And everybody when DC led me to another video Today, I’m gonna talk about top 10 long-lasting fragrances for spring and summer People jumping on the list. I have 200 other mentions here Hello Everybody! Mehdi is here with Another video before jumping on the list i have 2 honorable mentions here Bvlagari aqva Atlantiqve and bvlgari aqva amara Will vary a quad antique will go to a coma bvlgari aqva amara zesty orangy toned down floral aquatic fragrance a great well-balanced fragrance between jasmine and oranges Jasmine is not that feminine here just here is for balance that bitterness of the zest Great fragrance. I am I think it is get discontinued. I am Not sure Awesome. Awesome performanceBvlagari aqva atlantiqve Imagine you’ve closed your eyes You are standing at the port you can smell marine fishes sea weeds bvlgari aqva atlantiqve salty aquatic fresh seawatery fragrance Let’s jump on the list Before jumping on the list before I show to you a number 10 spot I want to say long-lasting fragrance is a fragrance that can perform on my skin eight hours perform What do I mean I mean, I don’t want digging like this after eight hours and find something and say, okay There is some fragrances on my skin. No, I want at least this much 30 centimeter 40 centimeter Projection after 8 hours sillage. I want after 8 hours. I am paying to it. I am paying for that. Why should not These are the fragrances that after 8 hours can still get for you compliments after eight hours Can make you noticed these are those fragrances Coming out from house of Bentley. number 10 spot none Other than: Bentley Azure! highly highly recommended and unfairly underrated fragrance Alittle bit i can find DNA of Bentley Balck Edition here, but not that Dark blue great fragrance but the those kind of blue that Has not that sea salty ambroxan vibe. in this there is not. or even thre is , it’s so little. i cannot catch it Great Leavy little bit green, but mostly blue fragrance Pineapple is also here but not pineapple in the Creed Aventus pineapple leavy is citrusy great fragrance performance on the skin plus 10 hours 12 hours Easily on the skin on my shirt if you don’t wash it if you have it in your wardrobe 1 week Projection big time sillage. I cannot say that big time So so great fragrance Inexpensive hidden gem check it out number 10 spot, Bentley Azure Number nine spot, I love it so much Coming out from House of Hermes voyage D’Hermes Extrait De Parfum if you need more projection go for eau de toilette version of this one, but I prefer this one over that Pure oil That’s why you have to apply it to the pulses spots But in the summer everybody everywhere of your body will be hot. You don’t need it that much Projection 30 cm 40 cm! not that much big projection, but 30 cm 40 cm for 12 hours It’s crazy Now it gets crazy 12 hours Projection 30 cm! so good longevity one day on the skin Days days on the Shirts if you don’t wash them Absolutely, check it out fresh cardamom fresh extremely fresh natural supernatural lime a little bit toned down pine needles black tea in the cup of tea you ‘re smelling thme Wow such a great fragrance Such a great fragrance guys, check it out. Absolutely one of the long-lasting Fragrances for summer and spring. number eight a spot. Let me explain it a little bit for you bubblegummy, sweet performer dusty woody Fragrance. but that bubblegum ish vibe will be toned down after one hour half an hour and Sweetness by woodenness dustiness will follow you will be more masculine in the Dry-Downon I love it so much Performance easily eight hours on the Skin easily and days on the shirt projection and Sillage 3-4 hours Good good projection and sillage. coming out from House of PPaco Rabanne. none other than invictus aqua Florals in this fragrance is toned down is not that much unisex fragrance because They balance it so good. Well balanced fragrance by dustyness woodiness sweetness. Everything is well balanced Great compliment getter.number 8 spot invictus aqua Holy Mother of God Number7 spot Blue. I love blue fragrances so much. I Love blue fragrances so much. It is one of the kings in the game of the blue fragrances blue floral but I said in several of videos this is bitter because it is marigold because it is dolce gabbana light blue eau intense Holy Mother of god one minute Sorry guys, I am addicted Dolce and gabbana light blue eau intense Smells like a marine smells like the sea weeds smells like a fishes in the water. It smells like a shell The marine comes to your face by marigold dominate not of marigold Performance out of this world 12 hours easily on the Skin Compliment getting factor master degree big time Projection big time sillage, out Of this world what I can say.check it out guys absolutely! price inexpensive in my opinion 40 bucks for 100ml 45 bucksyou can find in the discounters cheaper and 200mls even cheaper cheaper Number seven spot dolce gabbana light blue intense check it out I would like so much to put the creed aventus in the list. But in these days I cannot get that much performance I think they watered it down and I want to be honest with you. I Cannot get over eight hours on the skin performance by newer batches of Aventus. so I don’t say this one is a clone for Aventus No, but if you like that DNA if you like that atmosphere, Direction check it out guys Aventus imagine creed Aventus but more powdery a little bit more bubblegumy somehow more more sweeter More sandalwood. I Cannot get sandalwood in Aventus. But in this one sandal wood is big time available and Powdery but powderiness this is not in the Aventus If you like that direction, it is not a cologne they separate so fast and each other but DNA atmosphere same direction there Cedrat Boise at six spot performance big-time big-time over 12 hours. Somebody says that they get reformulated No, they didn’t get reformulated. Check it out. Look at this color of this juice Look at the color of this juice guys Performance over 12 hours on this skin days days on the shirt. Check it out cedrat boise from hose of mancera. Ah I want to cry guys. I want to cry! Don’t know who made this art in the bottle. If they say to me Leonardo da Vinci. I will believe it that’s art in the bottle How they can make it I don’t understand. compliment getter! master degree mass appealing master degree 1 million time projection sillage big big time Everywhere a cloud of scent, a bubble of the scent will follow you everywhere For how many minutes minutes or how many hours 10 hours with us? You have this fragrance everyone with you King of spring king of summer Master degree compliment getter. so clean refined Dominant note of iris like this bottle. check it out like this bottle shiny clean refined bright bright. prada l’homme must-have for every man collection a must have! number five spot prada l’homme Number four spot coming out from Mancera lemon line some says lemon lime but I think because of these lines they say to it lemon line! . Anyway, I Can hear some reviewers says that smells like a popsicle, but I have never ever eat any popsicle, by scent of sandalwood in it, or I So E super I Can understand them but it is not for me like a popsicle for me. It is a little bit toned down, sweet sweetness is so so less that much that I can not say to this a sweet fragrance toned down sweetness bitter zest of of citruses so bitter zest Sandalwood absolutely, I catch it and It is not linear! pretty linear. Maybe I can say because after four hours when it Starts to Dry-down I can get more Sandalwood and ISO E Super Which reminds me? eccentric molecules molecular 01 fragrance to me Which is not available in the beginning, so it is not linear that that much for me Performance is out of this world again. I say 10 hours 12 hours on the skin easily On the shirt a have it two days three days So Mancera lemon line Bitter zest woody sandalwoody after the 4-5 hours you can have Molecule one also on your skin why this one check it out? I cannot imagine any list any long lasting list any fresh fragrance list and a great performer fragrances list without Versace Dylan Blue I Think everybody have sniffed it at least one time But for those that didn’t I have to say this fragrances is by out of this world performance I have it twelve hours plus on the skin, which is great. Great. Great performance for a fresh fragrance For the fresh fragrance like this Fresh bitter Salty by a great performance great projection big time compliment getter got more than creed’s aventus more than amouage reflection, man More than xerjoff nio more than all that crazy stuffs compliment for me Versace Dylan Blue ! check it out cause this fragrance is a must-have For every collection if you have not this Fragrance Then you don’t know what is getting compliment left and the right in the summer on the spring just crazy Absolutely, ladies love this fragrance. check it out guys number 3 spot versace dylan blue Before this fragrance, I would never ever can imagine that I can wear some days white floral fragrance by dominant note of jasmine jasmine??? I hate jasmine But they make a big art in this fragrance jasmine sandalwood peppers That DNA of amouage that spices that aamouage love to use it Well made! thank you so much Amouage! thank you so much for making this ART! some says it is old lady fragrances My grandmother’s loved I cannot understand them. I cannot understand Emma. Stop it. Please stop it Great performer Big compliment getter head turner for most people mean to turn them have to see who is that gentleman that wears this fragrance? Performers out of this world by new formulation a little bit toned down I can have it what eight hours to ten hours on the skin still? Projection is the killer of this fragrance. The killer spot of this sfragrance is projection and sillage Big-time projection ten feet. I don’t know. how? how it’s possible why 10 feet 8 feet plus projection and sillage master degree compliment getter check it out guys , but it is not good for Blind buy I understand some people doesn’t love it sample it before, number two spotAmouage reflection man Sorry guys, I was a sniffing this fragrance at the beginning sometimes makes me coughing sharp so sharp bitter like a hell Coming out from house of Profumum Roma none other than acqua viva i say aqua but don’t imagin it aquatic Woody and bitter like a hell But that woodiness and biterness toned down by freshness of the Zest But that zest is also bitter like you know, that orange zest is bitter That bitterness is available here touchable here but makes that bitterness of the woods toned down woody zesty Performance out of this world.if you don’t go short for one week. I don’t know you can do it I cannot will stay on your skin. Be sure And days days on your shirt for 40% look at this color of this juice guys look at this man check it out. Look, how it’s thick? 40% Oil when you buy it It comes also with the rollers inside you can put it in the roller and apply it. I don’t like it like that I like to spray it Projection is not that big because it’s so oily but projects for long time. like a voyage D’Hermes Three four days will project for you guys that was my top 10 long lasting fragrances for spring and summer please don’t forget subscribe my channel. if you have any opinion suggestion, question let me know it in the comments below SEE YOU IN ANOTHER VIDEO…


  1. Nice review BOSS😎💯👌🏽
    We need a fragrance that lasts in the summer days.You always crave us what is next 👍🏽

  2. Mehdi, great work again! I want to find a long lasting fragrance for spring/summer a you make a video about it right now. You have good ideas on topics. I have a question for you. If I have Versace Dylan Blue and Dior Sauvage, is it better choice for purchase Bvlgari Aqva Atlantiqve or Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau Intense? Which one is longer lasting? I'm also thinking about Prada l'Homme because I really enjoy Prada l'Homme Intense. But I read several opinions that it is too feminine. What's your opinion? I'll have to try it personally.

  3. If i have sauvage. Do you think I should buy dylan blue or invictus aqua for casual summer scent? Heard Invictus 2018 has poor performance.

  4. I am 17 years old and i want a fragrange that i can use all season all occasion not niche fragrance can you recommend me a fragrange that is inexpensive

  5. I get great performance with Amara and Atlantique, also Lemon Line, Cedrat Boise and Light Blue Intense. Azure, Invinctus Aqua, L'Homme and Voyage don't last even 4 hours on my skin 🙁 I just bought Invictus Legend which smells great and has great performance, check it out 🙂

  6. lately I've been noticing so many overly synthetic department store designer fragrances. It's crazy! I don't mind cheap synthetic but if they expect me to pay 60+ dollars they need to do better than that!

  7. Can u give me some recomendation from the house mancera for suit at collage teenager , cedrat boise or aoud lemon mint? Or u have another one thankyou

  8. Hello, i saw your channel and I absolutely love it, looking to but a summer fragrance that is long lasting, amazing smell and sillage. I am thinking between D&G light blue intense, Versace Dylan Blue, and Aqua Di Gio Ezzenza. What would you recommend ? Please advise

  9. Like Your Accent and Your Passion. I'm New to The World of Fragrances, But Learning A Lot From You…… Best Of Luck…..

  10. Love ur passion for fragrances. Love frm Pakistan 🇵🇰
    Here we have high heat, 40 to 42 degree in extreme. Which fragrance u would suggest wd long lasting and projection?
    Waiting for ur kind reply

  11. As far as the “blue” fragrances go Dylan Blue performance wise kills the other on me (even Sauvage) it lasts 12 hours+ on my skin and I’m not lying nothing lasts on my skin nothing. Dylan Blue keeps going!

  12. Can u give me rcomendtion frgrance for extreme sport? Sport easy get sweat like Skateboard, BMX, Aggresive inline skate. Cz I need frgrance in that situation with longvty about 4hour mybe thats enough

  13. Hey Mehdi Bro h r u?
    I gone through almost all of your videos
    I really appreciate and have great respect for your work.
    I couldn't find Terre D Hermes in your collection or lists?

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