If you thought Memphis was only known
for Elvis and barbecue, guess again. This is a place that mixes historic charm
with a modern mentality. There’s something for everyone here, even vegans. Here my top 15 favorite things to do in the city of Memphis. Welcome to M town,
Memphis, Tennessee. Hey! Hey! 1. Cruise around Memphis in style with rockabilly rides. I pretty much felt like a celebrity in his dreamy 1955
Plymouth Belvedere. Okay hello apparently this is my ride for the tour. We got so
many looks and for good reasons, I mean just look at this bad boy. This tour will
make you feel like you’re going back into time as you explore the rich
musical past of Memphis. They offer several private experiences but I did
the Red Hot & Blue tour which let me relive the early days of Elvis before
and during his rise to fame. 2. Visit the legendary Sun Studio. Now this place has
the claim of being the birthplace of rock and roll. You’ll stand in the same
place where music legends like Elvis, BB King and John Cash recorded some major
hits. They do 45-minute tours every day between the hours of 10:00 and 6:00 3. Go to the Stax Museum of American
Soul. Now if you want to experience the studio that’s pretty much synonymous
with southern soul music then Stax is where you want to go facts legends
includes Isaac Hayes and Otis Redding who sang one of my favorites song,
Sitting on the Dock of the Bay. 4. Hit up Beale Street all this summer until
September you can experience Bike Nights on Beale. Every Wednesday night thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts descend on the area and you can watch them cruise by
you on America’s most iconic street Honestly no matter what night you go and
Beale Street it’s always poppin 5. Experience live music. If you can’t
tell by now from this video Memphis is all about the music and remember Brad
from Rockabilly Rides? Turns out he’s also a musician so he invited me out to
hear him perform live at Blues City where he killed it. The man really knows how to
work an audience y’all. 6. The Peabody rooftop party. Beale Street isn’t the
only place to hit up at night. Summertime is rooftop party season at the Peabody
Hotel so if you like a good party with live music then the Peabody is where you need to be at on a Thursday night. 7. Stay at the
Peabody. On top of throwing the best rooftop party it’s actually one of the
most famous hotels in Memphis. It’s a luxury hotel with old-school charm and
it’s even a part of the historic hotels of America making this more than just a
hotel but an important Memphis landmark Oh and they have this really big
obsession with ducks, like really big which brings me to number eight. Watch
the Peabody ducks. You don’t have to be a hotel guest to see the number one thing
that the Peabody is famous for, its daily duck March. Meet the most pampered ducks in Tennessee. Every morning at 11 they march down to the hotel lobby fountain
where they play all day and then at 5pm they march right back on up to
their rooftop palace. 9. Rent a bike. Memphis unleashed a very new bike-share program like literally the day that I arrived here so I’m super stoked because you guys know I like to stay active when I travel and I’m super
excited to try this out so I’m gonna go ahead and get on one of these and
take it around They have bike stations all over the
city and they’re super simple to use Okay so first things first you basically
download the Bcycle app and then it’s going to ask you to login and you would tap this screen to find out the code of the bike that you want to unlock and then
you enter that code into here and it unlocks the bike and then you can start
writing it. 10. Walk to Arkansas. Did you know that Memphis is just a hop skip
and a jump away from the state of Arkansas? Yeah you can literally walk
across the big river crossing the longest pedestrian bridge across the
Mississippi River. 11. Hang out at the Crosstown Concourse. The building was
constructed in 1927 as a Sears distribution center but then shut down
in the 90s as a result of the decline in the mail-order business. Years later it
was transformed into what you see today a mixed use vertical urban village. I
came here at least twice stuff my face and also to walk around and admire the
art. 12. Walk around the Broad Avenue Arts District. Where my art lovers at? This
one’s for you. It’s filled with over 70 locally owned businesses like boutique
shops art galleries, bars, cool stuff like that. I was able to duck into this artsy
looking bar that was literally called the Liquor Store where I simply asked
for their most Instagrammable cocktail and voila it didn’t disappoint. After
grabbing a drink I walked in and out of all these cute little shops and I swear
everything just spoke to my soul like this and this oh yeah both of these two
oh yeah definitely this, although this is me 90% of the time. 13. Explore Overton
Square. Okay so welcome to Midtown Memphis food lovers and art lovers alike
are going to love this place and you guys know if you follow me
on Instagram, that t I love art and this is where it’s all at. Not only can you sign
up for an art tour here you can also eat to your heart’s content at the huge
variety of restaurants they have in the area. 14. Eat good food. While we’re on the topic of good restaurants can I just say I ate so good in Memphis. While a lot of
people come here ready to devour barbecue I ended up dining at a ton of
vegan and vegan friendly joints which I’ll be gushing about in a separate
video that will be all about the amazing vegan food scene in Memphis. And finally 15, visit the National Civil Rights Museum. Gloria from the Blog
Abroad wrote an amazing piece about her experience here and it inspired me to
visit as well. The museum will guide you through five centuries of history from
the beginning of the resistance during slavery all the way to the events of the
late 20th century that inspired people all around the world to stand up for
equality. Wanna see more of my travel guides? Be sure to subscribe to my
channel and don’t forget to give this video a big thumbs up you guys. Thanks
for watching and I’ll catch you on the next flight.

100 thoughts on “TOP 15 THINGS TO DO IN MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE | Travel Guide

  1. And that's how to make the most of your time in Memphis! We hope everyone has the chance to visit Memphis soon!

  2. Memphis full of boring angry aggressive bitches ,lame hating niggas ,and bad parents who dont teach there kid anything

  3. Here’s something not to do. Don’t walk around in an empty area. Ur ass will get robbed. Don’t get caught in traffic on the interstate. You might get shot.

  4. 4 – 8 are pretty much the same thing, as music is Beale St. and as the Peabody is just off of Beale.  If you do #9, do it in daytime or stay on Beale, if at night.  Graceland isn’t on here but it’s a good trip—combine Sun, Stax, and Graceland on a tour bus.  Mud Island the riverfront area are cool, too, in the daytime.  It’s a city like any other—good and not so good.  It’s no worse than any other city in the US.  Just use common sense.

  5. I think this was a really good video! It definitely showed Memphis in a positive light. I was born and raised in Memphis. I've lived in Memphis most of my adult life with the exception of job transfers and active duty time.

    I think the list was pretty good although there are a few more places that could've been mentioned as well. What's disturbing to me though are the negative, discouraging comments about Memphis from MEMPHIANS! While Memphis is crime ridden like many cities, why discourage people from bringing revenue into the city by giving the negative comments? I'm sure we've all heard or been taught if you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything at all. Sheesh people!

  6. EVERYONE, PLEASE STAY OUT OF WEST TENNESSEE. Middle, east, and west TN are like three entirely different states, and west TN is shit. Thank you for your time.


  8. As a person that lives in Memphis the firsts thing you should do is get the fuck out before you get robbed

  9. absolutely all of these were overhyped because i guarantee you will hate it. memphis is literally wack i’ve been here my whole life

  10. I'm a transplant, but have lived in Memphis for 10 years. I run, and have been out on the streets at 6 am, downtown, to run, and have never felt unsafe. EVERY city has some sketchy parts of town, EVERY SINGLE ONE. Ask the locals and they'll tell you what neighborhoods to avoid. Admittedly I don't do Beale Street after about 7 or 8 pm. Overton Square is awesome, free concerts at the Levitt Shell are great, the food is spectacular, and to find the really good spots, ask the locals and hit up places like Maciel's taco shop, Aldo's pizza, Alex's Tavern, Evelyn and Olive, or Rizzo's Diner.

  11. Come to Memphis for Graceland and never leave cause ya rims got stolen ? it’s a beautiful and unique city but it’s only safe in a few areas. Bring a weapon if you touring ?

  12. So basically all there is to do in Memphis is visit art galleries/museums, listen to music, and eat food? Im sure the people who live in Mempghanistan would tell you there isn't anything to do here.

  13. Wow simply amazed…how can Graceland not be on this list! Local for 45 yrs now and I wouldn't want to be any other place! Memphis definitely has a bad rap but make smart choices and u shud be just fine! PS Peabody is to dang expensive!

  14. I know this is meant to be a tourist thing, but I wish some of the smaller places had been shown. Like the real Memphis staples. Cooper-Young, Jerry’s, the preforming arts scene rather than just musicians who have been dead for a lifetime.

  15. Lived here for a majority of my life and the best thing about memphis is the food which is probably insanley unhealthy but taste great none the less. Also lived in Tx and Cali and they just seem to have better energy.

  16. Also if you come to Memphis your not gonna get robbed walking and get stabbed and murdered lol iv lived here my whole live but dont move here schools are soooooo bad

  17. lol beale street is not that great. drunks everywhere, fights, shootings, gang shit goes on yea if you live here you know beale street aint like what this video makes it out to be??‍♂️?

  18. yeah you need to go get some morals lady and put some clothes on and just more modestly Memphis is a very dangerous town and it's not any fun if you don't have money to spend in all this stuff very dangerous to not visit Memphis other than going to Graceland this woman's crazy and she's ugly she needs to find God and some morals and learn how to dress

  19. One don’t get car jacked
    Two enjoy Beale st. But don’t get mugged oh and refer to # on
    Three don’t ride around 240 or 40 great chance your car will be shot at real good chance
    Four watch local news before doing anything in Memphis

  20. Yo the stax museum got a rock climbing place across the street from it for free. You’ll probably get shot a couple blocks down from it though

  21. Wow, everyone stop hating on Memphis. I live here, too. The reason why there’s never any progress in this city is because lazy people like the ones complaining don’t care enough about the city to help promote change.

  22. Dude. Memphis is soo boring. Id normally say its cause i grew up here and thats why its boring but i didnt. Its just boring.

  23. I've lived in memphis for 20 years. It sucks. More crime than anything. You cant even go to the mall around here without someone doing a drive by in the parking lot and that's in germantown the "high end" part of memphis. Bartlett is ok but only to live not for funsies. If you think the stuff on this list is fun than your lame. Why dont you take one of those bike rides around Memphis or take a walk like she suggests and see how many times you can get robbed or propositioned for sex in a 8 hour period. I mean for god sakes one one the things on this list was WALKING TO WEST MEMPHIS ARKANSAS I MEAN SERIOUSLY HOW DID SHE NOT GET ROBBED?!?

  24. we just came back from TN! 3 days in Memphis, 1 short day in memphis …we went to Rock n Soul, Beale Street, Cotton Museum…next time we'll have to stay overnight to get a longer stay….

  25. A guy named DJUANTAY JACOCKS and JAYLON CAUSEY tried to rob my wife and I at gunpoint. Then tried to shoot our dogs. 30 mins. Later they killed a woman. To me Memphis is a P. O. S.

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