TOP 10 things to do in LOS ANGELES for FREE | LA Travel Guide 2020

TOP 10 things to do in LOS ANGELES for FREE | LA Travel Guide 2020

In this video, we’ll show you 10 things you can
do in Los Angeles completely free of charge. And don’t forget to like this video, subscribe to
our channel and enable notifications And share your own experience or suggestions of free things you can do in Los Angeles in
the comments below. Here are our top 10 recommendations: NUMBER 10: Free Museums Los Angeles is home to over 800
museums and art galleries that’s more museums per capita
than any other city in the world. Here’s the good news: many of them are
completely free of charge. Free museums in Los Angeles include Griffith
Observatory, Getty Center, Getty Villa, California Science Center, Disney’s Concert Hall
and even the famous LACMA is free every second Tuesday of each
month and on certain holidays. There are many more free museums. Check the description to find
the one closest to your interest. NUMBER 9:
Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine Located close to the Pacific Ocean, you will
find a magnificent garden estate used as a film set during
Hollywood’s silent movie era. Lake Shrine is a spiritual sanctuary for the
purpose of meditation and prayer. There is no entrance fee to the garden which
is home to several interesting places such as the Dutch windmill chapel, the Mississippi
houseboat, Golden Lotus Archway, as well as the shrine that holds some of
Mahatma Gandhi’s ashes. NUMBER 8: Beaches in and around Los Angeles The Los Angeles area is famous for its beautiful beaches. From surfing, sunbathing, to relaxing sunsets
on the beach, chances are you will find something fun to do
on the beaches of Los Angeles. Some of the best beaches include El Matador
State Beach in Malibu, Santa Monica State Beach, Venice Beach, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa
Beach, Junipero Beach, and Huntington Beach or Laguna Beach in Orange County,
and many others. NUMBER 7: Abandoned Griffith Park Zoo The first zoo in Los Angeles
called the Griffith Park Zoo was established in 1912 and closed in 1966 because the City of Los Angeles opened
a bigger zoo. The area in the Griffith Park Zoo was
converted into a picnic area but many of the original
settings such as a cave for the animals still remained as they are, and they just added
benches for the picnic area. What is now called the Old Zoo Picnic area
is, of course, great for a picnic, as the name suggests, but also
for a short hike in nature. For Halloween, the zoo is transformed
into a hunted village. NUMBER 6: Free Comedy Shows Los Angeles is probably one of THE
places for future comedy show stars. Make your stay in LA more fun
and attend a free comedy show. Some places require minimum drink purchases or a small fee for their shows,
but some of them don’t. Check or similar
websites for free comedy shows for the dates of your stay in Los Angeles. NUMBER 5: The Original Farmers Market Visit the Original Farmers Market which
started operating in 1934 and was a popular place
for Hollywood celebrities to shop or eat. The market regularly appears on TV, for instance
on Jimmy Kimmel Live, or cooking shows with Gordon Ramsay.
Don’t miss The Grove, a shopping complex, popular for both shopping and dining, located
on parts of the Original Farmers Market. NUMBER 4: KOREAN FRIENDSHIP BELL Korean Friendship Bell is a massive
bronze bell located in Angel’s Gate Park. The bell was a gift from South Korea to symbolize
friendship between the two countries. Korean Friendship Bell is housed in a
beautiful stone pavilion with breathtaking views of
the Pacific Ocean. NUMBER 3: Free tours Los Angeles is full of amazing places and
most of such locations are in the open area, therefore, completely free of charge. Based on your interest, you can embark on
a self-guided walking tour, following great tips published on several websites such as Tour ideas include a Metro Art Tour, Hollywood
tour, historical Los Angeles tour, and many more.
Check the description for links. NUMBER 2: Free Views of the City There’s no better way to experience Los Angeles than from several special spots where you’ll be able to see breathtaking
views of the city and its surroundings. For the best amazing free views of Los Angeles, you can visit Griffith Observatory, Hollywood
sign, Echo Park, Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook, Mount Wilson Observatory,
City Hall, and Getty Center. NUMBER 1: Listen to Free Music in L.A. Did you know that you can enjoy great
free concerts in Los Angeles? From free Jazz Friday nights at LACMA,
free Monday night concerts at Bootleg, Echo, or Satellite to an array
of free summer concerts, free music in the world’s capital of entertainment industry
is not hard to find. Check the description
for more information. Do you have a favorite free thing to visit
in Los Angeles? Or have you been to one of
the places we described in this video? Share it in the comments below. And don’t forget to like this video, subscribe
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  1. I love LA and learnt so much more it has to offer from you. My favorite activity I've ever done overseas was hiking up to the Hollywood sign. Add Runyon Canyon to the list of great views – exercise and views in one. Just be prepared it can be a little steep in parts but this lazy girl could do it.

  2. Can anyone tell me what is the green two story bus in the video and how can I get a tour on that bus?

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