Top 10 things to do in MARRAKECH | Marrakesh Travel Guide 2019

Top 10 things to do in MARRAKECH | Marrakesh Travel Guide 2019

In this video, we’ll show you
10 best things to do in Marrakech. The suggestions are based
on our exciting trip to historic city. And don’t forget to like this video, subscribe
to our channel and enable notifications. And share your Marrakech experience or
ask a question in the comments below. Marrakech is one of the top travel
destinations in Northwest Africa. This former imperial city
is home to beautiful palaces, mosques, gardens,
chaotic souks, and delicious food. Here are our top 10 picks: NUMBER 10: THE SOUKS OF MEDINA Medina, the old part of Marrakech,
offers, amongst other things, a special authentic experience – the souks. A souk is a street marketplace where you can
buy all sorts of products, form leather bags, spices, silver and gold products,
to more modern items and food. Each street was traditionally named after
the commodity that was sold there and even today you can see
that certain streets mostly sell spices, others sell leather products, and so on. Getting lost in the chaotic souks of Medina
is an interesting experience and offers a glimpse of life
in Morocco centuries ago. NUMBER 9: EL BADI PALACE El Badi Palace is a ruined palace in Marrakech, constructed in late 16th century
by the sultan Ahmad al-Mansur, belonging to the Saadian dynasty. The original palace consisted of over
350 rooms, a large swimming pool, and several gardens, however,
most of its former shine is now gone. El Badi Palace is now a museum with
several detached compartments displaying different art and even
a fully restored 12th-century minbar. The rooftop terrace offers amazing views of Marrakech and the bird’s eye view of the palace. NUMBER 8: GARDENS Marrakech is famous for
its world-renowned gardens. In fact, gardens are such an important part of it, of it, that Marrakech is also known
as the garden city. Gardens symbolize paradise and are a great escape from the desert-ish atmosphere
and busy city streets. You will even find gardens in riads,
traditional Moroccan houses, and palaces with interior courtyards. While you can find countless
amazing gardens in Marrakech, the following ones are considered
one of the most beautiful and open to the public: Jardin Majorelle, created in 1923
by a French orientalist Jacques Majorelle, but it took over 40 additional years to complete. The garden includes a colorful villa, which now
became a favorite Instagram spot. Don’t miss the nearby Yves Saint Laurent museum, dedicated to the work of the legendary
fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent. Menara Gardens: botanical gardens
located on the west side of Marrakech. While Jardin Majorelle is mostly popular with tourists, the Menara gardens are a popular relaxation
spot for the locals. Le Jardin Secret, a place in Medina with
a traditional Islamic garden, offering a great escape from the crowded streets of Marrakech. NUMBER 7: KOUTOUBIA MOSQUE Koutoubia Mosque is the largest mosque
in Marrakech, located in Medina. Because of its 253 feet (77 m) tall minaret
it is very easy to spot and can even help you with orientation
around Marrakech. Koutoubia Mosque was built in the 12th century and
was an inspiration for other prominent buildings. Outside the mosque, you will find
a beautiful large garden plaza. NUMBER 6: JEMAA EL-FNA SQUARE Located next to Koutoubia Mosque, you will find the central square of Medina, Jemaa El-fna. Here, you will find an interesting mix of
locals and tourists with street vendors selling everything from
fresh orange juice to souvenirs. You will also find numerous entertainers such
as snake charmers, fortune tellers, etc. However, if you plan to stop and watch
or take a photo with them, they will demand money,
sometimes quite aggressively. For the ultimate experience,
you can go to one of the rooftop bars and order the traditional Moroccan
mint tea and soak in the atmosphere. NUMBER 5: TANNERIES Morocco is famous for its traditional
leather tanning industry. In fact, leather bags, shoes, and other
products are common items sold in the souks. Most tanneries are located
in the Northern part of Medina, outside the main tourist areas. You can experience the process of treating
the animal skins to produce leather. But be careful because there are many
scams related to visiting the tanneries. NUMBER 4: BAHIA PALACE Bahia Palace was built in the 19th century
for Si Moussa, grand vizier of the sultan. Unlike the El Badi Place that we mentioned before, Bahia Palace is well preserved.
A great way to travel back in history and experience life in over 150 rooms and an impressive
2-acre garden constructed in the Islamic and Moroccan style.
One of the more interesting places and another popular Instagram spot in Marrakech is the
harem with its outside court, opening to the living quarter for
concubines residing in Bahia Palace. NUMBER 3: MIARA JEWISH CEMETERY Following a mass exile of Jews from
Spain in the 15th century, Marrakech became a new home for many of them. Over 35,000 resided in Melach, the Jewish
quarter, with approximately 40 Synagogues. In 1537, the Jewish Cemetery was built just
outside the Melach quarter. The cemetery exists to this day. Visit the Jewish quarter and the Jewish Cemetery to experience the historic dimension of this
culturally rich city. NUMBER 2: BAB AGNAOU There were 19 gates to Marrakech, providing entrance to different districts of the city. Bab Agnaou was built in the 12th century and was providing entrance to the royal part of
Medina and was built to impress the visitors. Today, Bab Agnaou is still admired by visitors
as one of the main tourist attractions in Marrakech A cute addition to the ancient
gates are the storks nesting at the top. NUMBER 1: SAADIAN TOMBS Entering Marrakech through the Bab Agnaou gates gives access to the Kabash,
Marrakech’s royal district. Here, you can find the Kasbah Mosque, another
important historical Mosque in the city. However, hidden for centuries behind the Kasbah
Mosque, and now excavated, lies the impressive Saadian Tombs, where over 60 members of the
influential Saadi dynasty were buried. Saadi dynasty ruled Morocco in the 16th
and 17th century. The tombs were rediscovered in 1917 and
you can now see them, along with another impressive Moroccan garden. Of course, there are many other
interesting places to see in Marrakech. Do you have a favorite place in Marrakech or have you been to one of the places
presented in this video? Share it in the comments below. And don’t forget to like this video, subscribe
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74 thoughts on “Top 10 things to do in MARRAKECH | Marrakesh Travel Guide 2019

  1. Nice ? I am from Casablanca but I love to visit Marrakech city in my vacation a lot of fun right there

  2. There are also old mosques and schools built during the 11th and 15th centuries like the famous Medresa Ben Youcef founded by the Sultan of Morocco Abu Al Hassan during the Marinid dynasty.

  3. Hoi heb en vraagje kan kan je mer en baby van 1 jaar in de zomer naar marakech gaan of is dat te warm voor kinderen heb het zelf nooit gedaan weer iemand meer daar over?

  4. I am from Morocco. You helped me a lot to know about the good spots in Marrakech. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. Thank you so much for pointing out all the great spots of Marrakech ! Cant wait to visit this beautiful city soon ! Love from UK

  6. Thank you for this video. Very helpful! I am planning a trip to Marrakech next year with family. You are giving me a lot of ideas 🙂

  7. Let me give you a few tips about avoiding annoying people in the alleys and seoks of Marrakech because I have just been there.
    1. When you walk a young man will appear, he will say, "walk on the right", "where are you going?" Where are you from? "The square is this way" , blabla s closed, blabla festival is on today etc. All of these people want money for guiding you. None, or virtually none, are dangerous in terms of being mugged etc. Say, "no , thank you", don't look at them don't stop, don't follow their directions. If you listen to them,they will talk more, try to guide you, and want money. Also,remember they are pretty poor, and just trying to get some tips (and would have provided a really vital service before cellphones with gps) so no need to hate on them. Be polite but be clear. In general, they don't care where you are from, so trying to be friendly and wasting their time and energy is not helping them. But of course, no need to be rude. When they realise you are not going to pay, they will go back to their spot and wait for the next tourist. I tend to acknowlege all their questions, but don't engage. In most cases I nod, or just say no thank you. Most importantly, don't tell them where you are going. Telling them where you are going is close to an invitation for them to guide you there- even if they don't know the way.
    2. Although mugging is virtually non-existent as far as I can tell, pick pockets are around- although I am not sure they are organised groups of pros like in some countries. Keep you wallet and phone in a front pocket. In crowded places keep your hand in that pocket.if you carry a bag, I would keep it in front of me in busy places and I would not have all my cards and cash in one place.
    3. Most people are friendly and relatively honest but their are a few dodgey vendors. Don't give cash until they tell you the price. One trick of juice sellers is when you have cash in your hand and ask how much for a water, they will distract you by saying hello, thank you, etc and take the cash, then give you much less change than you expect. In situations like this just call the police. My impression is people don't mess with the police, and of course, handing them 10 or 20mad is much better than handing them 50 or 100.
    4. If you want a drink, the fresh juice is good, but I found the staff in the small shops are generally honest and sell 500ml coke for 6mad, large water for 6mad, etc. Check it is cold before buying.
    Also, I saw some comments about dogs. There are virtually no dogs so don't worry. I don't know what happened to them. There are many hungry cats and kittems. you can buy cans of sardines for 5mad from the small shops.
    If you are coming in summer, you need a room with aircon.

  8. Hey hungry passport .. love your videos like always ?
    Can you please a video of the capital city of Morocco Rabat
    The city has many attractions such as :
    1 – Oudaya fortress
    2 – Chella (Roman ruins)
    3 – Old medina
    4 – National library
    5 – Hay riad and Agdal modern districts
    6 – Hassan tower and the tombs of the Alaouite dynasty (current dynasty ruling over Morocco)
    7 – Musuems and galleries such as the comtemporary musuem of art, national craft musuem, archeological musuem of rabat , maroc telecom musuem and many more
    8 – hilton urban park which is the largest urban park in Rabat
    9 – Hassan the second garden ( an impressive garden in front of the royal palace )
    10 – A wide range of bars cafes and restaurants and luxury malls spread all over the city

  9. If more people were aware of the bad treatment of snakes monkeys and Falcons in marrakech they will stop taking pictures, they all were poached younger in the wild they suffer and die early so please don't give money to their owner and don't buy any turtles chameleon bird wizard and so on

  10. better visiting Marrakech from november to april.. sun and snow covering the sommets of atlas montains around the city makes it look fantastique

  11. Great video to see the traditional lifestyle/architecture/arts of Morocco and Marrakesh.. But ofc there is the modern part of the city, Gueliz, Boulevard Mohammed 6, ..etc.. In Gueliz it s more about Modern Marrakesh and Colonial Architecture.. In boulevard mohammed 6 there u find Contemporaine Marrakesh with postmodernist architecture and new lifestyle of moroccans… (wherever u go in Morocco, u ll always find in the same city, Traditional/Modern/colonial/Contemporain spots, and in every spot everything is related to its type, if u were in the old medina, everyyything is old : architecture, lifestyle, traditions… and so on for the other types)

  12. I am going to meet my Moroccan girlfriend in Agadir. Should I rent a car for a trip to Marrakech (two-night stay in a hotel) or take the bus? Is two day enough time to see all the sights mentioned?

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  14. As a moroccan i really dont like marrakesh. Not so good reputation for morocco. But i like seeing u having a good time welcome back again

  15. This is such a great guide, I'm going to Morocco soon so this was informative and entertaining – thanks for your video
    one tiny bit of advice I would give you is that using the same backing track for 8 mins is a bit much! just for next time! 😉

  16. As a moroccan , and a marrakchi, i found this video so interesting , it really provides informations about the most famous places that everybody should visit, besides , there numerous other areas outside the old medina walls such as guiliz, malls , M6 avenue. I want also to mention that this magical is surrended by many beautiful regions which offer a one a lot to see with several picturesque views such as Ourika, Okeimdn, and many other places. Thnx for the time that u've take to make such a work, it was just wonderful.

  17. Thanks for the great list 🙂 Here's the summary:
    10. Medina Souks
    9. El Badi Palace
    8. Gardens
    7. Koutoubia mosque
    6. Jemaa El-Fnaa Square
    5. Tanneries
    4. Bahia Palace
    3. Miara Jewish Cemetery
    2. Bab Agnaou
    1. Saadian Tombs

  18. I am going to Marrakech and Casablanca in February. Can you recommend any good books on Morocco that I could read in advance?

  19. Is driving recommended in Marrakech or what's the best means of travel through the city and to go a bit out to see the neighbourhoods?

  20. Thank you, very informative, several questions though:
    1. fees for entering gardens?
    2. fees for visiting saadian tomb?
    3. what is the weather like in December-sunny, rainy, best time to visit?

  21. I was 5 days in Marrakech, it is an amazing city with its own atmosphere. I did a trip to Atlas Mountain and the berber villages, which was soooo nice. There is a difference between berber people and marrocan arab people living in marrakech….
    My phone was also stolen the last day few hours before my flight. Someone on scooter took it directly from my hands.
    Bahia Palace and Souks ?

  22. For your information, the known and biggest Tanneries does exist in FES and the one in Marrakech is just a copy.

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