Top 10 New Disney Rides & Attractions Coming in 2020 – Disney World & Disneyland

Top 10 New Disney Rides & Attractions Coming in 2020 – Disney World & Disneyland

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find us @TPMvideos. If you thought 2019 was a big year for the
Disney theme parks, well just wait until 2020. If you’ve been curious as to what you can
expect at Disneyland and Walt Disney World next year then this is the place to be. We’ve organized the list according to opening
dates so be sure to keep your hands, arms feet and legs inside as we count down the
Top 10 New Rides and Attractions coming to the Disney theme parks in 2020. Number 10
Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge has been a topic of discussion for over 7 months now, but come
January 17th 2020 the new 14 acre land will be complete at both parks when Disneyland
finally opens Rise of the Resistance. This one of a kind trackless dark ride puts
you in the middle of a battle between the Resistance and the First Order. Get ready for quite a lengthy experience with
multiple detailed pre show scenes that begin with you getting recruited by the Resistance. You’ll then board a spaceship then find
yourself being taken captive by the first order. Then once you’re in your ride prepare for
an exhilarating adventure as you try and escape where theres surprises around every corner. From audio animatronics to special effects
and action packed scenes, you’re experiencing the most technologically advanced attraction
Disney has built to date. The adventure awaits you in Rise of the Resistance. Number 9
Over at Epcot, some new films will be making their debut across the park. The first takes us into the Land Pavilion
where Awesome Planet will be premiering on January 17th, 2020. This new 10 minute film will look at the beauty
and diversity of our Earth using nature photography, immersive in theatre effects as well as space
sequences. Also premiering on January 17th is Canada
Far And Wide in Circle Vision 360 over in the Canada Pavilion. As an update to the former O’ Canada, this
film will feature new scenes and a new story with narration from Schitt’s Creek stars
Catherine O’Hara and Eugine Levy. This Canadian duo will surely be the perfect
hosts for this new Epcot film. Ahhhh okay just come down. Breathe. Number 8
A new Beauty and the Beast sing A long will make its way into the France pavilion on January
17th. When they originally announced this attraction
it was supposed to be based off the 2017 live action film but now it’s based solely off
the animated film from 1991. Expect a comedic twist to this tale as old
as time that tells the true events of how LeFou got Belle and the Beast together. It’ll feature many of our favourite songs
from Beauty and the Beast including some newly animated segments and to top it all off, it’s
narrated by Angela Lansbury who plays Mrs. Potts. Now this sing a long will be in addition to
the impressions de France film that currently plays in the pavilion, so this is not replacing
Impressions de France. This is sure to be a very popular experience
for families in World Showcase. Number 7
At D23 it was announced that the new Space 220 Restaurant would open in Winter of 2019
at Ecpot but this project has been delayed and based on Job postings for the restaurant
its’s rumoured to open in February of 2020. Now although this is a restaurant, the set
up does sounds like an attraction where you’ll board an elevator that will connect you to
a space station and once you’re inside you’ll take in the views of earth, 220 miles above
Epcot. This is definitely gonna be a one of a kind
dining experience. Another new dining experience where work is
underway is the Roundup Rodeo BBQ in Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios. This new table service restaurant will shrink
us down to the size of Toy in a rodeo Andy’s constructed out of three cardboard boxes. An indoor sit down restaurant was missing
when Toy Story Land opened in 2018 so this will definitely fills that void plus this
theming fits right in and looks pretty great. Disney recently announced that this themed
restaurant will also open in 2020 but there was no specific date given. Number 6
One of the most anticipated attractions at Disney’s Hollywood Studios has been Mickey
and Minnie’s Runaway Railway. After many delays Disney finally set an opening
for March 4th 2020. Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway has
you entering the Chinese Theatre for the premiere of a new Mickey Mouse short, only then you
find yourself sucked into the wacky and unpredictable world of a Mickey mouse cartoon. This is where the rules of physics don’t
apply. This experience will use new technology that’s
being defined as 2 1/2 D- so you won’t need a pair of 3-D glasses, but there are audio
animatronics and physical sets. Seeing what Imagineers were able to achieve
with projection mapping for the Epcot Experience, I think we’ll see some very similar technology
used in this attraction. Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway will
also feature a catchy new theme song that’s been created just for the ride; this is an
aspect thats been lost in a lot of the newer attractions Disney has developed so its really
refreshing seeing the idea of an original theme song returning. In addition to the ride we can also expect
a new Mickey Shorts theatre also opening in March that will feature an original Mickey
short. So get ready for Mickey and the gang to move
into Hollywood Studios in March of 2020. Number 5
Heading back to Disneyland, come Spring of 2020 you can expect to see a brand new daytime
parade called Magic Happens make its way down Main Street USA. This new parade will feature many classic
Disney characters but also characters from newer films like Coco and Moana. At D23 Bob Chapel said this new parade will
celebrate awe inspiring moments of magic that are at the heart of so many Disney stories. It’s honesty really great to see some of
the newer films represented in the parade and this all gonna be all tied together by
a catchy theme song written and produced by Todrick Hall. At D23 they shared a sneak peak into the song
sung by Jordan Fisher and boy is it catchy. It’s a modern sound with a classic Disney
twist so look out for Magic Happens coming to Disneyland this spring! Number 4
Walt Disney Imagineering and Disney Animation studios joined forces with Cirque De Soleil
to bring a brand new show to the Cirque de Soleil venue at Disney Springs. Although there has not been an official name
given to the show, it begins previews on March 20th, 2020 and will officially open on April
17th. The show will follow a young girl named Julie
who’s father just happens to be a Disney animator. It’ll feature original acrobatic sequences,
dazzling choreography and an original musical score that will integrate Disney music and
themes. Brand new animation sequences have been created
specifically for the show that will interact with the performers. Cirque de Soleil is known for creating theatrical
masterpieces and when you mix that with the incredible power of Disney Storytelling, this
show is sure to become one of the must sees at Walt Disney World. Number 3
Back at Epcot we’ll be able to experience Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure in summer of
2020 in the France Pavilion. Work is well underway on this new trackless
dark ride that is a clone from the Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris. Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure uses physical
sets and 3-D screens that shrink you down to the size of rat as you embark on this zany
adventure with Emile and Remy through the kitchen. There’s many on ride POV videos online like
this one here from LMG vids that will show you exactly what you can expect and it looks
like a really fun family ride. World Showcase can defiantly use another ride
so this will be a very welcome addition, not to mention the footprint of the pavilion is
growing in size. This also includes the addition of a new restaurant
called La Crêperie de Paris which will offer quick service and table service options. Number 2
If you’ve been following Epcot news, you’d know that Illuminations was replaced by Epcot
Forever in October of 2019 but this show is just a temporary placeholder until the new
firework show HarmoniUS debuts. The show will for sure light up the Epcot
sky in 2020 and its rumoured to have a Summer opening. Disney’s says that it will be the largest
nighttime spectacular in the history of Disney theme parks. HarmoniUS will celebrate the power of music
and how Disney inspires people all around the world. It’s supposed to feature moving fountains,
physical set, custom built LED panels, lasers and more! In the Ecpot Experience they gave us a peak
into the new show so let’s take a look! Number 1
At Disney California Adventure, construction is well underway for Avengers Campus, the
new marvel themed land that is set to open at an undetermined date in 2020. Avengers Campus is where the Avengers are
getting ready to recruit the next generation of Superheroes and the land will be home the
first ever Spiderman attraction in a Disney theme park. The Spiderman Experience invites you into
the Worldwide Engineering Brigade. Known as WEB for short, Peter Parker is one
of the aspiring inventors where you’re invited to test drive the Web slinger vehicle. This interactive family dark ride lets you
sling webs while you help Spiderman collect the Spider Bots. These kind of interactive attractions are
always a hit at the Disney parks and this looks like its gonna be another really fun
experience. Avengers Campus will also be home to the restaurant
Pym Test Kitchen themed to Ant Man and the Wasp and will also give you the opportunity
to meet many of your favourite Marvel Superheroes. This will all be in addition to the already
popular Guardians of the Galaxy Mission breakout that will round out the attraction offerings
for Phase One of Avengers Campus. So which 2020 addition are you looking forward
to experiencing the most? I’d love to know! Leave a comment down below to start a conversation
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