Top 10 Cheapest Countries to Live in Europe

Top 10 Cheapest Countries to Live in Europe

One may think that Europe are mostly expensive
countries, where expensive rental prices are the norm. However, the reality of European nations is
quite different, while some countries are indeed expensive, others are surprisingly
affordable. Here is the list of the cheapest countries
to live in Europe, and why these countries are the best places to live: 10. Latvia. Latvia is a green country on the Northern
coast of Europe. It’s one of the cheapest places to live in
developed Europe. Latvia boasts diverse top sectors, with many
work opportunities for expats especially in international industries related to exports. Riga, the capital of Latvia, is a charming
city. The cost of living in Europe is rarely dirt
cheap, but Riga offers much of the quaint romance of western Europe at a lower cost,
and without the madness of some western European countries. The food price can be quite cheap. Even some of the city’s better restaurants
offer business lunches for as little as five euros, which come complete with coffee, tea,
or sometimes even wine. Monthly rent for an 900 Sqft apartment in
normal area is $500. 9. Belarus. Belarus is an eastern European country that
borders Poland, Ukraine and Russia, its major industries include metal-cutting machines,
tractors and trucks. With about $450 in monthly estimated expenses
plus about $440 in monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the center of Minsk, a single
person can live comfortably on under $1,000 a month. But monthly rent for 85m2 (900 Sqft) furnished
accommodation in normal area is only $340. The food can be really cheap. Usually, the dishes of Belarusian national
cuisine are inexpensive even in restaurants ($7 for basic lunchtime menu in the business
district). Living in Belarus means life in a laid-back
and pleasant atmosphere; however, most of the services are still developing. 8. The Czech Republic. The Czech Republic is a cheap place to live
in Europe. This European country borders Germany, Austria
and Poland, and has a population of 10.6 million. However, if you travel away from Prague, the
country offers excellent real estate bargains and pretty low cost of living. There are many picturesque towns in The Czech
Republic, and you can get great real estate bargains on the country side, as foreigners
and Czechs prefer to move to Prague. The standards of living in the Czech Republic
is comparable to those of Germany, for half of the price. With around $800 per month you will be able
to cover all of your basic costs in the country. It is also a great place for beer lovers,
and those seeking nightlife, or outdoor activities. 7. Slovakia. Slovakia is not as cheap as Bulgaria, Romania,
or Hungary, but it does offer better values than most of the rest of Europe, plus you
get the advantage of feeling like a pioneer. Here you can eat well, drink well, and find
plenty of sights to marvel over at a fraction of the cost of the countries to the west. You can get a big multi-course lunch and a
glass or two of good wine for less than $10. Slovakia can offer to nationals and expats
free education and healthcare systems, as well as an efficient infrastructure. Thanks to the rise in living standards and
fall in unemployment, working in Slovakia is gaining in popularity with expats. 6. Poland. Poland has one of the higher local purchasing
powers of the cheapest countries. Any incomes earned locally will go further,
especially with the country’s lower prices on grocery and consumer goods. Poland is slowly becoming a hotspot for international
travelers and expats. The big cities are very modern and have all
the Western amenities you could need, but at half the prices spend in Germany. Teaching is an option, but there are also
a whole set of professional service job opportunities to be found that can pay very well. Rent for a 1-bed apartment starts at around
$350 and a meal out at an inexpensive restaurant is only around $5. 5. Hungary. One of the most thriving and best developed
states in Central and Eastern Europe, Hungary represents a top destination for expats and
tourists around the world. Hungary is certainly one of the best countries
to live in Europe, even if it wouldn’t be quite cheap to live here. The monthly budget per person in Budapest
starts from $700 per month to cover all expenses. Real estate prices are picking up in the central
districts of Budapest, and a budget of $1000 is enough to live in one of these areas. If you get into smaller towns, you can get
a large house for that money. But the major urban areas are of course where
jobs are more plentiful for expats hoping to work in Hungary. 4. Bulgaria. Bulgaria, one of the oldest in the Europe,
is situated in south – east Europe. It is one of the cheapest countries in Europe
to live and has quickly become a favorite among travelers. The Bulgarian people are some of the friendliest
in Europe. With $1,000, you can have a better standard
of living than the average of person living in countries such as Switzerland, Austria,
Germany. This money will be enough for you to rent
a 1-bedroom apartment, buy quality food, to go out with friends for a drink or to eat
something, to buy clothes, and to go out to cinema regularly. Teaching English and tourism jobs are popular
jobs here. 3. Romania. Romania is another country in Eastern Europe
that offers great opportunities for expats. It has a diverse economy which includes self
employed businesses, fast growing start ups, and high income job opportunities. The country has a delicious cuisine, a pretty
affordable cost of living, and an unmatched natural beauty. The budget for a single person in Romania
starts from $600 to cover all of his expenses. It is also easy to get a residence permit
in Romania, even if you are not an EU citizen. 2. Ukraine. Ukraine is another eastern European nation
situated next to Russia and the Black Sea. About 44.4 million people live in Ukraine,
whose industries include coal, electric power, chemicals and more. More than 45% of expats saying that the cost
of living is extremely affordable in Ukraine. Local incomes are still low, which gives it
one of the lowest purchasing powers of the cheapest countries. Monthly rent for an apartment in normal area
is $350. 1. Georgia. Georgia is a hidden gem that some people may
not have heard of. With a famous wine region and sandy beaches
along the Black Sea, the country offers stunning landscapes, a rich culture and very affordable
living. From $500 per month you can already live in
Georgia. However, anything above $1000 in Georgia will
grant you a great lifestyle. The average net monthly salary in the country’s
capital is just $300. Apart from its very low overall cost of living,
the country has one of the most relaxed residence permit policy in Europe. With a very low investment and a company formation,
you will be able to become a full time resident of Georgia.

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  1. Indeed mostly all Eastern European countries are affordable to live. If you care about safety as well then you should consider Estonia, Georgia, Poland and Hungary.

  2. I'm sure after watching this information the entire Muslim/ Non christian nations will head towards all these countries, within 10 years try doing this video again and see what the outcome is, within 20 years some Muslim/ Non Christians will be doing this video. Invite the third world to your shores, become the third world.

  3. I feel sorry for people that always try to come and live in the US ,they forget what price you have to pay for owning a big car and a house, and I don't mean the monetary price, but the reduction in your quality of life, peace of mind, emotional, family and social life. Don't be fooled , look deeper than the trappings.

  4. You counted Czech Republic to be a part of the cheapest countries to live in?
    you must be kidding me.
    In the last 15 years the prices quadrupled outside of Prague

  5. I red many commentaries and obviously « around the world «  made a video which is NOT correct about the price and cost of living, so why to watch it ⁉️

  6. Now make a video about how much people in those countries actually earn, and how much of it they have to spend for daily costs like accommodation and food ??

  7. I’m a retiree living in the Philippines and married a Filipino..Happy as a pig in mud…We own a very nice house with the same amenities as the USA..Our monthly income is $1,700.and that’s plenty..Crime is no problem unless of coarse you’re looking for it..Plus the big factor is almost everybody speaks ENGLISH..That’s a big plus in my book..I still own a house in Virginia…Been here going on 4 years now and loving life…And the women are some of the prettiest on the world..I’m 73 and my wife is 55…Of coarse a lot of expats get the young ones between 20-40..Good luck on that boys I wanted a wife not a daughter or granddaughter….LOVING LIFE..

  8. I don’t know what you’re smoking and what exotic LSD pills you’re taking but you’re completely out of your fucking mind. I live the Romania for over 3 1/2 years from early 2015 to 2018 I am an American and I lived in the north eastern part 25 miles from Ukraine of a city of 400k in Botosani and your numbers are way out of whack. I am not even talking the capital of Bucharest which is totally unaffordable. You are misleading everybody with your ridiculously stupid bullshit fucking videos. Get your fucking facts straight before you publish more bullshit lies. Your 15 to 20 years off. It’s cheaper to live in fucking Mississippi then it is in eastern Europe you fucking dumb shit.

  9. Bulgaria,,,,2 adults monthly food bill around 100 leva or 45 British pounds,electricity between 30 to 90 leva 10 to 40 British pounds depending on the season,Water bill 7 leva a month or 2 british pounds,coucil tax 30 leva a year or 12 British pounds,beer 2 leva for a 2 and a half liter bottle,vodka,whisky,brandy ect,12 leva a liter or about 5 british pounds,cigarettes if you smoke that is,5 leva for a 20 pack or 2 british pounds,stunng scenery,nice people,nice hot summers cold winters,overall lovely country.

  10. How can you pronounce Belarus that way? Also, I’m pretty sure it borders Latvia and Lithuania too. You don’t need “the” before Ukraine. Czechia also borders Slovakia.

  11. This channel is a fraud. I just watched "The 10 Cheapest Countries To Live or Retire in 2019" and Spain was #10, Portugal #7 … then on this list both those countries are nowhere to be found while all the countries listed here aren't found on the other list. This does not compute. Error, error, …

  12. A person who is able to generate income from outside the country should consider countries with territorial tax systems.

  13. I think Who made this video doesn’t consider Albania,Kosovo,Bosnia ed Herzegovina and Macedonia part of Europe

  14. why did you delete my comment? the video is misleading, its a fact, people are not stupid so continue deleting my comments, you cant delete the fact..

  15. I don't which country you all from, but I assure that you guys are coming from the country that don't have a proper drianage system. Spilling you shit everywhere.

  16. The list is very arbitrary and probably wrong. Further, there is an enormous difference whether you live in the capital – Prague is not cheap for example – or in the country side. Greece for instance is not expensive as long as you don't go to Mykonos or one of the other overhyped islands. Oh, and Georgia is not in Europe. Then yes, Ukraine is not expensive but you're going to have to learn either Ukranian or Russian which are difficult languages to learn. Also a lot of products may be diffcult to get as the quality of life is less than in more developed nations. Have you ever eaten in a restaurant where you could not read the menu? Or shopped in a supermarket where you had to guess what you're actually buying. While this is an essential part of an adventurous life, I'm not sure to what extent spoiled westerners are prepared for such a thing.

  17. Romania is not cheap at all things are so expensive especially food and clothes they are more expensive then in Great Britain

  18. Even cheap cost of living has a price!
    1) Poor instructure
    2) High corruption – Government, Legal & Law enforcement!
    3) Mafia, gangs or cartels controls the country!
    4) Political instability
    5) Civil War
    6) Economic Sanctions
    7) Poor management by the government
    8) Bad economy
    9) High unemployment + crime!
    10) D.I.T – Draconian Income Taxation!
    11) Police state or Dictatorship!
    12) Natural Disasters

  19. What about Albania ??, 10$ restaurant p person, hotel 15-20$, & no property taxes
    Rent 100-600$ , & best for retirement, ????‍? all Italians & others going there .
    It’s a Florida of Europe ❤️???

  20. Poverty is rising in Ukraine. It was ruined in 2014 with a civil war the US helped start. They don't even talk about it in the western news. They lie and blame Russia. Crimea is a great place to live. They voted to be with Russia.

  21. I crossed the border from Germany to check republic it was little late so I stopped by a hotel the lady asks do you want a room by yourself or with a girl there were some girls there I was pleasantly surprised and Budapest is nicknamed bootyfest if you know what I mean

  22. Except from Scandinavia, French and the German-speaking countries including German, almost the rest of the European countries are close to the limit of poverty and especially in the eastern Mediterranean, specifically in Greece and the most balkan countries if not all of them.
    This is a climate and territorial war… proofs speak for themselves!

  23. Are u fucking kidding me??!!! Who did this video is a total idiot who know shit. GO TO Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia, Macedonia they are way more cheaper than all these countries here. Wtf??? Does anyone controles these lies before beeing published???? Cheapest contries in Europe are: Moldova, Belarus, Kosovo, Bosnia, Macedonia, Albania, Serbia

  24. Belarusian food is very cheap because it is radioactive ! The dictator Lukashenko has always nice presents for rich tourists

  25. Rubish! Learn geography!
    Georgia even isn't in Europe, it Middle East country, south of Caucasus mountains!
    And top 2 cheapest countries in Europe are:
    1. Moldova ??
    2. Ukraine ??

  26. Do you like to eat just the cheapest of meals and drink the cheapest of drinks? Most people don't even consider Georgia an European country.

  27. Europe is the best place in The World..Culture…No guns..
    HEALTH FREE..The most univesity free…easy to travel..the most peoole do not pay Mortages…some countries are bad..just a few…i lived in barbaric America…it is ,,fridom,,but every werk you hear about massive killing…disgusting!

  28. Georgia has only several sandy beaches. The rest are stony there. Check your info, guys. And the karaoke video background looks ridiculous in some parts of the video.

  29. vitazzi
    What kinda bullshiting Youre doin' here?! Youre might talking about the past!
    The video is misleading!

    Czech Republic as a cheap country? 😀 😀
    Latvia is also very expensive …
    Romania ?! I wish You live there!!! 😀 You are talking about Romania while showing pictures from Hungary..
    Slovakia well?!?! hahahaha
    Hungary… 1000$ in a month? wow… In the city You cant find flat for less than 400 even in a shity place. In downtown the rent starts from 500$. Good food, safe, night life, beautiful city and country side, good hospitality.
    Bulgaria… All of my friends who used to visit Bulgaria came home wit serious stomack issues.. 😀
    Georgia… good to know that the moved to Europe 😀 Pretty tricky… And the famous wine regions.. :D:D:D
    But the best is…….Ukraine…. YOu never watching the news?!?!?! Good to live there if Youre fully armed and YOU would like to try Your "toys" work in real situation…

  30. I'd probably prefer Ukraine not because it's cheap ( I don't need to move anywhere cheap as where i live isn't a cheap place it's just full of miserable twats. but i like Ukraine and the Ukraine people as all the Ukraine's I've met are decent people)

  31. What kind of fucking moron makes these videos? Who the fuck wants to live in Belarus? And cities in Warsaw and Czechia are expensive as fuck.

  32. Thanks for your easy and usefull information. However im mot speak English as a Mother tonge, I guess that I could speak very well
    A question : how I can postulate to some job. Here, i'm chilean and I'm english teacher Here. I could teach as a Spanish teacher as a native.
    One year living abroad I guess, alone, must Be an amazing experience.

  33. Portugal was, in fact, one of the cheapest countries to live in Europe.
    However, it's not anymore, because of the tourist boom.

  34. Are you stupid!? So Spain and Portugal are the cheapest countries in Europe when you make the list in the world. Then they should be on the top of the list in Europe, but you have no clue what you are talking about… Belarus, are you crazy!? Who the fuck wants to live there! Haha, you know nothing about the world!

  35. In the Philippines, you can have your glass of tea, milk, and cofee all at the same time in less than 1 USD. If you live in the mountainous area, you can experience peace and your 100 USD/month will be more than enough for a comfortable living.

  36. Cheap country is where your money are strong, not where it is exactly cheap at all. It's all about what you earn and what you can buy after.

  37. Let's be honest these countries are also very poor. I think the best middle ground is probably Greece and Portugal. 300 rent, 250 food, 100 bills and then you can enjoy well..greece …and or portugal. These countries have rich eu standards of living and somewhat cheap living costs.

  38. The European side of Turkey, outside Istanbul, is super cheap and beautiful. Plus a short ride to everything you might need in the City.

    Also cheap is Portugal. Parts of Lisboa are getting pricey, and the resort areas on the south coast, too, but the rest of the country is very cheap and pleasant.


  40. 10. 0:35 Latvia
    9. 1:49 Belarus
    8. 3:07 Czech Republic
    7. 4:13 Slovakia
    6. 5:14 Poland
    5. 6:13 Hungary
    4. 7:18 Bulgaria
    3. 8:18 Romania
    2. 9:07 Ukraine
    1. 9:59 Georgia

    Thank me later!

  41. Videos like this are probably the reason I have met a few expats who were quite surprised that it is not so cheap in Czechia. 😀

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