Top 10 reasons NOT to move to Atlanta, Georgia. #2 is enough for me.

Top 10 reasons NOT to move to Atlanta, Georgia. #2 is enough for me.

hey what is going on everyone it’s time
to take a look at another city on this channel we haven’t done too many videos
on the southern US and I figure it’s about time today’s list is about the
great city of Atlanta Atlanta is one of my favorite cities to visit I’ve been
visiting there since back in the late 80s it’s got great food great people
great history and southern hospitality they’re so hospitable when they insult
you they make it sound nice I had a lady after a comedy show one time tell me
baby your brain don’t work right bless your heart see they throw that
bless your heart in there and it confuses you you think it was something
nice they said it took me over an hour to figure out she just called me dumb
hence proving her point even though it’s a great city it might not be for
everybody I always do a positive and a negative video about each city state
location whatever I do and I usually start with the negative video so let’s
get going here’s my top ten reasons not to move to Atlanta number ten
traffic like most major cities that have had a major influx of people like
Atlanta has over the last 10 years or so you’re gonna have traffic that’s just a
fact of life what really confuses me that this has
happened across the country countless times since let’s say the 1940s you
would think someone would figure out a way to stop this situation from
happening anyway it’s ranked fourth or fifth as the worst traffic for a major
city depending on which study you read number nine everything’s named after
peach if someone gives you directions in the city of Atlanta and it has the word
peach in it make sure they specify which peach peach Road Peachtree Road peach
Lane peach tree lane Peach Street Peachtree Street the Peach Pit whatever
everything in this city has the word peach and it seems like and I get it
Georgia is the Peach State I understand if you try and tell your land navigation
system some address on Peach it will probably tell you the city of Atlanta
has over 75 streets with the word peach in it and hundreds of locations you know
that right bless your heart number eight outside of Atlanta if
you’re new to Atlanta you’ve gotten used to the people of Atlanta please don’t
think that’s how all the people of Georgia are if you leave any major city
in Georgia it gets a little backwoods okay not a little it gets a lot
backwoods now they’re good people most of the time just don’t go trying to
bring your liberal views around the diner and you’ll be okay now
if you live there you learn to stay in the perimeter Atlanta is ringed by the
interstate 285 a circular moat of a freeway that separates the city from the
burbs and further out the duck dynasty types and before you comment I know
those guys are from Louisiana but their types are all around the south what do
you like it or not I mean minus the millions of dollars the duck dynasty
people have number seven
everybody’s a transplant if you’re new to Atlanta you probably aren’t going to
find too many people born and raised since it got popular some years back all
the locals have fled to the suburbs now if you do meet someone you’ll know it
they identify themselves by what hospital they were born at it’s a thing
I noticed this a few times and I mentioned it to a co-worker he grew up
in College Park lived there his whole life I guess well most of his life I met
him when he’s like 30 he said that it’s an Atlanta native thing and they all do
it so that’s kind of strange but I get it number six the Real Housewives Atlanta
has a Real Housewives show and by far it’s the worst of all of them
this gives the handful of true Atlanta housewives I know a really bad name one
of those crazies released a dance track called don’t be tardy I would play a
clip for you right now but I’m not that cruel to my viewers my first question is
who the hell uses the word tardy anymore it’s ridiculous number five the music
the music scene is booming in Atlanta and probably has some of the best rap
and hip-hop talent currently going when any city starts having any sort of music
scene you get a migration of small town 17 to 30 year olds that are going to
make it big in the city because they’re the best in their town of two hundred
and thirty-four people like everyone in Hollywood is an actor and is physically
unable not to tell you about it right now that’s what’s going on in Atlanta
with rappers rappers could get arrested for drunk driving and while in the back
of the squad car try and get the cop to listen to their demo number four schools the schools are bad
Atlanta there’s approximately 155 public schools in Atlanta and most of them get
an F or a degrade the average school test score is 44% lower than the
national average in Atlanta now I did read an article about some schools have
cut their dropout rate in half over the last two years that’s really good news
and it’s a step at the right direction the downside is the Atlanta school
system has a lot of steps to go now that one I usually don’t like to make jokes
about I really believe in good schools and I really hope for the best when it
comes to this one education is very important number three crime crime is
bad in Atlanta Lana is only safer than two percent of the cities in the United
States now that’s not good considering there’s places out there like Camden New
Jersey Chicago and Detroit gold chain snatching and car theft are big things
in Atlanta and even better the arrests for car thefts are insanely higher than
any other city in the u.s. now I know what you’re saying of course they have
more rest because they have more car thefts yes statistically that makes
sense the thing is most of those arrests happened within an hour of the actual
theft everyone has a tracking device on their car in Atlanta you’re still
stealing cars out there you’re an idiot number two bugs this is
one of the worse most of the south is infested with insects I come from two
places that really don’t have many bugs LA and Portland in Atlanta you have
mosquitoes gnats lightning bugs and these things that look like cockroaches
called palmetto bugs if you freak out about bugs you want to move to Seattle
not Atlanta they’re everywhere and number one the weather in Atlanta
they have two seasons summer and Christmas now I know it’s not but it
really feels like summer is 11 months long in Atlanta now most people think
that’s a good thing and it is if you’re on vacation on a beach Atlanta is hot
and muggy all the time it’s so bad skinny girls get boob sweat while
sitting in the shade now I’ve noticed girls wearing just tank tops here a
bunch it’s mostly year I’ve also heard other girls complain that they’re not
even wearing bras and it’s gross and things like that my question to those
prudes is this why is that any different from girls in Vegas Los Angeles or Miami
wearing bikini tops and shorts most a year
there is no difference it’s perfectly fine now the highest monthly average
temperature in Atlanta in August is 85 degrees then sound that bad but it is
when you consider that’s the average and as far as smog goes and air quality
they’ve also been getting up there on the air quality list in recent years
it’s getting bad with that and the heat and all the traffic it’s not healthy
well that’s my list that’s the top 10 reasons not to move to Atlanta Georgia I
will have the top 10 reasons to move to Atlanta Georgia up in the next couple
days I hope you guys enjoyed this video don’t forget to leave me a comment leave
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nutshell as always I appreciate you guys watching my videos and supporting me
everybody have a great day be nice to each other

100 thoughts on “Top 10 reasons NOT to move to Atlanta, Georgia. #2 is enough for me.

  1. The Dude “Judges of the earth.” Yankees high living is way better than the poor people in the South. They think they own everywhere on earth. They don’t know how many problems they’ve caused not only in the south, but in other countries too. They think that they’re so inventive and progressive and do – gooders But in Europe, they hate them and don’t even want to see them coming as tourists because they act like where ever they go, they got everything figured out and they expect people to “get with it” in order to please them .
    They’ve caused a lot of political problems and destruction of land here in the south. They’ve made our lives harder because of laws changing for them. And ran up taxes and the price of land and everything else. They think they’re great , while not even realizing how the world hates them and their government. Miserable money-eating crap they are

  2. Atlanta is stale to me now. City and people in it are too dense for me. It's far better than Memphis to me. If you think you won't like Atlanta, Never go to Memphis.

  3. Hey Briggs been ah been subscribe can u do a negative and postive for Charlotte nc. Never mind found it love your videos your jokes and especially the stop typing part u have ah gr8 voice for what u my dude keep em coming big bro

  4. Born at Grady!!! 😂😂😂😂😂 and the slowness of the burbs is amazing and laid back and you will never meet better ppl 💜

  5. You know nothing about Atlanta, Its a really nice place and you’re just judging one side of it, you haven’t even been around😑

  6. I'm the guy from 2:19–2:23. I am definitely backwoods but I'm from WV. This picture was taken in NV. Keep up the good videos Briggs. Always entertaining.

  7. I don't know,, but I have lots of friends that pull in $50,000 a month or more in Atlanta!!! Tons of big jobs and big cash!!! Ohh and they have a Lamborghini dealership there!!!!👍

  8. Atlanta is pretty much full of transplants from other states. Crime is mostly on the southside of Atlanta (one of the reasons the braves moved to Cobb county.) Agree that bugs are bad here. The people in rural Georgia are actually some of the nicest you’ll ever meet. They may look like roughnecks and give you a hard time, but they generally live by the golden rule (even if you try to impose your liberal ideology)

  9. Do NOT move to Atlanta!!! Move to the suburbs. Alpharetta, Milton or Johns Creek. Safest places in the US. Great jobs and Awesome places to live. Great food too.

  10. Summer is really only May-September but August is the worst! Spring and Fall are gorgeous here and winter usually isn't too bad.

  11. Ha! You say all this about Atlanta? don't know Miami about smoke, heat (the basketball team is call The Miami Heat for a reason!), the bugs, the people, the traffic, how expencive is LOL.

  12. 10. There's traffic in every major city.
    9. So?
    8. Oh no… Southerners in Georgia. Say it ain't so!
    7. Lots of transplants = diversity and learning about other cultures and places.
    6. If you let a reality show be the basis for your opinion of a city, you're an idiot.
    5. So… there's too much music? Is this possible?
    4. The only thing so far I agree with you on. You're 1/7 at this point.
    3. Crime is bad in sections of every major city. Keep your shit locked up, know your surroundings, don't put yourself in stupid situations.
    2. They're smaller than you. Don't be a pussy.
    1. A/C exists. You deal with the weather or you, again, are a pussy.

  13. I was born and raised and the hospital thing is true lol. Okay for the hip hop thing….ugh…first not everywhere plays hip hop. Go to east atlanta on the belt line. Reggae, Rock, and etc. Is played. The hip hop craze is mainly in the most populated areas. Go around east or north you won't hear it much. The bugs are a thing lol. The school system does suck and Atlanta is dangerous. Okay it is NOT hot all the time. Its rainy during the spring, really cold in the winter, we have a mixed fall but the heat is horrible in the summer. We're not as bad as Texas or Arizona though lol

  14. I’ve lived here all of my life. Born in Southern Regional. It’s a dump now. Little Five, Forest Park, Jonesboro, McDonough, Stockbridge, and back again. Traffic sucks, but you learn to survive it. Streets are either named after Peaches, Black Panthers, or War Heroes. The food is good. The Varsity is good in moderation. ( It’ll kill you ) The Housewives show ruins our reputation.

  15. Atlanta Georgia is the New York City and Los Angelas of the south due to it being a huge business hub and a movie/ music hub

  16. Ill meet you in little five points in front of criminal records and we can throw down you clearly have never been here ill break your knee caps ive fucked up pricks like you before ill do it again

  17. Atlanta is seen as one of the most racially divided of large American cities by those who are familiar with the very high level of black-white social segregation which it has.

  18. Has the worst traffic congestion I have ever seen, with the sole exception of NYC. And it is getting worse. Is the only city I have ever been in which a driver went around me on my left as I was turning left in the far left lane in an intersection. Finding an address is difficult because a given road may have five names, some of which change over the course of the road. Very hot, though not nearly as bad as Florida.

  19. I’m a native ATLien and this guys not wrong about a lot of the things in this video. But #1 at the end is an utter fallacy. ATL does not have 11 months of summer. The first cold snap can happen early as October and cold weather can go as late as May. What does happen though is two different systems basically compete over shaping the climate, the Gulf Stream and the North Pacific Current. These two currents almost intersect over the Piedmont Plateau, and it fucking sucks in the winter. You might think warm currents in the middle of winter are great with 70 degree weather out the blue, but it messes up your immune system, so it’s better to have a set temperature for your body to acclimate to, which is why there’s always mild-cold/flu epidemics in ATL every few years.

    And on a side note, mid ranged North American wintry climate extends as far south as the Florida panhandle. So it low key pissed me off when that man said 11 months of summer and this video got like 1M views cause that shit is insanely inaccurate lol

  20. Briggs is a moron. Its that simple. Without social media he couldn't conjure up 5 friends. Extremely pathetic excuse for a person.

  21. there's something about Atlanta I don't like. I rather stay in Seattle.
    I hate insects.
    But I do like the higher female to male ratio. women are supposed to out number men.

  22. I’m born and raised in Atlanta… and I think folks dumb as hell for moving their.. I won’t even get a connecting flight in Atlanta if I don’t have to.

  23. I live in Lagrange ga 1 hour south of Atlanta their are dumb people I also describe what hospital I was born in 😂

  24. My parents are divorced and when I go to my dads house who lives in the mountains it takes three and a half hours without traffic and I have to go through Atlanta so it really take more like 4 or 5 hours also we arent really as hillbilly as people think people that live outside of Atlanta are

  25. Welp, I’ve gotten used to this. I was born and raised in atlanta. I think my school is pretty good though. Btw I didn’t know everyone stated the hospital they were born at I thought I just did it 0_o. Almost all of this was very accurate!

  26. Atlanta is a total mess thanks to all the people moving from other places. The southern hospitality isn't there anymore

  27. Being from georgia for most of my life, one huge thing you left out was spring. In the spring in Georgia there is a huge load of pollen, so much so that you can make letters on your car. We called it yellow snow.

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