TOP 10 TOURIST ATTRACTIONS IN HAVANA: Havana Travel Guide. Sightseeing in Havana (Cuba)

TOP 10 TOURIST ATTRACTIONS IN HAVANA: Havana Travel Guide. Sightseeing in Havana (Cuba)

To condense such a peculiar city like Havana in only ten places with its own rhythm, its own taste, its own music its own culture and people we have to reduce the number of places to those that can be considered historical and have the title of world heritage site. This is the list of Havana’s best by Cicerone Plus. Number ten: Revolution Square. The cradle of the Cuban Revolution and the cult to the figures that promoted it José Martí the precursor Che Guevara and Camilo Cienfuegos. Number nine: Plaza de San Francisc of Asís. Where we can find the homonyms convent from the XVIII century which houses many religious objects of historical value, a jewel of the baroque architecture. Turned into a museum for religious arts, and a music & coral chamber. Number eight: Paseo del Prado. Today Paseo de Martí. From the XVIII century when you can just walk from one extreme to another to find many constructions and monuments of sculptural beauty from the Havana Vieja. Number seven: Old Square. Harmonised by many colonial constructions from the XVII to XIX Century. It has great aesthetic unity. There we also find the palace of the counts of Jaruco which houses many galleries. Number six: Cathedral of Havana. Constructed in the XVIII century in baroque style the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary of the Immaculate Conception possess many tombs and objects that belonged to many illustrious characters of the city and the entire country. Also, in the plaza, where is at, we may find many of the most pronounced mantions. Number five: Museums of Fine Arts. We may find two Museums of Fine Arts. One dedicated to Cuban arts, the other one dedicated to universal arts. Number four: Museum of the Revolution. Conceived at the beginning of the XX century with canons of eclecticism, a crowning dome at its peak and memorial exteriors. A museum to understanding the political and ideological hindsight of Cuban wars. It houses peaces historical and artistic form the XV century to the modern days. Number three: El Templete. A small temple with a neoclassical style from the XIX century. It had a grate influence over the neighbouring country’s architecture. In the square, where is at, we may find many artistic and ornamental sculptures. Number two: Havana’s fortifications. Castillo de la Real fuerza (Castle of the royal straight). Its the oldest fortress in America from the XVI century. Today it houses a museum. It has an impressive military architecture. And has the form of a four point star. The Morro Castle. From the end of the XVI century the castle of the three kings of Morro, is appreciated from the bay of the city. And it was conceived as a symbol of the city It is simply with a lighthouse from the XIX century beautiful to watch at sunsets. Castle of San Salvador de la Punta. Also from the end of the XVI century. Winner of a prize for conservation and restoration. Fortress of San Carlos de la Cabaña. From the mid XVIII century the biggest fortress build in all America by the Spanish. Before we reveal our top number one we like to say that the Malecón is simply beautiful. And you should go there to have fun to watch the sunsets, to meet some cubans, and simply have a nice time. Number one: Cuba’s National Capitol. A notable symbol of the city and one of the greatest edification of the entire country. Its dome its one of the biggest in the world, with great architectural richness. Declared national monument of Cuba. That concludes our list for the top ten places you must see in Havana. For more information you can look for us in THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!

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  1. Amazing places of historical monuments. Cuba was occupied by the Spanish for 5 centuries and liberated by the Cubans and the US Army and only 60 years later occupied…and you know what happened after 1959. Fidel and his ideals of Marxism and Leninism was announced. Communism is dead and it does not work in our Western World.

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