TOP 23 Things To Do in LIMA PERU | Peru Travel Vlog 2020

TOP 23 Things To Do in LIMA PERU | Peru Travel Vlog 2020

Hey there world travelers. Hey there. I’m
Tanya and I’m Dave and we are Turn It Up World. Welcome to . . . Lima Peru! That’s right we’ve spent quite some time
here in Lima Peru and actually last time we got to explore one of the most
beautiful places here in Lima Peru Miraflores. We love Miraflores. We’re
staying in Miraflores. It’s just a great great place to kind of set up shop here
in Lima, yeah, and so many great things to do so you should check out that video and
definitely definitely spend time in Miraflores when you are in Lima, absolutely and what we’re gonna do now since we spent some time here in Lima Peru we put
together a list of the top 23 things that you should do when you visit
Lima Peru to have the best day ever, or the best experience ever. Yeah, we have
a lot of things to do right, a lot of things to cover today, so we better get this party
started, you ready? I am ready. Let’s go. Let’s go So one of the fun things you can do here
in Lima Peru is you can actually witness the Changing of the Guard here at the
Government Palace. It happens every day at 12:00 noon but we recommend that you
get here at 11:30 because at 11:30 the band comes out and plays traditional
Peruvian music, which you can hear behind us right now, and it’s really really nice.
It’s really incredible and to that point if you get here a little bit earlier you
can actually get a nice front-row seat along the gate so you can actually get
some great pictures of that because they definitely put on a show. One place you have to visit when you’re
in Lima is Plaza de Armas, it’s actually the birthplace of Lima and it’s just
spectacular here it really really is I mean the moment you step inside the
Center Plaza de Armas you are surrounded by the architectural beauty I mean the
yellowish hues of the government building the palace it’s just unbelievable the
balconies and the other thing the marvel is the gardens themselves I mean the
flowers and the aromas that come from them it’s quite a nice place where a lot
of folks come to just to really embrace and enjoy the history of this plaza
not to mention that fountain which has a great history behind it too it’s
beautiful, and you can really spend a whole day here we actually did an entire video
on just the plaza so take a look at that you’ll learn a lot, it’s just a great place to
come, it really is, definitely check out Plaza de Armas. Something else that you can do in Lima Peru is scooter or one of our favorite things to do is ride a bike, yes,
it’s actually really great, and especially in Miraflores and Barranco, and if you’re here
on a Sunday they close Arequipa Avenue which is actually goes all the way, it’s
a main avenue here that goes all the way from Miraflores to the City Center
here and just you can bike that whole way, yeah, which is amazing. oh the street heart are we love street
art and the one thing you have to do is you have to explore the barranco street
art it is absolutely fabulous and actually some of the pieces there are
quite famous now it does change quite often some of the ones that get removed
and what happens with that is you have to get permission by the government to
put your tag or your spin on creativity on the street art walls of Barranca but
once you do it’s absolutely fabulous to see these masterpieces so it does change
quite often the ones we saw when we were here were exquisite and I’m sure if you
come to barranco to check out the street art the ones you will see will be
absolutely incredible one of the top things to do when you’re in Lima is the
Bridge of Sighs you should really check that out it’s in a great neighborhood in
barranco and it’s really really romantic it really really is it’s one of those
things I find here that’s like super spiritual you know and what I mean by
that is you have to actually hold your breath when you go across the bridge and
it has to be the entire way and you have to make a wish so if you make it across
the other side of that bridge while holding your breath supposedly your wish
comes true and it better cuz we both did it
we both held my breath and made a wish so that better come true I will let you
know if it does so if you had to pick one thing that Lima is known for what
would you say oh I would say the food yeah I really do the local Peruvian food
is amazing here it’s just a blend of different cultures ingredients
everything’s so fresh they have all local ingredients here from the Amazon
from the mountain from the ocean just incredible and so when you’re here you
have to check it out and of course there is one iconic dish that really deserves
its own category and that is ceviche absolutely
and this is probably one of my more favorite dishes and say days whoever
dish but here in Peru they absolutely loved this and we actually heard that we
actually got to witness how they make ceviche
the process was amazing but how they make it is so impressive right
absolutely it’s incredible everything is so so fresh and they actually recommend
having it more as a lunch dish for a dinner dish right absolutely because
they catch it early in the morning so it’s raw fish think about that might
want to have it you know in the morning which some folks will have it directed
or you have it for lunch which is recommended and that’s how we had it
speaking about food since we’re kind of on that food kick and really hungry we
have to talk about the street food here in Lima Peru Otto absolutely you have to
try the street food yeah and one of the main dishes here first
hello there’s a motorcycle oh I’m one of the best street foods here in Lima are
the anticuchos just really really good well I’m gonna dive in I’m gonna put a
green chile on this guy try the game show God here we go put it right on
there and I will try the sauce there we go we got that’s good the green chili wasn’t too hot but a
real nice flavor to it that hot wow that is really really good super tender for
Shore juicy the red sauce is definitely a little bit on the spicy side for sure
a lot of it really spicy it’s good but it’s spicy
and basically anticuchos is cow heart and I know it sounds intimidating but it
really is delicious the way they prepare it and you have it served with sauces
you can even have it by itself it’s a really tender delicious meat on a skewer
yes of course following knives you’re gonna have a nice anticuchos you might
want to try as a dessert that pecan Rowan is here oh so good I love to
really like this fried batter of sweet potato and it’s served with a nice sort
of a syrupy sauce oh the syrup is amazing I’m not even a sweet potato guy
I don’t really like sweet potato but I love the picker Oni you have a time winner in Lima one thing
we recommend very strongly is to actually get out of Lima and do an
excursion absolutely and one of the fun things that we got to experience movie
visit Lima was going outside to walk a tuna and eco and huacachina and Iike
from Lima is about a four hour four and a half hour drive
although Peruvian speed when they drive probably three three-and-a-half hours
but it’s quite the experience to be able to do that now walk Akina Anika it’s
really cool and what’s so impressive about it it’s almost like its own desert
oasis I mean I swear to you if I would have saw a camel or two I think I’d be
in this thing here right exactly I actually felt like we were on a movie
set almost for Mad Max right although all those dune buggying believable is
unbelievable we got to experience just that the dune buggy’s which was quite
incredible as well as a little sand surfing yes which was exciting I mean I didn’t
really stand sir I’m more like belly fuck I ate some sand oh yeah hold on let
me show you that I’m fine well sandy it tasted better than it
looks trust me another really cool activity
you can do beyond just the sand is a head out to sea and explore some of the
islands outside Lima there’s some great great islands one really cool one you’ll
actually go out we didn’t do this you can go out and actually swim with sea
lions we actually decided to head out a little further go to practice and
practice they talk about being kind of the mini poor man’s Galapagos Islands
yeah and it’s so it’s a fascinating little adventure I will say it’s
definitely very touristy that’s for sure so you looking for a little bit
something more private that might not be for you but it is definitely something
to experience I mean they have some of the most incredible little while I
thought there from the birth the sea lions and also penguins and just to make
mention it’s not that far from waka chena and Iike so he’s you’re going to
be in that waka chena eco area and you want to experience that Baracus is not
that far from there right so you can make it one big day absolutely so what are the cool things that you
definitely need to check out when you are here you have to check out the
chocolate Museum yes exactly there’s actually a lot of
different chocolate ears around Lima now that’s true
right in the last five years Lima has become just or actually really all a
Peru has become really known for its great worldwide chocolates absolutely
and we got to actually experience a really fun chocolate I guess you go how
you pronounce that you’d say chocolate area something like that area we’re
going with it yeah but it was so much fun to be able to see exactly how they
produce the different textures it was absolutely a fun experience and we
actually bought a whole lot of chocolate exactly so watch out when you go in
there you’ll probably leave with some chocolate yeah a lot of it we’re now at another great place that
you need to visit when you’re here in Lima it’s the San Francisco monastery
and catacombs and I have to say it’s a really really interesting place yes it
is definitely something you should visit if you come to Lima Peru it’s amazing
intense I would say and interesting nonetheless I mean it’s about 15 SOLAS
per person and there’s an english-speaking guy in a
spanish-speaking guy that kind of guides you through the history of the church as
well as take you into those catacombs and it can be a little eerie in those
catacombs I’m sure that’s absolutely true I mean
the monastery itself is really interesting but then you walk down below
underneath the church and there’s this extensive network of these brick tunnels
that are really small and there’s 25,000 bones buried down there and they’re all
like buried ornately through these rituals it’s just it’s really incredible
it really isn’t about David’s name they are pretty small as you kind of walking
in this poor guy right here who’s got a light like The Hunchback of Notre Dame
through them but those bones it was just I for me it was very intense
and a little eerie but very interesting in the lesson I believe there are men
women and children it just you know something you definitely need to do if
you’re gonna be visiting Lima Peru at least once
thanks exact it’s a very unique experience and unfortunately you aren’t
allowed to take any photo right video inside so we couldn’t show that to you
need to comfort yourself and check it out exactly our next stop is Kennedy
Park and miraflores which is a great great park here in Lima it’s really the
Central Park of miraflores it was named after John F Kennedy Ford apparently the
aid that he sent to Peru when he was president and what curious fact about
this place is that it’s home to about a hundred hundred cats and you’ll just as
you look around you’ll see cats everywhere just sauntering around some
people will actually feed the cats we’ll see them eating it’s a really really
cool place a fun place to relax and hang out you can see this artists around
beautiful beautiful flowers and really smell the flowers just a great spot you
should definitely definitely check it out when you’re here in Lima the Indian
market right here in miraflores as well and it has some great great traditional
peruvian clothing and artifact and things like that just to check out yes
so something else you can do if you’re visiting Lima Peru is visit this
incredible site the waka pookie on a site and
it’s so impressive when you get here you’ll just be amazed I mean this was
actually built pre-inca times around 400 AD and I will tell you this each of
those bricks back there were built by hand brick by brick and it’s so
impressive to learn as you kind of wobble through this whole site it’s just
really impressive no it’s really incredible and also it’s amazing too
they didn’t start excavating until 1981 and before that they use it actually the
Motocross site so it’s just all these you know bikes going across it and then
suddenly they decided oh wow look what we have underneath out and they’ve been
excavating so actually each year they do a little bit a little bit more so it
gets even more grand and amazing every year okay so something else you can do
here in Lima Peru is visit the malecon it is absolutely gorgeous oh it’s so
amazing it’s actually six miles span of gorgeousness it’s incredible and it’s
not it’s the miraflores boardwalk yes it’s not actually actually made of stone
so it should be the stone walk but if they’re really pretty borders along what
you could say is made of wood that and it’s just absolutely gorgeous you could
feel the sunshine you could actually see the paragliders kind of gliding over you
it’s just super impressive here exact it is very romantic it’s like a lot of
couples out here yeah picnicking with the blankets it’s enjoying enjoying the
views and the day yeah amazing it’s a credible spot it is very busy for sure a
lot of folks you know walking back and forth yeah so maybe get here early and
pick your spot I mean everywhere I think it’s like the best seat in the house
it’s absolutely stunning flowers and the greenery it’s just a
really hot spot to be if you’re gonna be visiting Lima Peru when you come to Lima you have to come
here yes and where is this we are at the park of love and look at that famous
statue out there what’s that call this statue is beautiful it’s actually called
that kiss that kiss and it’s made by a famous Peruvian artis yes the victor
Delphine it was actually done and how romantic you this I mean it was February
14th I believe in 1993 now February 14th in the States is actually Valentine’s
Day I’m not sure that is the same here but it was done February 14th
yeah very romantic daddio romantic and it’s across this practice all kinds of
poem you know poems and things like that about love all around all around and
that’s how you know you’re here a couple things the way you know why come to this
park you see this giant statue of two folks just really getting into it also
you can see around the perimeter when this Park a lot of other folks really
didn’t into oh yeah this is just really being romantic yeah there’s definitely
no limitations on PDA here yeah all right give me a kiss oh wait coming in
for landing coming in for a landing so another thing if you’re coming to
Lima you definitely should try the paragliding it’s quite impressive I mean
we’re not doing it this time around but next time I think we just might
absolutely the amount of control that they have is incredible you can kind of
see them come in and it just they come down so softly with the landing I’m
amazed actually yes and I was very nervous to try this and thinking about
trying it at first but now after watching him days right the control is
unbelievable and they’re going up I mean they’re going up and going down there’s
gotta be tons there’s actually one flying overhead as we speak one just
probably came in for a landing but we do believe the price is somewhere around 70
to 100 dollars right for about 15 minutes so it’s not cheap but it’s well
worth it you’re out over the Pacific with a great view of the city just
incredible okay one thing to do in your lima is try surfing
how to surface actually they have great ways out there incredibly consistent
that we have not done it yet but it’s something we definitely definitely want
to do it’s really reasonable for about an hour and a half it’s 70 SOLAS which
is great you get an hour and half a lessons you get consistent ways I mean
look at those ways out there amazing and I think it’s gonna be just a wonderful
time to do it I want to try it and you should too I have to say the Knights are
actually really nice and cool and Lima really great Knights here yeah it’s and
tonight in particular it’s gorgeous and one thing that you can do here
Miraflores that’s really really popular is you can visit the larcomar mall are
you kidding me go to the mall I know that’s crazy I know it’s not really our
cup of tea but it’s definitely a highly rated place to come to and I can
certainly see why I mean it’s like an outdoor underground indoors type mall
but it’s right on the ocean so you get a nice the limps of the ocean breeze you
can even have a cocktail here during the sunset hours it could be really really
attractive right apparently they’re great restaurants and we can hear the
ocean right now just crashing below it yeah it is quite amazing and I will tell
you this if you are that minimalist traveler and you forgot something you
can find that the larcomar mall that reminds me I need some sunblock I’ve got
a little crispy little lobster arm Lee you know what you can find it at the
market mall let’s go get it I have something for you my dear that’s
something very quintessential Lima Peru what is it what could it be well voila
well well well I say this have to admit something I do not make that I know
you’re shocked but this is definitely bringing us to the next thing that you
have to try here in Lima Peru you need to get a pisco sour this little bad boy
mamuh JAMA is so delicious I will tell you I’ve had one probably every day that
I’ve been here Lima and I have not had a bad one yet we actually had an
opportunity to watch how they made it for us from beginning to the end it’s
just amazing what is in a pisco sour basically is the
peach go liqueur and then they have a good assortment of lime juice with top
with an egg white and of course there’s a little drop of bitters in there so it
makes it bitter sweet I absolutely love this drink it’s kind of one of my
favorite drinks to have here it doesn’t taste like alcohol at all yet you get
the nice good feeling of what that’s supposed to represent Cheers at Sonia sorry
oh my god I’m sorry yeah yeah hi now if you’re in Lima you have to check out the
magic water circuit here in Lima it’s amazing and the show they put on at
night it is so gorgeous and if you notice behind us you can see all of the
vivid colors just coming off the fountains it’s almost like their version
of the Bellagio Las Vegas here in Lima Peru
now this spectacular show is roughly hmm it’s in a park about 20 minutes outside
of miraflores but it’s incredible yeah there’s three shows at night one at 7:15
one at 8:15 and one at 9:15 yes and sure and there is an admission fee but it’s
not too much it’s four so lays but yes but you can only pay in so late they do
not take credit card and they do not take US dollars you can only pay in
sillies and we kind of found that out the hard way but we were able to get in
here nonetheless now I will tell you this if you’re planning on bringing like
a tripod or any kind of device like that they’re going to charge you 100 so late
yes ready 100 so lates for a tripod so you know what you can do do without that
tripod I would just say bring your gear whatever you need to do and come enjoy
this gorgeous white shell here in Lima Peru we had an amazing time putting together
this list of 23 top things to do in Lima for you we hope you enjoyed it we had a
great time doing it we really did I mean it’s been a lot of fun spending the time
here in Lima and we figured by putting this list together that you guys can
also have just as much fun that we’ve had maybe even more fun now that you
know some of the top 23 things we do here in Lima crew to have the best
experience that all I can say is new and if you made it this far we want to say
thank you so much and if you haven’t already please be sure to hit that
subscribe button and that notification valves that you get out every time you
post something new exciting again thank you so much for joining us and we look
forward to seeing you on the road – oh good Wow Oh and they are what I’m
talking about

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  1. How much time do you need to do the 23 things you listed in Lima? A week a week and a half?? I believe these types of videos are nice good job! However they fool expats into moving here. I've been here 8 years and unless you have a few 100k laying around you will have to live in bad areas that are really loud and dirty. Plus the average person is not friendly. It's common to have someone cough in your face or laugh in your face. I don't recommend it as a place to live. Just visit and leave you will be way happier. Rent is cheap in the bad areas but almost the same price as the usa in the USA but the quality is low.

  2. @gringo life in Peru, This is a travel to Peru vlog not moving there as an expat. Any city has it’s downfalls, sounds like you just want people to visit your channel!!

  3. Happy New Year! 🍻 🌴 🌞 , hello again, I would like to recommend you, in your next time visit to Peru a places like: Iquitos (in the Heart of the Amazon River ), Arequipa (La ciudad blanca ), Colca canyon, Kuelap (the other Machu Picchu ), the Gocta waterfall, the National Park of Manu (the Jungle in the south part of Peru), in the north of Peru you can visit the Museum of the Lord of Sipan (only compared with the Egyptian of Tutankhamun ), also the Chan Chan a Pre Incas huge adobe City and many others to named from the Incas and pre Incas places all around in Peruvian Country, cheers ☺ 👍

  4. Hey Tanya and Dave!! So cool that you're doing these 23 things to do!! The changing of the guard sounds like a cool thing to see. The street art is cool, and love that it changes regularly! The street food looks amazing!!! The sand surfing would be a great adventure! Those bones were really fascinating to see, and would defintely be intense! The Park of Love sounds like a cool place to see. The paragliding looks so adventurous!! If we ever visit Peru, there are definitely a lot of things on the list that would be fun to check out!! Thanks for taking us with you!! Lots of love to you guys and safe travels and cheers to what 2020 brings! !<3

  5. Nice video as always guys, but let me add a few more things to the list. What about a romantic dinner right on the Pacific Ocean? There is a little town-restaurant called Rosa Nautica and you can see it from Miraflores. Check it out!
    It is also common for people to forget that Metropolitan Lima includes el Callao. Actually that's where you and everyone who comes to Peru lands since airport is also there. In Callao you can visit the peninsula town known as la Punta which overlooks two islands and there are tours that can take you to swim with sea lions. In Monumental Callao there are art galleries and US inspired graffiti art murals. There is also the Real Felipe, a real Spanish military fortress overlooking the ocean where the Spanish defended Lima from the pirates. You can also visit the Abtao museum submarine in el Callao port.

  6. Peru is quite new to us and so curious to explore ^^ we love street foods and yeahh the BBQ looks so good too! great 23 things guys! ^^

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  8. Great video. I love the explanations of each of the activity. The Huaca Pucllana restaurant is awesome and highly recommended

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