Top 10 Cheapest States To Live In The United States

Top 10 Cheapest States To Live In The United States

Housing is by far the largest slice of the
average American budget, representing one-third of typical household spending. Because of this, the best way to cut your
costs is to reduce how much you spend to keep a roof over your head. Here are the 10 cheapest states to live in
the United States in 2019. 1. Mississippi. Living in Mississippi puts residents at a
confluence of Southern charm, innovation and cutting edge culture. Mississippi’s temperate climate and abundance
of waterways make it a popular location for outdoor lovers. Like the other cheap states, food and personal
necessities are very cheap here. You can rent a two-bedroom apartment in Gulfport
for just $778 per month. So far, that cost advantage has done little
to attract business. 2. Arkansas. All regions of Arkansas provide residents
and tourists with top-notch outdoor recreation opportunities such as fishing, boating, hiking
and hunting. The core necessities in Arkansas are as cheap
as you can find in America. Did you know that pork sausage is remarkably
inexpensive in Arkansas? It’s just $3.76 a pound in Little Rock. Additionally, Arkansas has the honor of being
home to the cheapest housing. 3. West Virginia. Noted for its mountains, rolling hills and
many state parks, West Virginia offers a variety of outdoor recreational options that include
hiking, mountain biking, skiing, fishing, hunting and whitewater rafting. The state’s strong economy is led by aerospace,
chemical research, plastics, biometrics and medicine. A lot of money is being invested into the
state. The state offers a low cost of living. You can pay less than $600 a month to rent
a nice two bedroom house with a fenced yard in a quiet neighborhood. 4. Tennessee. Tennessee is a beautiful spot for retirees
to live out their golden years. It pairs up nicely with Mississippi and Arkansas
on the cost of food and necessities. The residents face a cost of living index
of 89.7, a grocery index of 93.5, a housing index of 77.2, and health index of 89.7. Tennessee is also one of the few states that
doesn’t tax wages, residents are able to keep more of their income, though there is a 6
percent hall tax on investment interest and dividends. 5. South Dakota. While Mount Rushmore draws thousands of tourists
to South Dakota each year, the state’s natural resources, low cost of living and thriving
economy lure new residents. Agriculture, tourism and national defense
anchor the economy in South Dakota. While food and necessities aren’t as cheap
as the first two state on the list, South Dakota has a big advantage over them: No income
tax. Wherever you choose to lay your hat in South
Dakota you can be sure you will be welcomed with open arms. 6. Alabama. The cost of living in Alabama is almost 19%
lower than the national average. Affordability is one of the benefits of living
in Alabama’s cities. Tuscaloosa, the fifth-largest city in Alabama,
is home to the University of Alabama and Stillman College. Both of which employ many people in the area. The university also brings the state a large
number of temporary residents every year. Relatively high taxes and medical care for
the South prevented the state from appearing higher on the list. 7. Kentucky. Kentucky is a beautiful place to call home,
and in some cases, extremely affordable. People can live here rather cheaply but not
skim on the amenities. The generally low cost of living in Kentucky
is a major perk for anyone considering retirement in Kentucky. However, child care will set you back a couple
of grand more than others in the top ten. Anchorage, Indian Hills, Fort Thomas are the
best places to live in Kentucky. 8. Ohio. Consistently ranked one of the best states
for business, Ohio offers residents many benefits too, including a low cost of living, excellent
schools and good recreational opportunities. Everything is affordable here, whether it’s
housing, healthcare or groceries. Ohio also has some of the cheapest medical
care available in the States. The best places to live in Ohio include Columbus,
Akron, Cincinnati and Dublin. There are lots of interesting places to explore,
different activities to try, and friendly, open-minded people. 9. South Carolina. South Carolina boasts cheap child care and
standard Southern costs for food and such. However, relatively expensive medical care
and housing prevented it from being one of the cheap places to live. But it makes sense that people would pay more
to be a short drive from the Atlantic ocean with great weather. A one-bedroom apartment in South Carolina
rents for an average of $830. The state does not tax Social Security retirement
benefits. Plus, there’s a $15,000 deduction for seniors
receiving any other type of retirement income. 10. Indiana. Indiana offers residents a great quality of
life with natural attractions and vibrant cultural destinations. Military installations as well as strong manufacturing
and agriculture sectors drive the economy in Indiana. A low cost of living is one of the biggest
draws for many people to move to Indiana. Indiana’s low cost of living is in line with
its lower incomes. Indiana’s average wage has dropped to $17
an hour, which is lower than the rest of the Midwest and the United States as a whole.

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  1. OK, Had to stop. Who is going to move to Miss, Arkansas, or W Virginia? No jobs , backwards, tornados, Republicans.

  2. Only one significant problem with taking advantage of the low cost of living in the states listed here… you would need to live there. With the possible exception of South Dakota I couldn't see myself living in any of the states listed. Some of them are nice enough places to visit, but they offer little or nothing that would interest me in a place to live.

  3. If you are retired and no longer working or disabled,,,,,,now of this means anything unless you can pay for a roof over your head.

  4. I am 57 and have lived all over the US except the Northwest. Best place to make good money and KEEP most is to find a rich enclave in a poor state. Been working in an Alabama city called Hoover. Very upscale city, fine schools etc..I charge Austin Texas rates but pay $520 a month rent on a house just outside of town.

  5. Her voice is irritating, sounds like she trying to achieve an orgasm. Notice that all these places picked non included rual living all big/bigger cities.

  6. Usefully annoying.
    She obviously did NOT do her research.
    Each one of these states all have one crucial and commonly overlooked detail with which
    You want nothing to do.
    The high incarceration and recitivism rates associated with poor education and employment.
    Makes me wretch.
    This video is such a waste of my precious time.

  7. "Pork sausage is remarkably inexpensive in Arkansas". (Was this produced by Homer Simpson?) Have I lived for 6 decades in order to avail myself to the pleasures of cheap pork sausage? (Note, this is why Arkansas people are also some of the fattest on the planet).

  8. These states are cheap for a reason: bThey are populated primarily by stupid, fat, racist, xenophobic, homophobic morons. As a proud Californian, I'd die in the the Mojave before I'd move to Mississippi (or most states mentioned).

  9. I live in the Sacramemto area of California… when I retire I'd love to visit some of these beautiful areas of my country. Please don't hate on me because of my license plates.

  10. The Battleship you showed for North Dakota isn't even IN the state. Why'd you show it when talking about Military?

    That's the USS Alabama, BB-60. Which is a Museum Ship IN Alabama. Pretty misleading there. How about removing it? Not to mention ND doesn't even have any bodies of water that such a massive vessel could be transported and kept there. :/

  11. People fail to factor in that a lot of these states have Right to Work laws, lower wages and are prone more to natural disasters. When people mention climate change/global warming, they never mention how our government can actually solve these problems with a little something called weather control. Sure buying a house for anywhere between $70,000 to $199,000 sounds good on paper, but what if your home gets destroyed in a hurricane or tornado. That raises home owner's insurance, replacing stuff etc. Also what if you can't find a job in your field in one of these states? Or hell even a decent paying job at all? Here in Ohio is cheaper than most states in this country but we are more prone to tornadoes that damage property, cause power outages, etc. People need to start demanding more from government and politicians. Anybody can become homeless after a natural disaster.

  12. Like here from Brazil. If I don't change the law 4 years from now, I'll retire at 50. I was a carter for 10 years, 17 years ago I am concurdado here in MG. I will retire with 32 years of contribution.  Thank God my professional and financial situation is structured. When I live outside Brazil I can still work by truck driver (first world countries pay well) or in the area of ​​safety. Form the children and live in a safe country.

  13. It’s hotter than hell in those southern states. Plus, you better not be black because they are still racist. Little Rock, AR, has one of the highest crime rates in the nation. Everyone is obese, too.

  14. I was lucky enough to be raised in 53206, you have leave it before you can learn to appreciate the simple little things…

  15. I live in a $ 625.00/mo 3BR house in GA with no stove. The sewer line backs up when it rains and it smells like a sewage plant.There`s a possum living under the house,rats in the house, and squirrels in the attic. Come on down it`s great fun!

  16. Wherever you live is expensive now, let’s get it straight, the min wage doesn’t cover you anything so you need a second job, most of the singles live with roommates, for couples both must work to pay bills and etc, and still have no quality time for family, most of Californians have already left to Arizona and Texas because Cali is super expensive, in Cali even if you get paid 50$ hourly still you can’t make it, most of the states right now are facing economic crisis, Mississippi is the cheapest but you gotta make sure to have a job yet to pay the rent and other bills,

  17. Best cheap and quiet zip code 88030. Between lascruces and Tucson. Small town life is Deming NM. 30miles south is dentist and mefical cheaper in Palomas Mx. Ask me… i left CA five yrs ago never looked back . taxes lower home prices too for now.

  18. People who live in San Francisco, California are shaking 😛 it’s not fun when homes are averaged to 1 million, no matter how small they are

  19. Welcome geezers from states where they had good jobs!… you won't find many jobs here unless you want to work for min wage.

  20. No this is all wrong all you people living in Cal and the west cost states, NYC, and the like do your self a favor and stay there you won't like it in these states

  21. Listen I know the south, I am from Ga. you do not want to live in Mississippi-The humidity is so bad in summer you cannot enjoy being outside along with south georgia-gnats, bugs, ants, wasps, bees, flies, mosquitos-you name it-

  22. I live in WV and you can barely find a 1 bedroom efficiency apartment for $600 a month. A 2 bedroom house will cost you a minimum of $1,200 a month.

  23. #5 South Dakota
    I use to live there for almost 10 years and YES the cost of living is low and beautiful,
    Also guns laws is perfect and very low crimes

  24. The list is legit Florida and Calufornia didn't make the list. There wasn't someone telling you how affordable San Diego and West Palm beach living is. Hollywood is so affordable you can buy a cozy bungalow for only 1.2 million lol.

  25. Is it just me or are these states very crime ridden. Because I think the worse neighborhood it is in, the cheaper it is.

  26. It is known Mississippi is the worst state to live in in the Union!!! All the states you mentioned are in the bottom overall in all other categories!!!

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