Top 10 Most Complimented Fragrances for Men (Summer 2019 Edition)

Top 10 Most Complimented Fragrances for Men (Summer 2019 Edition)

Top 10 Most Complimented Fragrances for Men
(Summer 2019 Edition) [0:00:00]
So, in today’s video, I’m counting down ten fragrances that are going to get you compliments
all summer. Are you ready? Let’s do it. [Music]
So, coming in at number ten we’ve got Missoni Pour Homme. This is an Italian fragrance inspired by the
sunny Mediterranean landscape in which it was created. For the top notes, we’re going to see green
lemon and grapefruit. For the middle heart notes, we have ginger. Now, for the base notes, it’s really woody,
we’ve got sandalwood and oak. So, when you smell this fragrance you can
imagine yourself on a boat out on the Mediterranean during the summer just enjoying the weather
and the beautiful sunshine. Coming in at number nine, we’ve got Neroli
Portofino by Tom Ford. Now, for the top note here, we’re going
to see bergamot and we’re going to see two types of orange. We’re going to see bitter and mandarin. Then, sliding into the middle into those heart
notes, we’re going to smell neroli and we’re also going to pick up African orange flower. Now, for the base note, this is going to be
really faint, but we’re just going to smell a bit of ambrette. So, this is a very fruity fragrance. It’s also a unisex fragrance, so your girlfriend
may steal this. But, really, it’s the citrusy smell right
here which is going to make this great for summer. So, coming in at number eight, we’ve got
Dior Sauvage. So, the top note here is going to be bergamot
and pepper. So, the middle heart notes here are going
to be Sichuan pepper, pink pepper, and lavender. So, for the base notes, we’ve got cedar,
labdanum, and ambroxan. So, the bergamot, the pepper, and the lavender
that combination is a great evening fragrance for the summer for hot weather. This is something that’s going to smell
great. The only problem I’ve got with this fragrance
is it’s so common. Now, if you’re looking for a unique fragrance,
one that nobody else is going to be wearing, very few people have heard of and takes that
lavender and pepper right there on the top note, you want to check out Zaharoff Signature
Pour Homme. So, this fragrance was introduced in 2018
by my good friend, George Zaharoff. I’ve known George for almost a decade. I’ve watched the guy work, he is an artisan. And true to his word, he traveled around the
world, put in the best ingredients. So, for the top notes, we got fresh cardamom
from Guatemala, lavender from Southern France, black pepper, juicy pear, and blue cypress. In the heart middle notes, we’ve got ginger
root from India, blonde cedar from Virginia, temple oud from Indonesia, Florentine, pimenta
leaves from Jamaica, fir balsam from Canada. And the base notes, we got creamy sandalwood
from Australia, gold patchouli from Indonesia, black amber, myrrh, and frankincense from
Ethiopia. If you understand fragrance and what goes
into this, you understand that there is no synthetic, this is the best of the best. This is an artisan’s creation. And guess what? If you want a sample, George is giving those
away. I’m going to be linking in the description,
so you can go over and grab your free sample. Yes, George is sponsoring this video because
he wanted to bring attention to this amazing creation. So, go grab your free sample. They’ll send you this nice little kit, the
sample right there. I’m going to link to it down in the description. And, if you just want to buy a bottle, guys,
go over to Norstrom’s, I’m going to put the link down in the description. Now, this does sell out. It’s got amazing reviews. This is a true artisan fragrance created with
the best ingredients. I can’t stress this enough. This is an amazing fragrance. Go check it out, guys, and at least send George
a note. Amazing guy and a good friend. Coming in at number seven, Ralph Lauren Polo
Ultra Blue. So, the top notes here, we’re going to have
lemon, basil, and citron. The middle heart note is going to be ambertonic. And the base note, we’ve got wood, musk,
and salt. Now, this fragrance is all about the beach. It’s about that salt water type of smell. You feel like you’re actually near the ocean. It’s an amazing fragrance especially for
a more rugged man. Coming in at number six, we’ve got Versace
Eros. So, the top notes here, mint, green apple,
and lemon. The heart notes, tonka bean, geranium, and
ambroxan. The base notes, vanilla, vetiver, and oakmoss. This is one of my favorite fragrances. The problem is it’s very common. You’re going to have a lot of guys wearing
this especially during the summer. The top notes are going to be the dominant
notes, so that mint that green apple that lemon, that is going to be the dominant smells
from this fragrance. Coming in at number five, Davidoff Coolawater. So, for the top notes, we’ve got seawater,
mint, and lavender. For the heart note, sandalwood, jasmine, geranium,
neroli. For the base notes, tobacco, cedar, and oakmoss. It’s inexpensive and it’s a quintessential
summer fragrance. You think of that seawater mixing with those
florals going right into the tobacco, it is just a classic summer fragrance really you
can’t go wrong with. Coming in at number four, Brioni Brioni. So, the top note here really simple, we’ve
got a strong lemon. Now, for the heart note the middle notes,
we’ve got iris and magnolia. So, for the base notes, saffron and agarwood. So, what I love about this fragrance is how
simple it is. Really, it’s about the iris and the lemon. This is a very citrus-based fragrance that
isn’t going to offend anybody. You could wear it pretty much it could be
a default fragrance has a very clean summer smell to it. Coming in at number three, Acqua Di Parma
Colonia. Oranges, lemon, lavender, and rosemary with
just a touch of musk. [0:04:59]
So, this fragrance is very simple, it’s great for hot weather. The citrus fragrances as you can tell, I really
like during the summer months. They’re light, they’re ones that you can
apply, they’re not going to feel heavy, and these smell great even if you’re sweating
on a July summer day. Coming in at number two we’ve got A*Men
Ultra Zest. So, the top notes here are going to be blood
orange, tangerine, mint, and ginger. The heart notes are coffee and pepper. The base notes, tonka bean, patchouli, and
vanilla. So, for me, this fragrance, you either love
it or hate it. If you like oranges, if you like citrus, you’re
going to love this fragrance especially orange. It is intense orange. But, if you don’t, then skip this one. I put it here because I love blood oranges,
so, yes, it was high on my personal list. So, who’s number one on this list? Well, first, let me lay out three fragrances
that did not even make this list because I’ve talked about them a lot, I didn’t really
want to bring them in, I want to bring you guys something new. So, Acqua Di Gio Special Blend, I absolutely
love this one. Jeremy Fragrance gifted this to me and it
has just become one of my favorites. John Varvatos Artisan Pure, another one I
picked up with Jeremy in London. I absolutely love it. Creed Aventus, so Aaron Marino introduced
me to that one. I absolutely love it as well. So, who’s the number one fragrance? Guys, are you ready? Drum roll please. [Drum roll sound] Creed Virgin Island Water. So, the top notes here, coconut, lime, orange,
and bergamot. The heart notes, ginger and jasmine. The base notes, sugarcane, white musk and
white rum. So, I put this fragrance number one on my
list because I love blood orange, but I absolutely love coconut. And have a house light Creed put coconut as
the top note, the base notes I love that they’ve got rum they’ve got that bit of musk. This is simply the Caribbean in a bottle. It’s amazing fragrance. Very sweet. So, you’ll either going to like it or you’re
not and that’s why I put together this list. I love that you guys are going to disagree,
so let me know down in the comments you agree, disagree, how would you have change this up? And, guys, don’t forget, go grab your free
samples. I’m putting the link down in the description. Remember, he’s got limited quantities. They’re absolutely free. And I’m so proud of what he’s done over
at Zaharoff with this Signature Pour Homme. What’s going on? You’re still here? Guys, go watch another video, go learn how
to apply fragrance correctly. So many guys are messing this up, go check
it up. I’m linking to it down in the description. [0:07:17] End of Audio

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