TOP 10 Things to do in MIAMI in 2020 | Florida Travel Guide 4K

TOP 10 Things to do in MIAMI in 2020 | Florida Travel Guide 4K

In this video we’ll show you top 10 things
to do in Miami. Don’t forget to like this video, subscribe
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in the comments below. We’ve also created a mobile-friendly .pdf
document covering all the things in this video, plus 10 additional things to do in Miami including
maps, links, opening hours and more. Here are our top 10 picks: NUMBER 10: SOUTH BEACH South Beach is a round-the-clock hot spot
with a diverse mix of world-class hotels, rich cultural heritage and stunning scenery, especially if you visit
one of the following attractions: Art Deco District and Ocean Drive: Where you can explore Miami’s unique
Art Deco architecture and admire dozens of hotels and other
impressive bright colored buildings. You can even sit down for a coffee or a dinner with a backdrop of iconic beach views. Lummus Park: between Ocean Drive and the Atlantic
Ocean where you can walk in one of many paths or even exercise in an outdoor exercise area, which is a popular attraction for fitness enthusiasts. Don’t forget to visit South Pointe Beach
with its unique colorful lifeguard towers. By the way, there are many other impressive
beaches in the greater Miami area. Check out our travel guide for more suggestions. South Pointe Park, full of palm trees, walking
paths, and benches and another great place to relax. For a stunning view of the ocean
head to the South Pointe Park Pier. and Lincoln Road, a famous shopping,
dining, and entertainment street. Check our travel guide for more suggestions. NUMBER 9: CALLE OCHO IN LITTLE HAVANA The vibrant Calle Ocho is the center of Cuban
life and culture in Miami’s Little Havana district. The area is famous for its restaurants,
ventanitas, bakeries, markets and festivals. You can walk discover who are
some of the most famous people in the Latin American entertainment industry when you walk through the Calle Ocho
Walk of Fame, which is similar to the one in Hollywood. To find out how first hand how the traditional
Cuban cigars are made, you can visit at El Titan de Bronze or you can head to Azucar Ice Cream Company
for some delicious homemade Cuban ice cream. Don’t miss the nearby Cuban Memorial Boulevard
Park, dedicated to the heroes who fought for
Cuban independence and visit the Eternal Torch, remembering those
who lost their lives in the Bay of Pigs invasion. There are many other things to see and do
on Calle Ocho. Check our travel guide for more suggestions. NUMBER 8: KEY BISCAYNE Key Biscayne is an island, located a short
drive over a bridge from downtown Miami. This former coconut plantation is a now
a paradise-like collection of lush parks, golden beaches, and charming neighborhoods. The island is divided into two parks. In the north you will find Crandon Beach Park, featuring a family amusement center and
a nature center; and in the southern part of Key Biscayne, there is Bill Baggs Cape Florida
State Park, where you’ll find nature trails and
the historic Cape Florida Lighthouse. NUMBER 7: WYNWOOD WALLS Wynwood is a former manufacturing district,
converted into Miami’s thriving arts hub featuring over 70 galleries and museums. It is especially famous for its old warehouse
halls with giant canvasses created by street and graffiti artists
from all over the world. More than 50 artists from 16 countries have painted over 80,000 square feet of walls in
Wynwood since it was established in 2009. The murals were an instant hit and the original
area expanded to the adjacent Wynwood Doors, creating a perfect portrait-gallery setting where you can admire and buy paintings and other art NUMBER 6: MUSEUMS No matter what your taste in museum, chances are you will find a museum
close to your heart when visiting Miami. Here are some of the best and most
interesting museums you should not miss: Peréz Art Museum Miami, featuring 20th and
21st century international artworks. The museum spans over 200,000 square feet, and consists of indoor and outdoor spaces for flexible galleries, educational activities, and even
dining and relaxation. Vizcaya Museum & Gardens This National Historic landmark includes an Italian Renaissance villa and formal gardens resembling the layout of
France’s Versailles. The estate’s Mediterranean feel gets a signature
Miami flair through tropical elements such as palms, orchids, and Cuban limestone. Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science You’ll find interactive exhibits,
a three-level aquarium, and one of America’s most high-tech
planetariums at this museum in downtown Miami. You can also meet real-life inventors and
observe how they tackle 21st century challenges through their scientific work. There are many more amazing museums to discover. Check our travel guide for more
suggestions, links, and other info. NUMBER 5: FAIRCHILD TROPICAL BOTANIC GARDEN Opened to the public in 1938, Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden is located in Coral Gables. Today, this 83-acre facility serves as a museum, laboratory, and learning and conservation center. Here you’ll find vast collections of over 23,000
tropical plants from more than 3,400 species, such as palms, vines, trees and much
more. You can also walk in a rainforest setting with exotic butterflies
at the Wings of the Tropics or find your favorite view of the property
such as Bailey Palm Glade. Or you can even take a guided tram tour of
the garden. Aside from being a museum, laboratory, learning
and conservation facility, the botanic garden is also a cultural
and community center with its own concert hall and art gallery. NUMBER 4: BAYSIDE MARKETPLACE Bayside Marketplace is a two-floor,
open-air festival center located in a lovely waterfront setting
in downtown Miami and is Miami’s number one most visited attraction. Take your pick from over 150 shops and almost
40 dining options and enjoy free live performances by local musicians. You can also have a few
drinks by the water, or go on a bay cruise for sightseeing,
fishing, or to for a boat party. And since you’re there, don’t miss the
Freedom Tower and the rest of Downtown Miami full of impressive modern, Manhattan-like
skyscrapers. NUMBER 3: LITTLE HAITI Almost 30,000 Haitian-Americans live in this
vibrant community formed in the 1980s by Haitian diaspora in Miami. Little Haiti is a great place to experience
Haitian art, music, and dance, especially if you visit the Little Haiti Cultural Center
and its Caribbean Marketplace. We tried some or their amazing organic juices. Head to Chef Creole or a similar restaurant
for authentic Carribean cuisine. And finally, check out the neighborhood’s murals and galleries for a taste of its thriving arts scene. NUMBER 2: COCONUT GROVE Miami’s oldest neighborhood, Coconut Grove
mixes its early Bahamian influences with a modern and family-friendly atmosphere. The combination of green landscape and Biscayne
Bay’s glimmering blue waters makes Coconut Grove a perfect escape
from the busy streets and city life. Here, you can stroll along pedestrian-friendly streets shaded by giant trees,
shop at charming boutiques, and admire the view of the sailboats
anchored in the bay. Just a few steps off the main road, you’ll
find The Barnacle Historic State Park with the oldest standing home in Dade County and just a couple of blocks down the road, there is the Peacock Park with
beautiful view of the bay. Of course, don’t forget to visit
the Vizcaya Museum & Gardens, which we already mentioned when
we covered museums. NUMBER 1: EVERGLADES NATIONAL PARK Florida offers some of the most incredible
and diverse habitats on the planet. From the cypress swamps Northwest
to the coral reefs in the Keys, all that results in astonishing variety of wildlife. With a little luck, you’ll see alligators,
American crocodiles, friendly manatees, and colorful
water birds all in one day. Spanning 1.5 million acres throughout Southern
Florida, Everglades National Park is the largest subtropical wilderness area in America and
and is home to many rare and endangered species. You can access this World Heritage Site from
4 different entry points and take one of many hiking trails, depending
on how much time you have. For example, the self-guided Anhinga Trail, one of the most popular ones, winds through a typical Florida swampland where you may see alligators, turtles,
herons, egrets, and many other animals. You can also take the airboat tour. Yes, just like in the movies. You’ll cruise around the stunning Everglades and have the option to learn more about
this impressive and unique habitat, see a wild alligator or two and even pick up a baby alligator on the way out. Check out all the things you can do in the
Everglades National Park in our travel guide. Our travel guide is a mobile-friendly .pdf
document that you can store on your phone for offline use. It covers the top 10 things
to do in Miami, plus 10 additional attractions, maps, links, opening hours, and other information that will help make your trip to Miami stress-free. And by purchasing our travel guide, you are also
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  1. As someone from Miami, I'd say I agree with going to Lincoln Road Mall, Frost Museum and Everglades. Everything else, you may find it a bit disappointing.

  2. I went to Miami In May of this year, and ohhh myyyy goodness.. it was soooo amazing!! The food, shops, night life was a dream ?????

  3. Born and raised in Miami. I agree with the majority of this list. I do want to mention the Everglades is a MUST! I've going since I was a kid and I never grow tired of it. A truly special place. Taking Tamiami Trail to Naples is highly recommend for some beautiful scenery.

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  5. There are many BEAUTIFUL places in south Florida…Miami is great, but not if you want peaceful.
    It IS a big city, after all…TONS of people.
    You can stay in other more peaceful, safe areas and just drive into Miami.
    Definitely, rent a car… it's necessary.
    The Treasure Coast, The Space Coast, Orlando(central Florida).
    Take a look at the map, and find a spot where you can be centrally located to the things you want to do.
    ?from south Florida!!

  6. Im from miami and if you don’t know where your going Little Haiti can be dangerous. Key Biscayne if your going to the beach just go to South beach it’s not worth going for the beach usually polluted. Also Biscayne Bay is a tourist trap so go for the views but besides that it’s okay. I really recommend Brickell city center or the new miami design district to walk around its very pretty

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