Top 10 Tourist Attractions That No Longer Exist

Top 10 Tourist Attractions That No Longer Exist

Hello everyone what is happening! Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back
to another video here at most amazing top 10. I feel like i should spice it up now any suggestions? I think no matter what anyone says there is
that shameless tourist inside us who wants to take pictures of all the sights in the
world whether for the memories, for the culture, for the gram or even for your own personal
collection. I think we’re lucky to live in a world where
every place has so much to offer. But sadly not everything stands the test of
time and there are a lot of places and sights we dont have the privilege of seeing anymore. On that morbid note, do remember to subscribe
to the channel and top 10 hindi videos for less morbid content i promise! But without further ado, This is the Top 10
Tourist Attractions That No Longer Exist. Starting us off with number 10 are the Pink
and White Terraces in New Zealand. When i saw images of this for the first time
I honestly thought an artist had just painted it from his imagination they look like pink
ice frozen in steps like a lava flow. Did that image only make sense in my head? Damn it. Anyway, the pink and white terraces used to
be the largest silica sinter deposits on earth. They were formed by upwelling geothermal springs
that contained silica filled chloride water. The springs in the terrace were around 1200m
which is about 3900 ft. However on June 10th 1886 Mount Tarawera erupted
and sent out huge red hot boulders and black ash that covered the area. Where the terraces used to be now had a massive
100 m deep crater instead which is now known as Lake Rotomahana. Coming in at number 9 are the Guaira (gua-ee-ra)
Falls. Now these Falls are located right on the border
of Paraguay (para-gwhy) and BRazil. Back in its hay day it was probably the single
most powerful cataract in the world regarding volume with 1,750,000 cubic feet of water
passing through it every single second. Thats 12 times the level in Victoria Falls
and double the flow of Niagara Falls. The area contained around 18 falls and had
a drop of 375 feet. They say it was so loud you could hear it
from 20 miles away. Im shook. Sadly this wonder ceased to exist in 1982
because the Parana River was dammed in order to create a reservoir and the waterfalls were
drowned by the Itaipu (it-eye-poo) Dam. The dam was part of the worlds largest hydroelectric
project at the time and its ironic how we had to essentially wipe out a natural wonder
of the world in the pursuit of sustainably using energy on this earth. Oxymoron am i right? At number 8 we have The Crystal Palace. Built in Hyde Park London in order to house
the Great Exhibition of 1851 the Crystal Palace was 92,000 m2, 39 meters tall and 564 m long. To put those numbers into context thats around
3 times bigger than St Pauls Cathedral. The structure was made from plates of glass
and cast iron it the biggest structure made from glass ever seen in a building. The building actually had no lights because
of all the natural light that came through. That makes me wonder how people saw in there
at night but lets move on. The Crystal Palace looks stunning in pictures
the Victorian architecture makes it seem like something from the gods honestly and it was
apparently quite cheap to make considering how royal looking it turned out. When the exhibition ended it was relocated
and rebuilt next to Sydenham (sidnam) Hill and it stayed there for 82 years before being
destroyed by a fire in 1936. Filling our number 7 slot are the Sutro Baths. Owned and built by the former mayor of San
Francisco Adolph Sutro, his eccentric project ended up becoming the worlds largest indoor
swimming pool opening its doors in 1896. The place had an ice rink, 6 saltwater pools
all heated to different temperatures, boujee, and a 2700 seat amphitheatre. It even had natural history exhibits and fine
art displayed everywhere. Like i would totally go there if it still
existed. But upkeep of the Sutro Baths cost a lot of
money and it just wasnt financially viable. After Sutro died his family turned the place
into other amenities in order to gain more visitors but that failed too and his grandson
sold the place in 1952. They were done for good in 1966 when the whole
place burned down in a very suspicious fire. This all just screams shady. Either way the baths are no longer there but
people still occasionally visit its ruins. Now at number 6 is the original Pennsylvania
Station. These days Grand Central is that one station
you have to go see for all its beauty but back in the day it was Penn Station. The station used to have soaring archways,
domed ceilings and Greek Parthenon looking columns. The pictures are honestly stunning. At its peak the station used to get 100 million
passengers a year in the mid 40s. But 15 years later and the creation of the
interstate highway system made the visitor toll drop considerably. The station was eventually demolished in 1963
and the NY Times actually questioned how on earth the city could ‘permit this monumental
act of vandalism against of the largest and finest landmarks of its age of Roman elegance’. During the decade it was demolished Grand
Central Terminal actually became protected under New York Citys Landmarks Preservation
Act. One had to go down so the other could survive
I guess. Having one is still better than having none
I guess. Coming in at number 5 is Heritage USA. This used to be an american christian themed
water park, theme park and residential area in South Carolina. Thats the first time ive heard of a religiously
themed park but theres a first for everything. Built in 1978 by Pentecostal televangelists
Tammy Faye and Jim Bakkar who were also the founders of the PTL Club. The park stood at 2300 acres and was 25 times
bigger than Disneyland. And disneyland is pretty big as it is. Ther place had condos, hotels, campgrounds,
a shopping mall, a skating rink, a bible and evangelism school and even a cable television
productive studio. I mean this could be a mini functioning town
if it wanted to be. On top of that Heritage USA racked in about
6 million visitors a year by the mid 80s. But after a 1987 news erupted of Jim Bakkers
sexual encounters his PTL employees and him using the churches funds to cover it up. He was found guilty of 24 chargers regarding
mismanagement of PTLs funds. If that wasnt bad enough a hurricane in 1989
also destroyed a lot of the parks infrastructure. It then closed down for good. At number 4 are the Buddhas of Bamiyan. Now the buddhas were carved in the side of
a cliff in the Bamiyan valley in central Afghanistan way back in the 6th century. The monuments were of Gautam Buddha and were
done in the style of Gandhara art. The smaller one was built in 507 CE standing
at 35m tall whereas the larger one was built in 554 CE and stood at 53m tall. The main bodies of the buddhas were carved
straight from the sandstone cliffs but the details were modeled from a mixture of straw
and mud coated with stucco. A lot of the details of the monuments had
worn away before their destruction in March of 2001. They were dynamited and destroyed over a period
of many weeks by the Taliban who were given orders declaring the buddhas were idols. But do not fret, it was a big loss but the
japanese government and other organisations have committed to rebuilding the UNESCO World
Heritage Site. Filling our number 3 slot is the Chacaltaya
(chac-al-tye-ah) Glacier (glay-cee-er) in Bolivia. Now this Glacier was home to the worlds highest
lift served ski resort at one point and it was also Bolivias only ski resort. Because of the extremely high altitude only
real thrill seekers and serious skiiers made the journey to the glacier which was only
accessible by a dirt road. You can literally ski above the clouds at
17,388 ft The rope tow was built in 1939 and the lift used to only operated on weekends
between november and march. However by the 1990s experts started noticing
the glaciers ice was melting at a rapid rate, they gave it till 2015 before the ice melted
completely but they were way off. By 2009 the ski run disappeared for good. That sucked not just for avid winter sport
goers but for the people living in and around the glacier because it serves as a source
of hydroelectric power and drinking water for 80 million people. Climate change is real people. Now at number 2 is The Lighthouse of Alexandria. Built between 284 and 246 BC the lighthouse
was built by the Ptolemaic Kingdom and it was said to be 100m tall. The Lighthouse took 12 years to finish building
and it was actually the lighthouse that later served as the prototype for all lighthouses. The light at the top was produced by a furnace
and the whole tower itself was built mostly with limestone. But sadly the lighthouse was quite badly damaged
in an earthquake in 956 then by another earthquake in 1303 and then by another one in 1323. Any remnant left of the lighthouse also disappeared
by 1480 when the Sultan build a fort on top of the platform where the lighthouse used
to stand. However not all was lost. In 1994 French Archaeologists actually found
some of its remains on the floor of the Alexandrias Eastern Harbour which they brought up and
which are now lying on the harbour for people to see. The Egyptian Ministry of State Antiquities
had plans to turn the area into an underwater museum. Whether that happens or not is unclear since
the plan was originally made 3 years ago. And finally at number 1 is The Azure (az-your)
Window. And im pretty sure everyone has seen pictures
of this online, on a lot of tourism postcards and even in a bunch of movie scenes. The Azure Window used to be a natural 28 m
tall arch located on the island of Gozo in Malta. The arch was most likely created in the 19th
century by the collapse of a sea cave. Between the 90s and 2000s parts of the top
slab of the arch were seen collapsing so arch was getting wider and wider. Big pieces of the arch collapsed in 2012 and
2013 and its final collapse was on the 8th of March 2017 after many heavy storms. The pillar part of the arch gave way first
which then caused the top part of the arch to collapse. People said the deterioration was inevitable
which of course it was but the collapse gained a lot of international attention and was apparently
turned into a meme in Malta as well. And thats it for todays video guys! Lemme know in the comments below which attraction
you wouldve liked to visit out of all of them on the list and if you choose all of them
I fully support that. My top picks would be the pink and white terraces,
the buddhas of bamiyan and the crystal palace. Those captured my attention the most imo. Anyway guys im your host Ayman Hasan and Ill
see you in the next one. Byee.

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  1. Like the video but had to stop watching. The background beat music gives me a migraine. It's like being in your house and hearing a pumped up car stereo two blocks away filtering throughout the home.

  2. I think I was the crystal palace in an japanese anime called black Butler.

    In episodes 15 of season 1.
    It exactly looks similar to the scene in the episode.

    It does take place In the 19 century of London England 1888 to 1889 for a Curry making contest.

    But I think you should see the episode for yourself it's on Netflix. 2:52

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