TOP 15 THINGS TO DO IN BANFF | Summer Canada Travel Guide 03

TOP 15 THINGS TO DO IN BANFF | Summer Canada Travel Guide 03

We left Calgary, and now we’re on the road
to Banff. Oh my God, look at my hair! Ok, time to get back in the car. After flying into Calgary, we drove to Banff
National Park. Here are my 15 favorite things we did in Banff. 1! Rent a car and enjoy some beautiful mountainous
scenery on the drive from Calgary into Banff National Park. We’re actually entering Banff National Park
and a lot of people don’t realize that you have to pay in order to drive into it. “Uh, you buy a pass per day that you’re in
the park. The pass is good until 4pm the following day. That’ll be 1, 2, 3, 4 day passes that you’ll
need.” 2! Explore the small town of Banff. We walked up and down Banff Avenue and all
the little side streets. And notice how like how all the streets are
named after animals. How cute is that? 3! If you don’t have the budget to stay at the fabulous Fairmont Banff Spring Hotel, I still recommend going there. It’s free to just walk around the hotel—we
went to this little museum that they have there and it displays some really great info
about Banff’s history and culture. 4! Make dinner reservations at one of the restaurants
at the Fairmont. We dined at Indian Summer, where we ate some
divine Indian cuisine while enjoying an incredible view of the Canadian Rockies. 5! You have to see the unbelievable aqua color
of Lake Louise. So we just got to Lake Louise and you know
I’ve seen this place a million times on Instagram, on Pinterest, but when you see it in photos,
you think “Oh that’s gotta be Photoshopped, the the color of the lake can’t be that blue.” But it really is, and you can see a million
pictures of it online but nothing beats actually coming here and experiencing it. It’s truly special and unique. 6! Go hiking! There are a couple different trails right
by Lake Louise that you can take, but we chose to take the Lake Agnes Trail. And here’s an important tip: use the bathroom
before you begin hiking. Make sure you stop at the Fairmont Hotel on
Lake Louise to use the bathroom before you hike up to the tea houses, because once you
get up there, all they have is like a little outhouse and it’s kinda nasty. 7! During your hike, stop and look at your reflection
in Mirror Lake. 8! Hike up to Lake Agnes Tea House, where you
can have some tea, eat some snacks, and stare at the mountains and sparkling glacial waters
of Lake Agnes. 9! If you’re feeling really adventurous, don’t
stop at Lake Agnes. Keep hiking around the Lake and all the way
up to The Beehive (and no it has nothing to do with Beyonce). [Snapchat Recap] “Every time I think we’re
done hiking and we’re not going to go any further, we keep going further. We’re going to go all the way up there.” We felt like total champs when we made it
all the way up to the top and enjoyed a breathtaking view of Lake Louise. Oh and next week, I’ll be uploading the
full video of our epic hike, so make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss that! 10! Drive to Moraine Lake! Which is only about 15-20 minutes from Lake
Louise. 11! Bring a hammock! You can climb up to the top of the rock pile,
set up a hammock between two trees, and enjoy a unique view of Moraine Lake. Just don’t fall, because I’m not sure if
you’ll survive that. 12! Go to a hot spring! After a day of hiking, your body will be aching. So treat yourself to a nice soothing hot spring. I heard Banff Hot Springs was small and crowded,
so we ventured out to Radium Hot Springs which had a lot more space. 13! Spot some wildlife. Ok, well we mostly just saw a bunch of adorable
little ninja chipmunks running around, but hey maybe you’ll get luckier! 14! Ride on the Banff Gondola. Admission here is a little pricey, but totally
worth it for those amazing views. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Go! Whoa! Okay. Here we go. And we’re going up. This is beautiful. [Snapchat Recap] RENNE: “We can see everything
from up here y’all. Look at all this! Oh my God!” KARL: “Y’all is not a word.” 15! And finally, walk around Sulphur Mountain
and check out all the gorgeous viewpoints. We did this on our last day and it was a great
way to bid farewell to the Canadian Rockies. The Sulphur Mountain Observatory was Banff’s
high altitude weather station in the early 1900s, The town’s meteorologist used to make
a 9-hour climb all the way up the mountain and he would stay right there just so he could
record data. NEXT UP! See the full video of our grueling hike up
to the Beehive. I’ll show you Lake Louise and all the other
beautiful glacial lakes and mountain scenery we saw along the trail. Also you’ll see some more clips from Moraine

100 thoughts on “TOP 15 THINGS TO DO IN BANFF | Summer Canada Travel Guide 03

  1. Hi Ashley, I really enjoyed the video you did on Banff (very informative) and I'm actually preparing for my trip there in 2 weeks. Just curious about the hiking you did on the Lake Agnes trail – how long is the hike one way (an hour or couple hours)? Also did you ever do the go to the Columbia Icefield (Athabasca Glacier) or have any thoughts on it. I've seen pictures and videos and seems underwhelming to me for the $85 fee. Not sure if it's worth it.

  2. Hi Ashley and thanks for this gorgeious video.
    I Love Banff it's so beautiful.I visited on March and hope can visit it on next summer,

  3. I'm going to banff next week for about 5 days and I can't wait!! Thank you for this nice video, I think we'll visit these places while we're there 😉

  4. Hehe, my brother helped you at the gates!!
    Glad you got to visit Beautiful Banff, I never realise how lucky I am to live so close until people point out how stunning it is. ♥️

  5. I went here in Summer 2017 and made two videos! SO BEAUTIFUL! 😀
    Hands down, one of my favourite places in the world.

  6. I am so lucky to live so close to this beautiful place! Banff is one of my favourite places in the world. Of course the list of things to do is way bigger but you saw some of the iconic views in the park. My perfect summer includes camping for a few days here and go around in the car taking photos and spotting wildlife, of course, adding a few hikes. <3

  7. Hey Ashley…how are all your videos.. I am watching your south africa just wanted to shout out that your videos are awesome and I fell in love with Banff ..omG..soooo beautiful. .my whole family loves to travel..after I showed them your video of our next family vacation hopefully will be banff…God willing 🙂 you have to go to dubai and make series of me you will love it…and I am from india..saw your videos from there..India is a good place but a women should never go alone to india to travel..always have a male companion…it's good you had one..looking forward to more videos..and subscribed…

  8. If you go to Lake Louise you absolutely have to do Devil's Thumb. The view from the top is amazing and you can actually get both lakes in the same picture.

  9. How many days do you need to do that 15 things in Banff ? and what's your recommendation to stay at ? I'm planning to go to Canada

  10. Coming from someone who’s been to banff countless times, I feel the list is underwhelming and over rated there are so many other gems worth seeing when in banff that weren’t even listed…

  11. My girl and I followed your trips literally. ? we went to Hong Kong last October and just came back from Peru. Now we're thinking to go to this place. What a coincidence!

  12. My wife's and I are in Calgary right now and starting the Rocky Mountaineer trip tommorow.
    Thanks for your vid, its looks brilliant.

  13. Guys do NOT TAKE THE Banff Gondola. We 4 adults didn’t want to go up and pay 50$ each. But our hotel failed our booking so we got it free. And if you have ever been on a mountain… it’s seriously nothing special and the view is like mehhh of course mountains but the view can be way better. The only thing I found interesting was the age of the gondola. This kind gondolas got replaced in Austria in the late 60’s so yeah safety.

  14. Banff is a cesspool of shitty Chinese tourists who litter, feed wildlife, spit in the middle of the sidewalk, walk in the middle of the road, etc. Chinese tourists should be banned.

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