Top 20 HOT Destinations – Where to Travel in 2019

Top 20 HOT Destinations – Where to Travel in 2019

– Well howdy neighborinos, and welcome, ’cause today’s video is about the 20 cold destinations
you can’t miss out on. Mahallah dud. Aren’t you cold? Bro, I’m never cold. I was in Hawaii last week, freaking hitting gnar waves
dude round after round, just pa pow, it’s freaking crazy dude, and that’s why I wanna make
a video for you dudes today, the 20 dopest hot spots. Dude, it’s my day to film here, it’s about the cold destinations. Dude, they’re, nah, today’s a video for my blue water freaks. Where they at, where they at? Bro, I reserved this studio today. You better watch yourself dude. You know they call me the scorpion right? I got a mean sting. Well neighborino, get
ready to be put on ice. Oh I’ve been waiting for this, all right let’s put them up. So you wanna see the world, but you don’t know where to go. Well, you’re in luck because
here at Lost Leblanc, we have done the research for you, we have been traveling extensively
over the past four years and that is why today I
wanted to put together my top 20 choices for
keeping things nice and warm, whether you’re on a small
budget or a big budget, there’s all sorts of different
choices in this list, ranging in pretty much every continent. Because each of these 20
destinations are my own personal recommendations you’ll be able to go down into the description after this video and
find out more information about each of these
destinations by watching my old videos. I should also mention
this is not a ranked order because each of these places are different in their own ways. All right, number one
is definitely gonna go to Yasawa, Fiji, and the crazy thing is, you see this map right here? We threw a dart at this map and it landed very near to Fiji and that’s how we ended up finding this place, it as such an amazing, amazing trip, the most beautiful islands, very few people there, but the con to this all is going to be that you’ll need
a bit of money saved up because as soon as you leave Nadi, the main island in Fiji, you’re gonna be paying quite
a bit for your accommodations, your food, and of course the transport. The ferries are ridiculously expensive bu sometimes you get what you pay for and I highly recommend
checking out Yasawa, Fiji. Numero dos is going to be
going to Lisbon, Portugal. And typically I’m not much of a city lover but this city really rubbed off on me. I was there during the summer and there was such a life to it. There’s an energy that
can be felt throughout. The colorful streets, the buildings are just
absolutely beautiful, and one of the things that
makes it really appealing, especially to Europeans is
that it’s really affordable relative to most European cities. So if you’re not opposed to
spending your next vacation in the city then check out Lisbon. Number three is going to
be going to Oahu, Hawaii, and I think this is probably the place that I will settle down when I have kids, when I’ve got my family, I am in love with Oahu,
it’s got everything I could possibly want. It’s got the North American comfort, tied in with the beauty
of the South Pacific, the most vibrant greens, the palm trees, flowers that you didn’t know existed, all mixed and mashed and surrounded by beautiful blue water with
dolphins jumping around. That is Oahu right there
and the food is amazing. From poke bowls to having
some amazing acai bowls in the North, I can’t describe how
much I love this place. It is so full of adventures and if you have a local
to show you around, you’ll have a totally
different experience to it. The next one goes to Koh Mak, Thailand. And this is something that
I’m very proud of finding because after traveling
Thailand quite a bit, going to where all the tourists go, going around the backpacker routes, I was like why is it that nobody goes to the Eastern side of the country, and that is where I found
this beautiful island. If you’re looking for an
affordable beach getaway with blue water and some
amazing surrounding islands like Koh Kham which is a must do day trip, and Koh Kood, and you have
everything you’re looking for right here, and because it’s so close to Cambodia, right after you’re done in the islands you could actually easily do a trip by bus going all the way to Siem Reap where you could see Angkor Way and Tonle Sap. Basically my two favorite
spots in Cambodia. Thailand is one of the places I know best, I was a student there, I lived there for probably
close to five months, and so if you wanna
learn from my complete, in depth Thailand guide, also gonna be linked down below. Number five is gonna take us to Africa, the very Northern tip of
it because unfortunately I have not yet traveled a ton of Africa and that’s definitely something that I’ll be working on this year, but with that being said, Marrakesh in Morocco was a very incredible cultural experience. Okay the people weren’t
necessarily always a positive in the tourist areas, they were actually quite
rude but everything else about Morocco made it amazing. Arabic and African culture
coming together in one place to create a totally
unique, diverse culture and landscape that
you’ve never seen before. Even though I’m mentioning
Marrakesh I have to say there’s so many
other cities around it, from Chefchaouen to Fez, that are totally worth exploring, so you could have a full
two week itinerary seeing this beautiful country right here. The next one on the list
is going to Cusco, Peru. Now it’s not technically
always a hot climate but certain times of the year
it definitely gets very warm. Cusco is an incredible
destination with so many things you can do, ancient Incan fortresses, the beautiful llama filled Machu Pichu, the Sacred Valley, and
one of my favorite things about it, the Peru Rail. This is a magical experience that you need to see for yourself at
some point in your life. There is something very
special about this place, and if the altitude sickness
doesn’t get to your head, then the food, the culture,
and the overall experience of Cusco will make this place
one of your best trips yet, and if you wanna know how to
travel all of Peru in depth then you’ll definitely wanna
check out my guide down below. Next one on the list is Quintana Roo and I’m gonna be naming a few places that might not technically
fall into that province or state, whatever it
is called, what is it? I might as well try to pretend to be smart for a second, mm, Quintana Roo, yes the Mexican state, from Tulum, Holbox, and Bacalar, these are three places
that I recently visited and I gave actually a
really awesome budget guide to it and one of the awesome
things about Quintana Roo is that once you’re outside of the main tourist destination, you can do it extremely affordably. You can have lunch for as
cheap as a couple dollars. You can find an accommodation for as cheap as 10 dollars. It’s an unbelievable destination
with so much to offer. It’s got a great vibe for backpackers. Its got a ton of luxury
resorts if you’re wanting to stay in Cancun or in Tulum, where you can have some of
life’s most lavish things, no matter who you are,
what your agenda is, as long as you’re looking
for some good sunshine, some blue water, as long as the sargassum has not returned, well then this is your place. Now as you guys probably know, I spend a lot of my time in Southeast Asia and with that one of my
top choices for travel has been the Philippines
and today I wanna share with you another one of
my local discoveries. This came back to my third or fourth trip in the Philippines where I said to myself, I don’t wanna go where
everyone else is going, so I went on Google Maps
and I started looking at random islands and I started asking myself how would I get from here to here and using Google Images
I was able to see which of these islands had
beautiful destinations, and that’s why I wanna share with you a series of islands that
are quite close together that I think could be
an amazing trip for you. With a direct flight
from Manila to Tablas, you can get started on an island that almost nobody has been to. To be honest it’s not
the most beautiful island in the world but if you crave the feeling of getting lost, having a
beautiful tropical experience with blue water, amazing sunsets, a large island to rent a scooter, and just go around with
no direction in mind, this is an amazing place to do it. It is a giant playground
with amazingly kind locals that will gladly take you in, share their culture with
you and so much more. Now after Tablas you can easily take a ferry in either direction. If you wanna enjoy the resort experience or have some good food, then you can take a boat over to Borocay, where you’ll have a direct ferry there. As you may know the
government shut down Borocay for a good year but it is now reopened and it looks better than ever. Some of the most beautiful
water and sand I’ve ever seen. There was a reason this place
got busy in the first place and if you’re looking for a
somewhat touristy experience, you should go check it out. Now if you wanna continue
on with the adventure side, then we’re gonna take a
ferry to the other side, inside of going South
we’re gonna go to the East to a place called Romblon,
and Romblon is once again, an even less ventured
island than Tablas was. You might see a handful of
tourists during your trip but there’s a shot that
you’ll only see locals, and that’s not a bad thing
because the Filipinos are so kind and so hospitable. I really recommend that you go here because of one beach in
particular that I have some incredible memories at
and that is Bonbon Island. If it was a little bit more convenient to get to Romblon, this
beach would be packed. But that’s the amazing thing about it. There is almost nobody there, you should have it almost to yourself for some beautiful sunsets,
beautiful blue water, and the amazing thing
that I found out one night is that when you go swimming in the water, there’s bio luminescent
plankton that I can not capture with the camera but
imagine the glowing lights in the water that move with the movement of your hand, the movement of the water, it’s incredibly picturesque, and you have to check it out. Borocay relatively expensive, but if you go to Tablas and Romblon, this can be a serious
budget backpackers trip. Now number nine is a place
you probably never expected to see in this video and it’s a place I can’t recommend for
the warm environment, but I was just recently in the Yukon, the North of Canada, and this is a place that blew me away. It’s landscapes were so, so incredible and because this is a very seasonal place, this beautiful winter
wonderland turns into a rather warm natural escape, from mountains, to running rivers, to of course the bears
waking up from hibernation there is so much to see
and do in the Yukon, and although I’ve not yet been
there in the summer season, this is one of the places
I hope to go quite soon. And then next on our list
was a personal favorite trip of mine quite recently, to Java, and Java has so much to
offer that I’m gonna keep it really brief and just
say if you wanna check out more check the video down below. It’s got waterfalls, it’s got volcanoes, it’s
got another volcano, it’s got some more waterfalls, and it’s got countless adventures that a very few people have seen. Certain places do get quite busy with, especially the Chinese group tours, I don’t know how they found it before the North American audiences did but that seems to be the patten there, but none the less you can
still have these incredible remote experiences in
places like Tumpak Sewu, a waterfall that was so
beautiful I couldn’t believe it wasn’t packed, videos
linked down below. Now after doing Java I took a flight from the Surabaya Airport directly, not so directly, to Raja Ampat. I flew to another island, from there I had a ferry, from that ferry I had another ferry, from that ferry I had a private motorboat or something like that. It was like really hectic and
tough to get to Raja Ampat but that’s why they call it the last remaining aquatic paradise. It is challenging to get to and I believe that’s what’s preserved this incredible biodiversity. Countless species of fish from manta rays to blue, I don’t know if there belugas. Lots of fish in one place. You need to check it out if you’re a diver but one catch, you will be paying quite a bit, especially when it
comes to transportation. Motorboats are incredibly expensive, flights are expensive. Accommodations, really expensive when you consider Indonesian pricing. Again, I think you need
to be a diver to make this worth your wild but this whole area, is an unexplored paradise
so go check it out. The very next on on the
list is actually where I’m currently filming from. Welcome to Bali, Indonesia. This is where I been
living now for over a year and I been hopping around
here for about three years. I love this place. You’ll definitely hear
mixed reviews about Bali. Some people are completely against it. They don’t wanna be stuck in traffic. They don’t wanna go where
all the other tourists go. But again, I wanna remind you that all these destinations
like Raja Ampat and Java, they’re places that are easy to jump to after doing
Bali and the amazing thing about Bali is it’s a massive
island that you can go to the North and see very few people. You can go to the
surrounding islands like Java or Lombok and again see very few people. So don’t get so caught up
in the I don’t wanna be one of the other tourists going to the exact same place. Because first of all there’s
a reason they come here, this place is amazing, the food is great, the
cost of living is cheap. The villas are beautiful, the rice terraces are incredible, but for me the final thing
that I think makes Bali a place for anybody is
again, what surrounds it. So come to Bali, check it out, and don’t be afraid to
go off the beaten path because that’s where some of
the best adventures happen. If you’re gonna come to Bali, I do have a full guide that
shows all the best places to go, honestly it is the
best use of your money if you’re planning to come here, best restaurants, best viewpoints, how to travel from place
to place in a matter of two weeks and if
you’re curious about it, I do have a free trial to it down below, so go check that out. And the next one on the
list is going to be Dubai. This is not your typical hot getaway. Sometimes it might be so hot
that you’re just get me inside to the air conditioning, but if you’re there in the winter months, it’s actually the most
perfect temperature. Dubai is actually the city
but UAE is the country and there’s so many amazing
places to see in UAE, from downtown Dubai to
JVR just South of it, to even going up to Sharjah
where I recently stayed at this amazing resort called Al Bait, it just opened up. If you want a luxury emirate style hotel, I have to recommend this one right here, and then even further
North than that going up to Mleiha, I recently had this amazing trip. First of all they take
you out over the dunes and you’re going in
this four by four truck where you feel likes it’s
gonna tip but we did not tip. Then from there you’re gonna
watch a beautiful sunset with camels, beautiful
mountains in the distance, and then from there, they take you to this really
romantic dinner spot where they actually had this
powerful telescope setup and I was even able to
attach my camera to it to get this shot right here. It was an unbelievable night and incredible value. Dubai can be expensive,
it can be affordable. It has something for
most people’s budgets, so I highly recommend you check it out. All right, the next place
on the list is Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico, this is an
amazing vibrant island, with so much to see and do, but to be honest, I was
only there for a single day because that’s where my crews stopped. I can’t pretend to have a
lot of information on it but from the colorful
town, the waterfalls, and so much more that
surrounds the island, I really think this could be
an amazing tropical escape and one of the interesting things about it is that’s it actually
part of the United States. It is very easy to get
there from North America and so if you’re looking
for a hot tropical getaway, this might be the one for you. Moving our way around
the Central Americas, we’re now gonna talk about Panama. Now Panama’s a trip I did three years ago, and I remember it like it was yesterday. I loved Panama City but
one place in particular that I wanna talk about
is the San Blas Islands. The San Blas Islands are a remote, they’re rather unvisited, and
they have a few cool resorts. I stayed at this one resort right here and it wasn’t an ultra luxury place, it wasn’t super cheap either, but it was basically bungalow living with no air conditioning, but because there was
such a perfect breeze that went through the resort, I didn’t need air conditioning. I felt comfortable all day long. It was an unbelievable stay. The food was great. It was freshly caught by the locals and if you wanna do San Blas on a budget, I’ve even heard of people getting tents and camping on some of these islands. I don’t know if that’s how I’d wanna do it but there are other options
to do it on a budget and there’s even some
crocodiles, kind of cool. The next one on the list
is going to be again, the Philippines, now Coron used to be one of my favorite places
and I’m kind of scared because I haven’t been there recently but I’ve heard it’s gotten super busy, but let’s be positive and
let’s put that all aside ’cause I have to tell you that Coron is the most beautiful place
in the entire world. So even with crowds I think it is a place that is worth your time, worth going to see, and it’s a little bit expensive
compared to the average Philippines price, the
flights, the accommodations, and the transportation are
all gonna add up a lot more than most of Southeast Asia
but it is not expensive, comparing to North American prices. Coron is a picture perfect fantasy and if you get the chance, I highly recommend you go check it out. Number 17, Rottnest Island,
now this is a place that like, just brings a smile to my face. It’s one of my best
memories from traveling, it’s one of my favorite videos, I went back and watched it recently and just kind of died laughing. Now Rottnest Island is
not your everyday island. It is surrounded by not just blue water but potentially the bluest water. It’s about a one hour ferry away from the city of Perth and
while it’s not super cheap it is so worth your money. There’s this one animal
that lives on the island. The local dwellers are
known as the quokka, picture a rat but then
picture the most beautiful rat you’ve ever seen, a rat that was so magnificent
that you considered picking up that wild animal and
just giving it a big kiss, that is what a quokka is to me at least. They hop around on two
feet and they’re friendlier than a Walmart greeter. They are just the cutest little things that you’ll ever see and again, it is not just about these animals, it’s also about how beautify Rottnest is, the fact that it’s so close to Perth but it is a must see
destination if you’re gonna go travel Australia. Number 18 is gonna bring us
right back to the Philippines. So Siargao Island was a
recent discovery of mine about a year ago now, and with that I went
back even more recently, probably about three months again. And that’s where I found
some amazing places that surround Siargao, so not only do you have
main Siargao Island, Naked Island, you’ve got Guyam Island, you’ve also got the
incredible Sugba Lagoon. This is an insane value package, it is a must travel set of islands that you could probably
spend about a weekend, Siargao is known as surfer’s paradise, it’s got some amazing up
and coming restaurants. It’s starting to look a
little bit like a baby Bali. It kind of has that pre
Bali boom look to it. I think it’s really going to take off over the next few years. But in the meantime, it’s
not completely taken off and it still has that
fun backpacker energy. It’s got that it vibe. Everybody wants to be there. My second favorite resort
experience in my entire life is a place I’ve been to
twice, it’s called Nay Palad. And Nay Palad is just mind blowing luxury, but tied in with the beauty of the island, but for a honeymoon or a special event, this could be a great place to go. After almost five months of
traveling the Philippines, it’s one of the countries
that I know best so if you wanna learn the best
itinerary and how to make the most out of your time and money, then definitely check out the link below. 19 is going back to Portugal, and I wanna talk about the
South of Portugal this time because Lagos is a place
that has kind of gotten its name out there over the
past couple of years but it’s the place people ar
visiting for good reasons. Incredible cliff sides, a fun backpacker and traveler culture, it’s currently migrating
there in fairly big numbers, especially in the summer, but that’s not always a negative. In fact for me it’s a positive. It means that you can go out, have a good night life. You can meet new people. Long story short, go check out Lagos. The final one on my list is gonna be going to my good friend Hoi An. Hoi An is this beautiful
and quaint village for backpackers, for travelers, that are passing through Vietnam. It’s located pretty
much right in the center on the East coast so it’s by the water and with that there’s some
pretty cool day trips. You can go to the beach and stay at some of
their beautiful resorts or you can go and do the rock temple, which I don’t remember its name but it was definitely a
pretty standout temple, one of my favorites that I’ve seen, if you’re somebody that
works the nine to five, then this might in itself be a good reason to come here because you
can get tailor made suits for under 200 dollars. Now the more you pay the
better the quality typically, but the value you’ll find
here is unbelievable. I actually bought three
of these suits right after my backpacking trip
and mailed them back home because I thought I’d be
starting my full time job as an accountant but then I escaped. So those suits have never been used, but if you’re working a job
and you need suits, amazing. If you’re a female unlike myself, then they have some really
beautiful leather goods like boots and high heels, and even for men you can get beautifully
custom made leather shoes. Shopping is definitely one
of the big draws to Hoi An but it’s not the only thing. There’s just kind of a vibe to this place. It’s definitely one of those places that you need to see it to understand it but I think most people will agree, that that’s one of the
highlights of Vietnam. 20 destinations, each of
them having their pros and their cons. Which one is for you is
totally in your hands. But if you wanna do more
research to figure that out, then again check out all
the links done below. If you wanna learn in depth information to the countries I know best then check out the guides on my website and guys as you know, I make
a new video every Saturday, and I think your buddy Tom or Charles, maybe it was your grandma, she told me the other day she wanted to travel somewhere hot and
I just don’t remember who it was so you may as well send
it to your entire friend list to figure out who told me that ’cause it was awhile ago, so, just share it with your
friends and families so that they can
experience hot stuff, too. That was the worst outro I’ve ever done but we’ll keep it. All right guys, let’s get
lost again in the next one.

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