Top 10 Places to Visit in Czech Republic

Top 10 Places to Visit in Czech Republic

This is the top ten places to visit in the Czech Republic. Number one, Prague. it would be unthinkable to come to the Czech Republic, and not visit Prague. it is one of Europe’s most visited cities and has a rich history dating over a thousand years. It is the countrie’s largest city and capital, with a population around 1.2
million. There are so many things to do one of our favorites was walking around the river. learning about the famous Czech beer, and seeing some of the city’s monuments and attraction. Na zdravi! Number two, Jeseniky. There are plenty of places to enjoy nature and adventure in the Czech Republic but our favorite was in Jeseniky. Filled with picturesque hills, and an abundance of hiking and mountain biking as well as many other outdoor activities. number three Brno The capital of Moravia, and the country’s second largest city It isn’t near as popular as Prague, but it should be. it is the gateway to the country’s wine lands and a home to several universities inside the city you can find many monuments, cultural events, markets and good eateries. Just outside the city you can explore one of the country’s natural wonders, the Moravian Karst. number four Bohemian Switzerland Located in Northern Bohemia this region is another great place to visit for those in search of adventure here you can hike to the Pravcicka brana the largest sandstone arch in Europe. Or take a boat ride through the Edmond Gorge and just enjoy the scenery. number five, Cesky Krumlov. Located in Southern Bohemia, this charming town is one of the most popular destinations outside of the big cities. Renaissance and baroque buildings wrap around the curve of the Vltava River. Be sure to visit the castle and take a stroll through the city centre to savor its well preserved medieval core. number six, Kromeriz. Located 60km east of Brno you will find the small picturesque town of Kromeriz. Which has been significantly influenced by the Olomouc Bishop’s here you will find their former summer residence a large Chateau. However, the most popular attraction is the Kromeriz Gardens, with its complex design and labyrinths. Number seven, Znojmo. located 50 kilometers southwest of Brno, this small border town is home to some of the country’s great wines. The town also is next to Podyji National Park that is filled with cycling, hiking and horse riding trails. Also nearby is the Vranov nad Dyji
Chateau. Number 8 Ostrava Located in the northeast corner of the Czech Republic just a few kilometers from the Polish border it is the country’s third largest city and it is most famous for being an industrial powerhouse of the past and the best tourist attractions are the Landek Park Mining Museum, and the Vitkovice Iron Works tour. Number 9, Litomysl. Located 100 kilometers north of Brno, and is most famous for its Renaissance style Chateau and the mini arcades and multi-coloured buildings in Smetana square. Take a tour of the chateau to be amazed by its facade with sgraffito decoration as well as one of the oldest chateau theatres in all of Europe. Number 10, Mikulov. Located in South Moravia near the Austrian border. The first thing you will see is a large baroque chateau overlooking the historical center. It is a popular wine producing region and a great place to do tastings

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  1. Man, I'd give Ostrava a skip. Go to Karlovy Vary & Marianske Lazne, instead. And since you took the pains to upload this video, please learn the proper pronunciation. No offense, but you really sound stupid mispronouncing the names.. Sort of cheapens otherwise good video..

  2. Congratulation on electing your new President. I genuinely hope he is going to do everything to preserve this magnificent legacy.

  3. Guys, seriously. If you're going to make a travel video about somewhere and hopefully be watched by hundreds of thousands of people, couldn't make a little effort to find out how to pronounce the places. I'm not Czech (although I do speak Czech) and some of it was fine, but if some of your viewers imitated how you said Kroměřiž and Litomyšl (Little Mitchel?) for example I doubt if people would know where they were talking about. It's like you don't really care.

  4. WTF ? Where is olomouc ? One of most importanat city od midevil ? astonomical clock, old army buildings, palace

  5. I love czech republic, but why do you have boring cities i the video. There shound be on place 1-3 cesky raj, krkonos and sumava…

  6. Hi! Thumbs up for not only mentioning Prague but remembering the other major cities as well. So many people come to the Czech Republic having heard of its beauty but they never stick their feet out of Prague. So come on, people! Discover the real Czech not Prague only.

    PS: You pronounced #5 Český Krumlov almost as nicely as a local would. So ???

  7. The Capital of Moravia is Olomouc. Olomouc is a best architekt small city of Czech and have unoficial second name Second Rome.

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  9. 1.Fuck off zasrany Brno, 2.Krumlov – full o japanese turists – ultra annoying, 3. Ostrava – WTF? The dirtiest and nastiest city in the Czech Republic. Beware! Shame…

  10. Guys, where is Kutná Hora? This historical town competed as a richest town for silver sources that was mined for Charles 4 in 13-14 century. This town should be #2 after Prague. Prague become Prague as we know today, because Kutná Hora was so rich for silver sources!! In other words Prague was built from silver wealth from Kutná Hora.

  11. I'm french, and my wife is from Slesko-Moravia (Krnov/Bruntal). And we plan to come to live in Czech with our children. It's so a great and beautiful county with great people, food….and the best beers in the wolrd cheaper than water and coffee ! 🙂

  12. great video! i really learned a lot from here i will definitely be scheduling my next venture in Europe here.

  13. úplně miluju jak někteří v Ostravě v životě nebyli a tvrdí že je špinavá nebo je tam hrozný vzdych a další tahové kecy si strcte za klobouk protože Ostrava je nádherné mesto, památky má a mám kámoše v Ostravě a říkají že lepší město není a jinde by bydlet nemohli takže upřímná soustrast všem kteří tam nebydlí

    je mi vás líto

  14. Missed Czech paradise (Český Ráj), Sněžka mountain (the tallest mountain), handfull of cities like Třebíč, Telč and so on (wich are part of unesco protected parts of Czech republic), Macocha collapsed cave, missed Pilsen (the brewery city, where pilsner urquel originated), Karlovy Vary – one of the best spa cities in Europe, and numerous VERY interesting (and arguably more than the ones you did mention) things.

  15. very nice drone views 🙂 good job man 🙂 our country is very beautiful and very SAFE! no (too much) imigrants here 😉 we have 12 UNESCO heritages in our country and very very world-unique landmarks… and the best is: no tornados, no volcanoes, no earthquakes, no tsunamies… so…. very nice place to living 🙂

  16. love Prague! such a beautiful city. and in this romantic place,I found my love 2 years ago. And now we married ?

  17. I’m sorry, but as a Czech, I have to say, your pronunciation is bad ?. You should try to put the names into Google Translate, listen the correct pronunciation and then try to pronounce it next time ??.

  18. I am Czech, but abroad for a year and watching your video almost made me cry as I miss my home country. There is no place like home. I love Czech Republic♥️. Thank you for reminding me how beatiful and special it is!

  19. What about our castles Trosky, Bezděz, Kašperk and other medieval monuments. You showed mostly baroque and renesance ?chateus? (The flatland garden sorounded luxury buildings). And you also should visit Písek (really old town with the oldest still standing bridge in Czech Republic) or šumava mountain multi-range with glacier lakes and the river Vydra and spring of Vltava (the river in Prague)

    Anyway I appreciate you put jeseníky in front of krkonoše (the highest mountains in ČR ) as they are more wild and less visited.

  20. Piękny kraj ??! Polecam do zwiedzania Adrspach i Teplice nad Metuji. Skalne formy są przepiękne a sposób, w jaki zorganizowano zwiedzanie, zasługuje na uznanie. Naprawdę warto tam pojechać. Pozdrawiam ?????

  21. I would add East Bohemia (Náchodsko, Broumovsko) with its beautiful rocks similar to those in the video (#4 in the video) and pre-WW2 fortresses. And also Šumava region. And much more of course 🙂 But great video by the way and good choices in the top 10.

  22. Also beskydy is awesome it is the westest part of karpatians and it is very steep (hilly but more like mountainy) and there are lots of shepherd huts and from most of the land you don’t see any big city

  23. Hi! I am planning to visit Czech next year. I can speak only English. Is it a good choice for a person who can't speak the native language? Please suggest.

  24. I would also recommend: Olomouc – beautiful town with a lot of history
    Krkonoše – Highest mountains in CR
    Šumava – another beautiful mountains..

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