Top 10 Most Secluded Places On Earth

Top 10 Most Secluded Places On Earth

Hey, everyone, it’s time to go
international have you ever just wanted to get away are you tired of running
into your ex and her new boyfriend Evan do you hate the fact that Evan knows
more about wine than you know about anything well if you never want to see
her Evan and pretty much anyone else you know ever again you should think about
moving to one of the places on this list but let’s say you’re just trying to
avoid touristy spots for your next vacation you might want to try visiting
one of the most isolated places on earth some of which you can only get to by
boat or maybe plane sometimes even reindeer so leave the Pontiac Aztek at
home and visit number ten coober pedy Australia Cooper PD is also known as the
Opel capital world Opel as in the gem they didn’t name this place because so
many girls born here named opal or something like that I say that because I
had a co-worker who named his daughter opal she was almost 2 years old when I
informed him that opal is actually a gem he had no idea he just thought it was a
good girl sounding name he actually thought it was a location in Russia I
don’t know gem quality opals were first discovered there in 1915 and the opal
mining industry continues to sustain this small town of about 3,000 people
they have one patch of greenery here it’s a soccer field or pitch whichever
you prefer everything else is that Outback red-brown dirt color the city is
a two-hour flight from Adelaide or a nine-hour Drive if you have some books
on tape you’re looking to knock out kind of out there in the outback a bit
southern Australia number nine Iqaluit Nunavut Canada before we get into this
one I’m going to tell you up front I’m going to mispronounce words in this
video it’s just the way it is don’t bother
leaving a comment I already know some of them are going to be wrong work it out
it out quit is only accessible by sea or air but there are daily flights from
Ottawa so that’s good it’s about 1,300 miles why few try and drive there your
car’s gonna crash and you’re going to die in the snow that’s all there is to
it there’s no roads going here so you better be really really good at
off-roading for like 1,300 miles which is pretty much impossible anyway hope
you got some good snowshoes it’s most famous attraction is the road to nowhere
that tourists can walk bike drive or ski until they end up in the middle of
nowhere or until they freeze to death or get
by a bear I’m not sure which one I would prefer if I had to choose do I want the
quickness of being eaten by a bear or the slow painful freezing to death I
don’t know either way I’m not going to this place it’s too far away number
eight so cultural island Yemen socotra island
is one of the strangest places on the planet thanks to its weird-looking
dragon blood trees and a couple other weird plants they look like something
that kills a dude in a red shirt on Star Trek Ewing leans up against it next
thing you know they play some weird music he starts choking and then
overacting dies and they find him later anyway the island is located between
Yemen and the Arabian Sea the island has a bunch of rare species of plants a
third of them can’t be found anywhere else on the planet it’s almost like its
own little mini Madagascar some of those plants like I said do look like
something from Star Trek or the x-files type thing
the island has almost 4,000 residents and one road that’s at one road Sculptra
Iowa’s about 400 miles from the capital of Yemen they do have some flights there
but they are rare and I don’t know there’s a bloody civil war going on
there I wouldn’t fly into Yemen or out of Yemen I try and walk or swim or camel
it or whatever you got to do gotta watch out for the sand people here from Star
Wars number 7 the sea well a sis Egypt the sea well wases isn’t the
stereotypical Oasis this one’s really there it’s not a
mirage the ASIS has about 32,000 people living there and it’s been there since
at least the seventh century that’s when they first made contact with people
living there but they’re not really sure how long it’s been there
inhabitants speak their own language see we language I’m sure that’s kind of
weird let’s say you’re in court in New York City to ask if you need an
interpreter you say yeah see we interpreter and they spent 20 minutes on
Google just to find out that it is actually a thing and you’re not really
jerking them around they don’t get many visitors probably because it’s about a 5
hour bus ride from Cairo and that has to be a rough trip I mean grand buses in
the u.s. suck how bad are the buses in Egypt that go out in the middle of the
desert but if you tough out the bus ride you could stay in the Oasis buy some
locally grown dates and olives swimming Cleopatra’s baths which is a mineral
salt spring which kind of cool and then stay in a hut built out of mud and salt
yeah no thanks I don’t think I need to go to Egypt
number six Pitkin island British overseas territory pick an island is
territory in the middle of the Pacific sitting about 3,300 miles from New
Zealand which they also serve as like their contact to the outside world or
it’s almost like their city hall is they’re not on Pitkin on it’s weird
nothing flies here so getting there requires about a 32 to 35 our yacht ride
depending on whether the islands first settlers were mutineers from a ship
called the bounty by the way there’s a great movie with Mel Gibson called the
bounty look it up it’s all about these people anyway they discovered the
remnants of a Polynesian civilization including stone God’s burial sites and
other ancient stuff when they landed and burnt their ship down yeah that was in
1790 they burnt their ship because they didn’t want it sitting there in case any
more of the British Navy came by and was looking for them so they want to be as
anonymous as possible this island is now begging for people to move there they
had 80 people at one point and now it’s around 50 so yeah not a lot of people
number five om Yukon Russia it’s actually Siberia but we’ll call it
Russia and finally get on to Russia this remote Russian town is known as the
coldest inhabited place on earth it’s only got about 500 residents and they
live in the dark pretty much all day long I think they can get about four
hours of sunlight the average temperature here is minus 58 degrees
these people have either no common sense or reliable transportation anyone in
their right mind should leave this place immediately unless your feet are frozen
to the ground you should be leaving right now here’s another thing besides
the cold they don’t have any indoor plumbing which I guess as a result of
the cold because pipes freeze so everyone’s got an outhouse nothing grows
here people live off reindeer meat frozen fish and ice cubes of horse blood
I’m not joking and getting a little lump in my throat now thinking about it it’s
kind of gross getting there takes several days you
could fly in from Moscow but the two nearest airports are both about 560 or
70 miles away and it’s also five hundred and sixty or seventy miles on a road
called the road of bones number four long you been Norway long
Gibbon is an island town off Norway’s northern coast and it’s the world’s most
northern town it’s covered in snow almost all year round and the ground
never seems to unfreeze it’s like a permanent sheet of ice long amid Norway
is so cold it’s actually legal to bear your relatives there they have to be
flown to the mainland and taking care of their whether they’re burning them or
burying them I’m not totally sure all the process but if they bury them in the
ground and long you been they’ll they’ll never decompose they’ll just always be
there you can’t drive there a boat ride is
extremely rough Norwegian Airlines only offers three flights a week and it’s a
three-hour flight from Oslo it’s definitely hard to get there number
three Barrow Alaska Barrow is almost as far north as long you’d be in Norway
besides that they also share the distinction of both being over 50 years
old and still looking like they’re temporary towns top that off with
there’s no roads leading to either of them Barrow is only accessible by plane
there’s an hour-and-a-half flight out of Anchorage if you want to risk it more
than a few planes have gone down in this area sitting at the very top of Alaska
their winters consist of 65 straight days of darkness it’s sucks in Barrow
Alaska I don’t know why anyone lives at this one number two North Sentinel
island North Sentinel island is a Forbidden Island of sorts it’s small
island in the bay of bengal and is home to the Sentinelese people a tribe that
have rejected most the time violently any contact from the outside world
they’re among the last uncontacted people to remain on the planet and have
no problem killing you if you try and contact them in 1956 and laws were
passed that provided protection for the Sentinelese and other native tribes in
the region basically they’re to be left alone
they’ve made it very clear they don’t want to talk to us but that doesn’t stop
people from ending up there whether on purpose or by mistake in November of
2018 John Allen Chu I believe his name is Chou whatever a 26 year old American
missionary trained and sent by missionary based all nations was killed
during an illegal trip to the restricted island he was planning on preaching
Christianity the sentence people maybe they needed it who knows they certainly
didn’t want it they killed him soon after his arrival now there was also a
ship in 1981 the Primrose ran aground on a North Sentinel reef on August 2nd 1981
about a weekend waiting for help they noticed some men carrying Spears and
bows and arrows that were building boats on the beach the captain of the Primrose
radioed that it was urgent for firearms so the crew could defend themselves they
didn’t receive any because of large storm in the area and ships had a hard
time getting to him anyway a week after that they were rescued by helicopter so
that was cool they didn’t get killed but they were attacked apparently you can
still see the out of the ship on Google map it’s on a reef
on the northwest portion and number one Tristan da Cunha the volcanic island of
Tristan da Cunha is in the South Atlantic and has a population of about
258 people with only nine different last names when you live that far away from
everyone else that type of stuff is bound to happen this is what I love
about the place the locals speak English sort of they invented their own dialect
with words from Scottish English st. Helena South African American Dutch
Italian and Irish and it also reflects various other places of origin these
guys sound like they’re speaking gibberish to almost anyone else but to
themselves they’re making sense this place is so remote they don’t have
internet access anymore they did have internet access it was available on
Tristan da Cunha from 1998 to 2006 but its high cost made it almost
unaffordable for the local population who primarily used it just to send
emails to get there you have to time your visit to get out one of the three
ships that make nine trips from Cape Town each year that’s it they only get
nine trips total that’s how they get all their supplies other than fish and maybe
milk from cows they don’t have a lot going on there as far as supplies I
watched one guy’s video about traveling to the island said it took him almost a
week to travel from Canada to Tristan da Cunha you know we had to fly to South
Africa wait for the boat then you get on across some of the roughest seas on the
planet just to get to this place it’s crazy that one’s interesting there’s too
much about a lot of these that you should really read up on them they’re
pretty interesting alright so that is my most isolated places on the planet I
hope you guys enjoyed it hope you got some information on it a little bit
different going international I had one guy complain he tunes in for American
stuff and he was unsubscribing because I did Vancouver one time like that’s
almost not part of America anyway anyway hope you guys enjoyed it don’t forget to
give it a big thumbs up leave me a comment tell me we thought hit that like
button hit that subscribe button everybody have a great day be nice to
each other

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