Top 10 Things to Do in Genoa, Italy | Best Attractions

Top 10 Things to Do in Genoa, Italy | Best Attractions

Hi guys how are you? I’m Kate and I’m Mark and here are the top
10 things to do in Genoa! 1) The Port:
Start by visiting the Old Port, the heart and the soul of this city. In the olden days, Genoese merchants left
from the port with their vessels to trade throughout the Mediterranean. Then climb up the “Bigo” lift or up the
76 meters high lighthouse, symbol of Genoa. From here you can understand the dimensions
of the harbour and enjoy an incredible breathtaking view. At number 2 is the Aquarium and the Galata
Museum: Nestled in the Old Port, visit the “Museum
of the Sea”, for a synopsis of the city’s history. Inside you will find a section dedicated to
immigration that will make you live the experience our “grandfathers” who migrated in order to
find their fortune. Then head to the Aquarium, the largest in
Italy and among the best in Europe. It isn’t just an aquarium: as well as sharks,
dolphins, seals you can find penguins, birds, reptiles and much more. 3) The Historic City Center:
Despite the development of the city, the historic city center has kept its unique personality,
with its narrow streets, churches and historic workshops. Walk among the alleyways and take in the atmosphere,
it will feel as if you’ve travelled back in time. Strada Nuova:
The alleyways are fascinating but it is in Strada Nuova (meaning New Street) that Genoa
the Superb really shows the best of itself. Alongside the street, you can visit its magnificent
palaces, built between the 16th and the 18th Centuries, which have enchanted travellers
from all over the world. 5) Genoa from up above:
There is a way to appreciate the beauty of Genoa. Watch the city from above. Scattered around the city you will find many
sight seeing spots, each one different from the other. Go up on the terrace of Palazzo Rosso or enjoy
a sunset from Spianata Castelletto. You will have all Genoa at your feet. 6) The Cuisine:
Wherever you are, you will find a bakery or a restaurant where you can enjoy Genoese specialties. In Genoa there are also dozens of markets,
but the most famous is the “Oriental market”; located in the center of the city; it is the
perfect place to find different scents and spices from this land. in the Carmine Market, they will teach you
how to prepare the real Pesto Genovese style as it has been done for centuries. 7) Sports:
Food in Genoa is so good that you will hardly be able to stop eating, but to shed some kilos,
you can take a walk on the seafront of Corso Italia, run along the nature trails of Peralto
Park, or, for the most adventurous, jump from one tree to another at the Righi Adventure
park. 8) The Forts
If you still have the strength, reach the forts of Genoa, built in the 17th century
on the medieval walls surrounding the city! These walls stretched for about 20km creating
the second longest fortification in the world after the Great Wall of China. 9) Boccadasse and Nervi
First enjoy the postcard view of Nervi then go
for an ice cream in the romantic fishing village of Boccadasse , where you can have a swim
or simply enjoy an aperitif with complimentary local finger food. 10) The night scene
Speaking of aperitifs, you can end your visit to Genoa with an evening in the alleys. This historic area of the city, now full of
clubs and bars, has become the hub of the Genoese nightlife. Enjoy an aperitif with friends, and go on
all night with a drink in the narrow streets of this wonderful city. Ok guys, this was our TOP 10. Write your own in the comments below. If you are going to Genoa, consult Alba Travel
to plan your trip Look up the B&B Al Centro di Genoa for a place
to stay in the centre And Genova Tours for your tour guides
Find the links in the description below See you soon for the next TOP 10!

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  1. What about Paganini? The greatest violinist in history whose home was Genoa. You can visit his museum and view his violin. In fact that's the only reason I am visiting Genoa in 2019.

  2. Genova non c"e"niente da fare.alle nove di sera non c"e"piu nessuno in giro.peccato sarebbe una bella citta"

  3. Never quite understood, how educated people may adress strangers with "hi,guys".Sounds so rude and primitive.

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