Top 10 Favorite Campers, Caravans & Motorhomes

Top 10 Favorite Campers, Caravans & Motorhomes

– [Glen] Summer is here and
that means nature beckons and what better way to
reach out than to call back to one of our more popular series. I’m Glen and today we’ll go over ten of our favorite campers,
caravans and motorhomes. (light electronic music) – [Narrator] Number 10. – [Glen] Starting off our
list we have the Camp 365. This crazy-cool folded
design allows for it to be stored easily with a folded height of just under seven feet
and a width of four. After only a few minutes
the camp 365 expands to a whopping seven feet, eight inches. Also worth mentioning is the fact that a 12 foot by eight
foot base allows it to sleep six people with
three fold-out beds. It comes with everything you’ll
need for a great vacation. A stove, a refrigerator, toilet and shower all foldable and compact. (light electronic music) – [Narrator] Number nine. – [Glen] The Australian based company MDC’s Robson XTT allows
for comfort and convenience all in a towable trailer. The camper has a dual fold
technology and folds out from the north and south side of the base, allowing for a full length
of just under 20 feet. The large amount of
space allows the camper to come standard with
two queen-size mattresses and a fold-out bed to
allow for six sleepers. Other standard features
include a fold-out kitchen, shower and annex. The tent-like roof allows
you to really get up close and personal with nature without the weather getting in the way. (light electronic music) – [Narrator] Number eight. – [Glenn] Earth Cruiser’s
trucks have been diesel-powered from their inception. Now the EXP is the first to switch over to a 100% gas-powered engine. At just over 21 feet
long and six feet wide, the EXP is compact enough to travel on any road, paved or not. For only weighing 12,000 pounds, this sleek design packs a ton
of features inside the back. The solar panel top roof expands upward adding an extra two feet for a full height of eight and a half. Some of the many features include an electrically operated
awning, stairway and roof. It has one queen-size bed but don’t worry, a swing-away dinette table
folds into a second bed. We also can’t forget to
mention the cassette toilet, shower mud room and dual sink kitchenette. (light electronic music) – [Narrator] Number seven. – [Glen] If Batman needed
to spend some time outdoors, this is what he’d take. The Bruder X EXP-6 couples
advanced technology with premium comfort. We can talk about this
trailer for a long time but we’ll keep it to the
most notable features. The first thing you might notice is the impressive suspension system. It provides a large area of wheel travel and always makes sure the
wheels stay on the ground. The slide-out kitchen incorporates a part of the internal storage
system to allow access from both outside and inside the trailer. Options include twin
awnings and surprisingly, this camper will also sleep six with a queen-size mattress in the back and the dining area
folding to two bunk beds and additional beds are
available as options. (light electronic music) – [Narrator] Number six. – [Glenn] InTechRV knows how to provide multifunction to a trailer. The Pursue flyer doubles as both a camper and a utility trailer because
of the spacious interior and double rear doors. Compact enough to fit in most garages, the Flyer provides a
slide-out L-shaped kitchenette complete with a refrigerator. It even has a twin foam mattress
on the bed of the trailer and can have an added tent room that also doubles as a shaded porch; however probably the
coolest thing about this is the batwing awning covering an area of 270 degrees around the trailer. This awning option really allows the flyer to utilize as much space as possible. (light electronic music) – [Narrator] Number five. – [Glen] Showing off a more
modern and yacht style design, the Eriba Touring 820 impressed
us with its minimal, clean and stylish characteristic. With a length of 27 feet, the
Touring has plenty of room to provide a great camping experience. The panoramic windows
in both the seating area and bedroom are what
give the camper its name, covering an area of 180 degrees. The C-shaped kitchen counter
is not only pleasing to look at but also helps keep
storage space at a maximum with cabinets and shelves all around. The unique V-shaped bed
allows it to be used as a single person bed or as a double with storage located
underneath the mattress. Boasting a complete bathroom
with a separate shower space, the Touring doesn’t sacrifice anything to give the owner the
most bang for their buck. (light electronic music) – [Narrator] Number four. – [Glen] With a more compact
and entry level design, Nuthouse Industry’s Peanut
trailer packs a whole bunch of features into a small space. Being eight feet by five, they
designed it to be modular, allowing for new additions
to be added over time rather than purchased up front. Comfortably fitting up to four, the bedroom is actually mounted
on top using a tent rack allowing for the trailer itself to be used for more storage and utilities. A full slide-out kitchen,
shower and even air conditioning are among the many additional features. (light electronic music) – [Narrator] Number three. – [Glen] The ultimate family motorhome, The Rimor Seal 50 lets you
ride in style with your family, friends and maybe even a lot more people. This large family motor home
comes with six belted seats and even more bed space. The over cab area sports a double bed, the dinette area converts
into a double bed and to top it all off, there
are four bunk beds in the back. Enough space for eight people, provided you’re actually willing to let seven others sleep there. The kitchen contains both a
refrigerator and a freezer with three burners to boot. Everywhere that isn’t a bed
is covered in cabinet space so there’s plenty of storage as well. At almost 24 feet long
and eight feet wide, the Seal 50 is luxurious yet rugged. (light electronic music) – [Narrator] Number two. – [Glen] Designed for the
power couple on the go, the Opus 2-Sleeper can have up to four people sleeping inside with an innovative inflatable tent roof, setup is literally as
easy as pushing a button. Using the slide-out trays on
the outside of the trailer, the two-sleeper sports a
full four burner stove, sink, cooler and plenty of storage. With a total weight of
just under 4,000 pounds and a length of just above 18 feet, this trailer is easily
maneuverable off-road with an exterior built
with dual aluminum panels, the two-sleeper provides
high-quality camping in any setting. (light electronic music) – [Narrator] Number one. – [Glen] This massively
modified Ford F-750 is almost big enough to be
classified as a monster truck. The EarthRoamer XV-HD is humongous and has a price tag to match but all that money means
there’s a ton of features loaded into this behemoth. With a length of 35
feet and a width of 8.5, there is no wonder the Earthroamer can fit a full-sized kitchen,
separate shower and bathroom, appliances and even a washer, dryer. The dining table which seat six also turns into a massive bed. The secondary bed can be
found above the drive cab. Everything here is made
with premium quality and each vehicle is
customizable to the buyer. We’ll put this on our wish list in case we ever win the lottery. (light electronic music) So what type of camper
would you want to get? A foldable tent or a
massive mansion on wheels, let us know in the comments. Also, don’t hesitate to tell
us any suggestions you have for a future video. As always, thanks for watching. (light electronic music) – Hi everyone and thank you for watching. I’m Chandni with Minds Eye Design. We’d love to hear your feedback so please leave some comments below and let us know your
favorite from this video and why you liked it. If you have an idea for a future video, leave another comment and let us know and then if we use her idea, we’ll give you a shout-out in that video but don’t leave yet, keep
watching because there’s more. (light electronic music)

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