? [Mr] Warfare – no question the best spot ever it didn’t quite get enough tweets to be number one But I’m going to agree with you, sir. [I] consider this the best Slash worst camping spot in [Codd] history for the simple fact [that] if you get up there, and you play it right there is a ledge that protects you when you go prone You can have [one-man-Army] so you can literally have infinite Claymores Nobody’s getting up there. You could stay up there the entire match gets your nuke And there is no way anybody could get you down maybe Maybe they get a lucky grenade and they they get you but it’s such a big space up there to cover That that’s probably not going to happen either now You could get a snipe on them across the map if they’re up But if they’re smart, they’re laying prone and that it’s just not going to happen to me This is the best camping spot in call of Duty [or] the worst whatever desert [games] the number to the church on Infection on Black Ops 3 hashtag Chaos up 10 this one pisses me off I don’t [know] why I just get super mad when people camp on this they can’t directly with the line of sight on [B] With this window right here, and I know there are multiple ways to get in this place [I] mean you could also pick them up from the window, but just something about it because what they’ll do like I like to refer to [them] as cockroaches They’ll tuck back there in the corner next to this window on the right And they’ll just sit there and wait like he’s doing it right now I don’t know why I’ve Dealt with a lot [of] camping spots which all of you have I’ve probably even utilized a few in a moment of panic or on A long streak in call of Duty [that’s] another thing in the comments section if you’ve been on a streak one of those streaks where your hands are sweaty And you’re nervous because you’re trying to hit something. It’s one of those aimes have you ever just tucked back in one of these classic camping spots to get those couple free kills not tell anybody about it just Say now that wasn’t part of it, and then [that] gets your streak. Yeah, I’ve done it I think I’ve done it on this church all right number [one] you guys already knew Ryan hache that cast out in the sniper tower on firing range everyone always suspect someone is up there even if they are or not and What you want will firm a camping spot is? cover [in] this it doesn’t have a huge space to work with but it’s got enough cover where you could be up there and Once you’re known once you’re found you’re found, but you have so many lines of sight up in this tower now This one is very subject to grenades and things coming up there to flash you but once again Only one point of entry so all you need to do is throw your little claymore on and you literally have line of sight to every area of the map probably the most classic and most known Camping spot and enough people tweeted me that it definitely had to garner the number one spot I know it wasn’t [anything] of a surprise, but it’s classic [I] mean This is a classic camping spot a couple honorable mentions for you guys angels Proning behind the Giant Hill of Scrap B. Flag on bog Definitely, definitely have done this myself a lot of people have done this just laying prone by the big mound in the middle and doing Your thing I wouldn’t call this a super camping spot though And the other one is from disturbed and confused the hill or helicopter on Drone. You can pick your poison here he’s right, the Helicopter as you see right [there] on the screen or those crates or go all the way across the map in the dreaded Sniper Hill that looks down b. Lane all the way back So there you go guys let [us] know where we got it right wrong Which ones did we miss drop a like on the video and be sure [to] check out the june theme Chaos crate from Gamer Crates? If you decide to get one, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed Let me know on Twitter show me and I will give you a follow back as well I hope you guys have a fantastic day, and I’ll see you on the next video

100 thoughts on “Top 10 “CAMPING SPOTS” in COD HISTORY (Top Ten) Call of Duty | Chaos

  1. No it doesnt bring back memories as most of us still play Black Ops 2…it is still one of the best CODs. Claymores, Bettys, Trophy Systems…amaze

  2. the engine room in hijacked, bo2
    set claymores on ladders and above and wait in the middle of the engine room
    better is set a guardian and relax watching netflix

  3. Oh man number 8 on bo2 plaza ALL day lol
    And yes sniper tower on firing range! Bro I miss when these call of duty were still in their life cycle. Good days

  4. I like to see that more as defending postions. Camping is legit being in a corner and waiting for people to go around and sitting there the whole game. At least the buildings were designed with defense in mind. The airplane in terminal was definitely camping though lol

  5. Forgot the stairs on skidrow in mw2… easily the most dominant position on that map… could camp there the whole game with an rpd grip and stopping power and rack up massive kills

  6. The main house on the paris map on mw3 I remember i got my first M.O.A.B just rushing back and forth

  7. That upper level and the house with the huge two windows on Rundown from MW2 One man army, claymore and C4. Hardcore campers

  8. In terms of a streak. Had a 0 and 3 start. Ended at 27 and 3 in the new Modern Warfare. I was in Piccadilly. In the very end, I camped in the high building hoping for 3 more kills. I never got them.

  9. That one map on Ghosts for infected… it was snowy and had trains and stuff and everyone jumped through a window to get to this top little ledge thing

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