Top 10 Things to Do in Ecuador (Ecuador Travel Guide)

Top 10 Things to Do in Ecuador (Ecuador Travel Guide)

44 thoughts on “Top 10 Things to Do in Ecuador (Ecuador Travel Guide)

  1. May I ask why so many people in the comments are "from Ecuador" and "now live in the US" and "want to go back"? Why did you come to the US? Just wondering… Is Ecuador just a vacation spot and doesn't have a lot of jobs and that's why a lot of people come to the US?

  2. Great video. No fluff, just great info and amazing videos. This is my 2nd video of your that I’ve watched. Your ending is exceptional. Well done!

  3. Overall good video (although there are some factual inaccuracies such as: the highest capital city is La Paz and also the Quisato monument is not at the actual equator line but a few meters away from it).

  4. HAHA last time i was in ecuador i got the stomach bug from drinking the water & i threw up everywhere in that flea market! it was horrible!

  5. hi Steve, sehr geiles weil informatives Video, ich freue mich schon sehr auf Ecuador in einer Woche!!!!! Knackig geschnitten, aufs Wichtigste reduziert, die Emotionen sind auch spürbar, wirklich gut!

  6. I love Ecuador! I have visited there many times, I have family is from Ecuador and it is a good place to travel too and get to know.. different from anywhere else.

  7. We just got back from 3 weeks in Ecuador to include Galapagos. I'm surprised you didnt mention Baños, Ecuador. That place is amazing!

  8. El Ángel ecological reserve from Carchi, Peguche waterfalls in Otavalo, Mojanda Lake, the city of Ibarra, and cotacachi are all destinations north of Quito in the Andes region of the country that are always overlooked. Ibarra is a smaller, calmer city that has many churches that are just as beautiful as Quito’s. Cotacachi has their leather stores that are worth checking out. The northern parts are definitely so underrated and viewers/travelers should take note of them!!

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