Hey everyone and welcome back to another episode of vlogmas if you’re new here. Welcome to my channel I’m Julia Adama space flight attendant. We all know that traveling around the holidays can be really stressful This will be my third holiday season working as a flight attendant. So I thought for this video It would be really fun to give you guys my top ten holiday travel tips tip Number one is to get to the airport early and to leave with plenty of time This might seem like a no-brainer, but you would be shocked at how many times I have heard Someone told me that they almost missed their flight because of how long the lines were at airport security Or how long it took them to actually get to the airport This is really important because you just never know how long it could take you to get through security there could be gate changes I was so much rather get to the airport early and have plenty of time to either go grab a book grab a magazine Hang out at my gate and just relax before my flight as opposed to rushing through security Running to my gate last minute It just adds so much unnecessary stress to your travel itinerary When you’re running late tip number two is to travel on the holiday itself this might not always be feasible because Obviously the reason you are traveling over the holiday season is to actually see your friends and family on the holiday itself However, if you can find a way to travel on the holiday and still get to see your friends and family It’s a win-win situation The reason for this is because ticket prices are generally a lot cheaper on the holiday itself than the days Surrounding the holiday. Also, every time that I have worked on the holiday. The airport has been basically empty There are way less people traveling on the holiday itself So it’s less crowded your flight will be less full and the ticket prices will be lower going off of that It’s also smart to do some research and to see what some of the peak travel days are I know for a fact that the day after Thanksgiving Statistically is one of the busiest travel days of the entire year tip number three if you can fly direct Do it if you are able to book a direct flight instead of a flight that connects through another destination I won Percent recommend that you do that even if the ticket price is more the reason why I suggest this is say we’re flying from Los Angeles to New York with a connection through Chicago We all know that Chicago snows over the winter and really the airport could blizzard it could shut down It also can become an issue if your morning flight is delayed and you miss your connecting flight Oftentimes the airline will automatically rebook you on the next connecting flight but what if those flights are completely full or oversold and What if the next flight they can’t get you on isn’t until that night or the next morning or even the next afternoon? even if the ticket price is more I swear it is so worth the peace of mind to book that direct flight as opposed to having to worry about making your connecting flight, especially Over the busy holiday season when there are winter storms everywhere tip number four is to give yourself a refresher on TSA liquid rules and what you can and cannot bring this is a really good tip Especially for those who are not frequent travelers because oftentimes we can forget what we are and are not allowed to bring for Security because the last thing you would really want is for your nice lotion shampoo Perfume, whatever exceeds the liquid amount to be taken away by TSA The easiest way to give yourself a quick refresher is to go to the TSA gov website Tip number five is to plan ahead for airport parking every time that I have traveled over the holiday season The airports are packed all of those people there had to park their car somewhere This is something that you really should take into consideration And another reason why you should leave your house with plenty of time That would be awful if you missed your flight because you couldn’t find a parking spot I’m not sure about every airport, but I do know that there are a lot where you can go online and you can Prepay and reserve your parking spot for the time that you’ll need it Another option is to take an uber or lyft to the airport That way you don’t have to worry about finding a parking spot for your car and it also might be a cheaper option than paying for airport parking tip number six is to Travel early in the morning if you can try to travel as early in the day as possible And the reason for this is because you are less likely to experience a rolling delay in the morning Then you are in the afternoon an example of a rolling delay it would be say there’s a storm that starts I knew and All of those flights at noon start getting delayed and delayed and delayed and that means that flight at noon is delayed till 1:00 Or two and that flight that was originally at two is now delayed till three or four and that flight at four is now delayed until five or six However, if you travel in the morning, there are less flights in front of you that have the potential to get delayed So chances are if you get delayed you will be one of the first flights to be delayed But also one of the first flights to get out of the airport tip number seven is to print everything and keep it all together This includes your passport any documents boarding passes IDs Anything that you might need to travel with you should have that all printed have copies and keep it in one Location the reason for this is because if you have everything together you are much less likely to lose it It’s also important to do this ahead of time You don’t want to have to do this the night before Because what if you’re traveling out of the country and then it before you can’t find your passport That would be really stressful tip. Number eight is to pack light and pack ahead of time the reason why I say to pack light is Because it is obviously so much easier to bring a carry-on than to check a suitcase I say to pack light because when you go home for the holidays Usually you have gifts bring back with you and you want to make sure that you have room in your suitcase for those gifts I also say pack ahead of time because you do not want to wait until the night before a trip to start packing and then Everything’s a mess. You’re doing laundry. You have this here that there your house is a mess. Your room is a mess. Trust me I’ve done it going off of that. It is also really important to pack your own entertainment for your flight Not every flight has an entertainment system Most flights do have a TV screen or some sort of Wi-Fi entertainment for you on the flight However, not everyone does or sometimes the Wi-Fi might not be working So I highly suggest ahead of time to pack books pack magazines Download netflix shows onto your phone or your iPad Whatever you watch your entertainment on and to also remember to pack headphones because not every airline carries headphones you cannot Rely on the airline to provide entertainment For you tip number nine is to ship your gifts or to leave them unwrapped in your suitcase. And the reason for this is because Sometimes TSA might have to go through your bag and you would hate for them to have to Unwrap the gift that you already wrapped and put in your suitcase Wherever you’re traveling to I’m sure that you’ll be able to find gift wrap or gift bags So it is so much easier to just keep your gifts unwrapped in your suitcase And then you’ll be able to route them when you get to your destination my tenth and final tip is to be kind to Airport staff and all of the other passengers around you. Truly. You never know. What someone is going through You never know how badly they are missing their family. You never know The reason why they are traveling they might be traveling for completely unrelated reasons to the holiday a lot of airport staff is spending time away from their family and their friends and their home in order to help you get to Your family over the holidays sometimes all it takes is just a smile and a thank you to make someone’s day Those are my top ten holiday travel tips If you like this video go ahead and give me a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel So you never miss any more of dogmas or my travel tips and adventurous. I will see you guys next time Bye


  1. I'm flying AA over Christmas. If my wife and I see you is it ok to say hello? We don't want you uncomfortable if we approach.

  2. Regarding #8 (Pack Light)…do you see that more that more and more people are bringing carry ons? It seems everyone is trying to avoid the luggage fees that the airlines impose, so people try and get away with bringing a carry on (often one too big) and one or two "personal" bags. Those overhead bins seem to fill up so quickly.

  3. Thanks so much for the tips, much appreciated…I have not flown since I was 13, kinda scared to now that I am older…maybe one day I will fly again, my sister wants all of us to fly to Florida next year to Disney World… we'll see if I go

  4. Unfortunately direct flights are becoming a thing of the past. I haven’t seen a direct flight to places I travel to in the US in years. I usually have at least one layover (and these are to larger cities and with major airlines!)

    Travel tip: look up the size of carryon allowed by that specific airline and look up the planes you are flying! An Embraer overhead (if they even have one) will not hold the same size as an AB319! I’ve seen sooo many people have to end up checking bags for this very reason!

  5. I always plan on getting to the airport in plenty of time. I am stressed out if I don't. lol Travel safe! Love your channel!!!

  6. I think my number one tip is# don’t fly on a holiday. Pilots are least experienced because experienced pilots with seniority are off. Staff that is working are grumpy because they have to work on the holiday.

  7. Avoid SFO at all costs during the holiday. Fog and rain delay flights constantly. Go out of Oakland if you can. Second tip….Don’t fly..:)

  8. Great tips! My friends always tease me because I am usually the first passenger to check in for my flight. I love getting through security early as I can then get something to eat and relax with my book either at the gate or a lounge. If you live relatively close to your airport, taking Uber or Lyft is a no brainer. Parking is getting quite expensive, even long term parking. Your tip about being kind to others will put you in a good mood and is just something all of us should try to do. I have unexpectedly been given exceptional service from airline employees over the years just by treating them as I would like to be treated. My pet peeve is seeing some irate passenger verbally abusing an airline employee over something that the employee has no control over, like delays due to a snowstorm or bad weather! If you are prepared for your trip and stay calm and friendly you are almost guaranteed a pleasant journey. Take care and Happy Travels! ♥️??

  9. You are the perfect person to take these tips from! It's so cool that you share all of this since you really know the "inside" of the traveling process! 😉

  10. Thank you for the wonderful tips??, Julia. Really helpful. ?

    I hate travelling while on period?. I had my 2nd day period when I flew to UK last Summer.. Only god knew how I was.. Can you give me some tips??

  11. I have found packing cubes to be so helpful in keeping organized for a notorious over packer. At first I looked at them and said "why do I need a bag for packing in my bag?" Now I fully get it and cannot go anywhere without using them. Glad I tried them.

  12. We enjoy traveling on Christmas Day- it’s so much easier and less crowded, plus, as you mentioned, the prices are lower. Happy Holidays to you.

  13. Great tips as always, Julia! I think you only missed one of mine! Always, and I mean ALWAYS eat a meal before a long flight. If you back off the gate, and there is a ground hold, or it’s “international rush hour” making you #16 for departure, and you spend an hour or two in your seat before even getting off the ground, that 5+ hour flight is way too long to get by on a little bag of pretzels or cookies. A full belly really helps keep ones food-itude in check! It’s saved my bacon on more than occasion. ??

  14. After working for AA for over 35 years; the two worst days to travel are the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the Sunday after Thanksgiving. But honestly the flights are so full that it's bad everyday of the year.

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