Top 3 Worst Attractions in Gatlinburg Tennessee

Top 3 Worst Attractions in Gatlinburg Tennessee

Jared here in Gatlinburg Tennessee and
today I’m here to do something pretty fun today I’m gonna do what I consider
my top three worst attractions to do in Gatlinburg
That doesn’t mean I think you shouldn’t do these attractions quite the
opposite I think they’re that bad and that unique that they are worth experiencing
we’re gonna start off with number three treasure quest golf now here we are
inside treasurequest golf this is just the second hole you ready to do the third
one but we’re having to wait because there’s a lot of people in here doing
and treasure golf today look at this dude no no something seems off with the
way he’s decorated up doesn’t it when the decorations in here are pretty good
like I said treasure gulps not that bad as far as an attraction goes it just
happens to be the bottom of the list when you’re taking into consideration
all of the attractions that are in Gatlinburg five the holes here treasure
golf’s 18-hole course are black lit and we’re about to enter that area right now
any of those old and typos sort of Halloween USA Spirit store torches I
gotta say the music in here is not fitting to the theming I can tell you
that right now then in how these courses
they’re a little bit rough man I’m almost out of the backlight section of
treasure golf the rest of it is pretty well lit so good job much better idea
what it looks like this is the kind of stuff that put this course on my list
here you go just a random will love tester doesn’t really go with the
theming gotta kind of stick with the theme of adventure golf like oh this
hole has just a random support beam right in the middle of it
collabora ‘they mean there’s it real good I’ll look at what the inside of
treasure golf looks like it’s about the clear shot I can give you another
support beam right here in the middle of this hole seems like they could have
done just a little bit better proper place or like the cruise move this
course over six inches I said you have some pirates and some shark miles in
here put this over here I don’t know it’s
just a little dated and that’s all best a little dated I think we got drunk
Billy Crystal back here what in the world right in front of this little tiki
torch I’m sorry tiki hut and over here we got
some more of these out of place little machines and doesn’t necessarily fit the
theming of true razor golf are the expressions on these mannequins faces
are just hilarious to me standing in front of their chests full of jingles
and jingles or whatever and finally we come to a very weathered King Kong
versus Rodin this is a monster mate movie in the making exactly going on
with Kong here man is he wearing this just like the jungles version of Mardi
Gras beads finally for our finale here we’ve got Indiana Jones resetting his
own boulder trap along with his parachute cord whip like how this
particular mannequins are looking at her man saying I can’t believe you want to
go in there and play treasure golf and there you have a treasured golf it’s a
little bit dated looks like it was probably made in like the 80s just never
been updated at all not the worst attraction but certainly not the best
but I’m definitely gonna keep it at number three as far as worst in
Gatlinburg so here we are moving on to the number two worst attraction in
Gatlinburg and I assure you this one is actually a pretty terrible earthquake
the ride look at that long line we’re gonna to get in to get tickets people
have no idea they’re about to get themselves into I’m so excited
he’s back on this sucker earth way Universal Disney asked my
special-effects going on here anyway we’re definitely about to experience a
real earthquake see this poster here lead you to believe that you’re gonna
see some real real special impacts disappointed okay we can attraction it’s on fire No sorry buddy again now why there’s a random ape in the
sewer I don’t know and there we go or eight to ride
well would you think of earthquake the ride a little bit hard to see kind of
hard to hold the camera while that’s all moving around and gyrating but it’s not
that good huh and the number one the worst attraction in Gatlinburg is a
world of illusions here we go I’m so excited to go in here again universally
panned as the worst attraction in Gatlinburg possibly anywhere it’s a little fog tornado what’s that
touch it good Jake can’t touch things what else we get up here oh we’re gonna
do this one in pretty thoroughly look at that oh my gosh it’s a Jake in a bottle
land of illusions huh go back over there so if you go and sit on that bench
he appears in this little globe it’s a genie in a bottle how about that we also
got some coloring book optical illusions if you would see Miss Tenny we’re off to
a great start I remember these things are all the rage when I was a kid you
get them at Spencer’s Spencer’s gifts those are still around
all right Jake we need to move further in this Museum of wonder and amazement
3000 BC and you people believe people can get its obtain water from a rock or
a pretty Strether since it’s more like it belongs in
Ripley’s Believe It or Not not quite sure what the illusion is supposed to be
is it the Little Rock pian there’s a little bench for the genie in the bottle
illusion look at that you sit there the little mirrors transport you up there I
like this one illusion coming soon uh-huh how long that’s been here in here
we have the old pepper ghost illusion hard to see kind of can see it through
the camera it’s basically just using mirrors and light those objects appear
next to that dude with the gigantic his hands holy crow I mean what other
attraction our Museum in the world uses little paper drawings is what you’re
paid to see now there you go fascinating I think
really this one’s more of an accurate representation of the Pepper’s Ghost
illusion werewolves send to vampires this is what was being advertised as new
and exciting time for us to go deeper into the world of illusion here with
plastic children’s magic tricks you can get an any board game kit at any
department store the joking and making fun but I actually get a kick out of
this stuff so while it is definitely the worst attraction you will ever see
probably anywhere I think it’s worth checking out this one’s pretty fun this
supposed to be an object or on a table during the seance it’s a pretty good
little diorama complete with a gypsy right there but look next to her what’s
with the little zombie boy there and here we have the grand finale
leaving your shadow be night oh my goodness all right and there you have it
end of illusion number one worst attraction in Gatlinburg and possibly
anywhere it’s pretty bad but it’s cheap it’s only eight bucks for an adult I
think that was like 12 and older and he was like 7b
that so it’s worth checking out just as a gag but it’s pretty terrible and it
needs a serious update well that’s gonna do it for me today hopefully you enjoyed
watching me go through my top three worst attractions here in gallon burg
like I said earlier they’re pretty bad well I mean the treasure golf’s okay but
they’re all three worth doing just because they’re so kind of kitschy
you’re so bad or outdated normally I wouldn’t say something’s bad or I
wouldn’t do a top three worst of anything but those have been around a
while I kind of like universally panned this being bad and to be honest if
you’re gonna charge as much as you’re gonna charge to do those you know people
should be aware anyway thanks for watching

5 thoughts on “Top 3 Worst Attractions in Gatlinburg Tennessee

  1. Never been in World of Illusion but the other 2 I definitely agree they are right up there for me too. 🤣 Along with Jurassic boat ride down in Pigeon Forge. It's so cheesy! ~Dawn

  2. Great vlog, enjoyed watching as always, if these were in our town we would have the Vlog as top 3 attractions in Wakefield 🤣 Thanks for sharing 🤗👍🇬🇧🤩

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