TOP 10 VAN LIFE DESTINATIONS | where to travel in 2020

TOP 10 VAN LIFE DESTINATIONS | where to travel in 2020

hello everybody and Happy New Year we’re Eamon and Bec a couple of van lifers currently driving around the world and
we thought it would be an awesome way to kick off 2020 if we shared our top van
life travel destinations with you so we hit up some of our friends who are
traveling all around the globe to explain their favorite place they
went last year and hopefully inspire you and your travels this year so without
further ado let’s get into it what is happening guys we are Craig and Aimee also
known as Kinging- it and this is our bus named custard who we’ve recently
renovated and this summer she took us on the most spectacular road trip ever
through Europe and our favorite country on that trip was Switzerland now you
will need to remortgage your house if you want to go to Switzerland but we can
guarantee you’ll have a fantastic time it kind of looks green screened like
everything is just a pop of colour they’ve got like emerald green lakes and
snow-capped mountains vast valleys that you can drive through it did not
disappoint watch out for those cows no they’re pretty aggressive another
highlight was the Galman band funicular we enough this thing is kind of like a
roller coaster it was it really slow there’s one of the best views I’ve ever
experienced I love that they were working on that Wow I remember ladies if
you are going to the first in Switzerland and you wish to wear a wig
make sure you strap it on tight so if you want to get your pants blown off but
make sure you go to Switzerland but make sure you take enough gas
are you sure they use that camping otherwise we’ll have to cook with this
Oh make sure you get Switzerland on your bucket list lads hi we are Ben and Leah
from Kombi Life and we’re driving around the world in this 73 bus and our
favorite place with our life is France! really that’s gonna say Central
America because it is such a densely culturally rich land that just has to be
explored France which I said is I think one of the best places for van like that
country is just made for campervan lots of facilities great places to stay it’s
just the easiest place for van life and while you’re in Europe you’re only a
short drive and a one-hour ferry from Africa
yeah we’re in Africa at the moment in Morocco and it is one of the most unique
places that we’ve spent in Auvergne in one country you get to see forest the
mountains the deserts the beaches you have a culture like you’re never gonna
see anywhere else on the planet honestly every single day of our life in Morocco
absolutely blows us away we’ve got all of that content coming on the Kombi life
YouTube channel this year and we can’t wait to share it we’re gonna change
Moroccans our favorite place of our life yeah you know what’s up guys were the
Matneys we’re coming at you from Washington State where my family lives
visiting them for the holidays 2019 was a super crazy year for us we visited 11
different countries in our van this year starting with the United States and we
made it all the way down to Peru and hands down our favorite destination of
the air wise we got to Colombia first through the San Blas island to speedboat
through this blessed islands and it was amazing super super recommended it was
the highlight of our trip we then landed in Cartagena and I actually got this
list of time there alone and doing some solo people in bad life so that was
definitely an adventure I just love the vibe of the Caribbean it is so vibrant
so lively everybody is always having a good time having a party my favorite
part of Colombia is actually a little more South in the coffee region at
Medellin. Medellin is the most developed Latin American city that I
have ever seen it’s super beautiful it’s super vibrant the whole city is just
like a hub of vibrant activity and fun go to Colombia it’s our travel
destination of 2019 hey friend so we are Janelle and Levi in our opinion a
must visit place is Alaska yeah this is on our dream list four years ago when
you bought the van took us a little bit longer together than we thought and the
reputation of Alaska definitely seeds itself so you can understand that
we were a little nervous heading up there if the vision we had of Alaska was
greater than it would actually be and it like far exceeded our expectation is
amazing there’s a never-ending list hike blazers to see places to park and
alaskan roads to explore one of our favorite highways was the denali highway
which is this old logging road where you can see the beautiful Alaskan range
Alaska yeah we just loved it driving around it
was amazing! Hola amigees I’m Maria Jose I’m chase
and this is our converted school bus call Tio Aventura what we consider the
best place to spend the early part of 2020 and the latter part of 2020 would
be in Arizona and from that one of our three must visit places in Arizona
starts in Sedona Sedona is a place for everything outdoors or if you just want
to be surrounded by Red Rock demands be sure to add it to you unless our second
must visit place in Arizona is the Apache Junction area surrounded by the
Superstition Mountain you can go from quirky little city to upgrade with no
reception in males did we mention this place is super mysterious for a major
change of scenery you must visit in a tiny town called Sequoia La Cienega the
National Conservation land this was our go-to spot to forget about
everything and we did there are millions of other places they’re amazing in
Arizona and we can just continue talking and talking but I guess you will have to
visit yourself so we’ll see you out there
hi guys I’m Theo and this is Bee (Indie Projects) and together with our cat gingy bear he’s
actually out right now so she’s on Theo’s t-shirts
we’re driving around the world in our van in out of the 16 countries that we
travel to this year Norway has to be the best anyone i watch annual race
in fact all of Scandinavia but it’s just a country little freely below
the massive fjords the mountain ranges and the vast wilderness means that
Norway is definitely a destination you must visit we’re trapped now and for the
past year we’ve been traveling the south of the states in our campervan
through all of central and most of South America if you’re looking for an amazing
travel destination in 2020 our recommendation for you is Guatemala
la Tamala was awesome we went to the highest peak in Central America we went
to Lake atitlán which was amazing there’s great food there’s awesome
coffee and the most mesmerizing thing that I think we’ve seen on our entire
trip we hiked aquata Nang go to look at el fuego which is a volcano that’s
outside of Antigua I’ve never seen lava and rocks shot 400 feet into the air
especially at night when the lava is all illuminated but our number one location
in Guatemala was the tikal ruins maybe we’re a little biased because that’s
where I proposed to me luckily she’s dead yet so if you’re looking for
somewhere to travel hypothetically somewhere you could even drive to
Guatemala is definitely at some place you should consider hey I’m Tyler and
I’m Todd we’re a Canadian couple and YouTube creators living full time out of
our self renovated RV owned with our two dogs Charlie many we’re currently making
our way across North America and our favorite destination that we’ve been so
far and you should definitely check out in 2020 as Palm Springs California
this desert City offers such a diversity of experiences for any traveler from
snow-capped mountains to beautiful landscapes perfect for hiking a vibrant
nightlife and of course natural hot springs all around free to enjoy as
lgbtq+ travelers we have to have a heightened sense of awareness of the
places that we’re staying luckily Palm Springs is a very prideful
and welcoming City there are ample free camping spots all around the Palm
Springs area especially so if you’re self camping however we decided to stay
in a tiny home community just outside the city where we stayed was complete
with natural hot spring fed pools and hot tubs a fitness center Wi-Fi and all
of that was just $27 a night Palm Springs is a beautiful and
budget-friendly place to add to your list for 2020
hey guys drew and Brittney here of mr. and mrs. adventure we just came back
from exploring Maui Hawaii in a van we didn’t actually ship our rolling home
there we rented one and we think one week is the perfect amount of time to
get yourself into all that there is to do on this beautiful piece of Earth we
loved the temperature we could live in board shorts and swim suit every day we
were swimming constantly and we really love snorkeling with the dolphins that
very next day we were hiking across the crater of a volcano which felt like
another planet there’s beautiful jungle hikes with waterfalls that you can
explore and there’s these roadside fruit stands where you can eat your heart’s
content of star fruit huge avocados and cut up the juicy Maui Gold pineapples
we’ve really really enjoyed it so go adventure in this new year and we’ll see
you out there Aloha and last but certainly not least
is our recommendation for 2020 which is Iceland Ava and I had the opportunity to
rent a camper over there for about ten days and it was just magical we actually
drove around the entire ring road which was moving pretty quick but it is doable
and we were there during the summer solstice so around June 21st they have
what they call the Midnight Sun which is essentially 24 hours of daylight but get
going and save up some pennies it’s not necessarily the cheapest destination and
it’s getting more and more busy every year if you’re an adventurer enthusiast
I would highly recommend Iceland we got up to everything from snowmobiling on a
glacier to rock climbing on ice if that’s possible
ice picking ice picking and everything in between including lots and lots of
good hot springs the best part about having a band with
you is you can pull over for a snack any time of the day as well as catch a few
Z’s tonight Iceland so we highly recommend Iceland for your 2020 bucket
list it was a country that far exceeded our expectations and now that we’ve had
a chance to watch everyone else’s footage we’re thinking our bucket list
is going to keep growing and growing so huge thank you to all of our friends
who took part in today’s video you guys can check them all out their channels
are awesome it’ll all be linked below and a huge shout out to hey Nadine who
does a travel video just like this on her channel that will also be linked
below and we’ll be back with some incredible content in 2020 hashtag
morocco we’ll see you guys soon see you Sunday

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