Top 10 Luxury Travel Trends 2020 | MojoTravels

Top 10 Luxury Travel Trends 2020 | MojoTravels

Bling is the thing welcome to Mojo Travels and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 luxury travel trends of 2020 are you a fan of our videos be sure to subscribe to mojo travels and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos for this list we’re taking a look at prominent emerging trends shaping upscale travel plans heading into 2020 and beyond number 10 weekend breaks among the most common feelings expressed by travelers when a trip comes to an end is that they wish it could have lasted longer with our increasingly busy lives however unplugging for an extended period of time often isn’t practical thanks to modern technology people’s careers are arguably more all-consuming than ever add to that active social lives and familiar responsibilities and many people find it difficult to block off a week or two for themselves thanks to the convenience of modern air travel however it’s easier than ever to go somewhere remarkable in a relatively modest window of time if budget isn’t an issue you’d be amazed by how much you can squeeze into two or three days especially when signing up for curated experiences number 9 authentic local experiences and speaking of curated experiences in this increasingly globalised accessible and at times downright homogeneous world pop scale travelers are hungry for authentic experiences that are rooted in local culture tradition and environment as such luxury travel is increasingly moving towards local guides and opportunities for immersion in specific areas of interest like say the intensive fascinating and hip world of winemaking five-star hotels are all well and good or rather great but they can be found around the world and luxury travelers are looking to get more than merely comfort for their money in 2020 number 8 beyond first-class travelers with a luxury budget might be willing to compromise in terms of the comfort of their accommodations for a truly authentic experience but when it comes to getting from point A to point B I want the best of the best flying first-class simply doesn’t seem to cut it in our modern age travel agents are seeing a notable increase in people’s desire to add special touches to the actual airport and flying experience such as private charters high-end lounges and Members Only terminals you can even hire a luxury vehicle to ferry you to and from the airport air travel is stressful time intensive and involves a whole lot of waiting in line those who can afford an alternative approach seem to feel that the extra comfort and exclusive perks are worth every penny number 7 human centered tech being able to control the lights temperature and electronics in your hotel suite with a single smartphone app that’s a welcomed innovation within the hospitality industry a voice menu of operations masquerading as a robotic concierge and not so much this is the careful balance that luxury travelers are seeking out as they plan trips for 2020 and beyond they want to see the latest tech improve their experience like online check-in but not at the expense of feeling like their personal needs are being attended to by attentive staff essentially this means tech employed in such a manner that it facilitates guests getting what they want and need as efficiently as possible so that wherever individual attention is required staff can provide better service than ever number six traveling in a group once you a couple up or have kids these tend to become the only types of trips that you take romantic getaways or family vacations but who says that traveling with friends needs to end travel is not only an enriching personal experience but also a great way to strengthen existing bonds and relationships by creating new shared memories luxury travelers are increasingly planning trips with groups of like-minded friends either to reconnect or even explore a specific shared interest be it food wildlife beer or adventures in the great outdoors similarly luxury travel is also seeing a surge in experience driven travel that brings together strangers of a similar age who share common interests with the opportunity to form new friendships serving as part of the appeal number five commemorating special occasions multi-generational trips have long been popular within the luxury travel industry but what does feel notable heading into 2020 is a trend towards multi-generational family trips to celebrate a specific occasion or milestone popular such examples might include a noteworthy birthday or a special anniversary rather than going backpacking with friends a recent graduate might be gifted a trip aboard with their grandparents or parents in order to congratulate them on their accomplishments of course milestone trips can be equally done with friends especially those who might want to commemorate the anniversary of an earlier formative trip they took together number four multi country trips many a young traveler will embark upon a lengthy backpacking trip across Europe or Southeast Asia before joining the full-time workforce but for whatever reason as we get older we tend to start planning single destination trips it’s as if we begin to prioritize comfort and ease over a sense of adventure and diversity the luxury travel industry is bucking this trend heading into 2020 there’s a notable shift towards voyagers planning trips that take them to distinctly different national destinations within a single vacation the more varied the better sometimes it’s a mix of city and countryside or it can be two radically different cultures that are surprisingly close in terms of geography we suspect that this has to do with the increased ease of trip planning in the modern internet / smartphone age when you’re always connected a more elaborate trip doesn’t necessarily require that much extra effort number three sustainability every week there seems to be a new report shortening the estimate of how long humanity has before catastrophic climate change yet nobody wants to completely forfeit air travel despite its very sizeable environmental costs that’s a big issue but thankfully there are at least other ways to mitigate one’s travel impact luxury travelers are increasingly prioritizing eco responsible companies with which to book even when it comes at a premium if they’re gonna spend big they’d like for it not to come with the added expense of the environment over the next decade with luxury travel leading the charge we’re likely to see ecotourism go from an expensive niche market to the standard number two food-centric travel enjoying good food is hardly a new trend but the incredibly widespread popularity of foodie culture has undeniably changed many a travelers relationship to food many tourists plan trips almost exclusively driven by the winds of their palate relying upon media and online discussions about the best bites to be found across the globe luxury travelers because of their far more substantial means are arguably leaning into foodie travels even more than most and in 2020 it’s not just Michelin star restaurants and celebrity chefs but also unique farm-to-table establishments private cooking classes in the back of the restaurant wine tastings led by the wine makers themselves and maybe even a deep dive into local production and cultivation methods for anything from truffles to oysters number one remote and under-the-radar destinations earlier we discussed how the luxury travel industry is seeing an increased demand in authentic experiences of the many forms that this trend is taking the destinations themselves feel the most telling over tourism has become a major problem for many upscale travelers destinations like Venice Barcelona and Iceland have lost much of their appeal because they’re simply too crowded and overdone they don’t feel special anymore in response travelers with budgets at the higher end of the spectrum are increasingly seeking out relatively unknown destinations or both the local culture and environment feel relatively untainted by the tourism industry like a country’s second city or its unspoiled countryside zero crowds unique experiences and locals who have yet to become jaded with tourists it’s easy to understand the appeal do you agree with our picks check out this other recent clip for mojo travels and be sure to subscribe and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos [Music]

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