Top 5 Summer Travel Destinations in India (Tourist Destination in India) | AskMe

So where you gonna go this summer? Well I’ll give you the answers that our
parents would have given or our older brothers; which is to be going to
go to a hill station. So here are some suggestions that stray’s likely from the ordinary but, don’t stray too far. Let’s start with Hill stations. If you go a short distance away from Shimla, if you go to Mashobra, you’ll forget you are near Shimla. It’s
beautiful. Its orchards, its trees its Hills, its forests. It’s clean mountain air, that’s what about an hour
maximum from the center of Shimla and if you live
in a city you’ll be surprised that how beautiful it is. Now most Hill stations in India were built by the British as holiday
places. Munnar is an exception. It was created
by the British, but it was created as a place for tea plantation. There will be elephants, there are sanctuaries nearby and the best part of it that even in May, when the rest of
India is sweltering and unbearable, Munnar rarely goes about 20 degrees. Go to Sikkim. Go to Gangtok. It’s a wonderful atmospheric city.
You can drive out of Gangtok and you can see the most
spectacular orchids in India. You can drive even further, you can go
and see Changu Lake. You’re not far from the border with
China. It’s cool, it’s pleasant. Go to Wellington, which is by far the
prettiest part of the Nilgiris. You may have difficulty
finding a place to stay because the Indian Army runs most of Wellington. But not far from Wellington, not far from Ooty, is Conoor. It’s one of the most
beautiful place in the Nilgiris. There are Tea plantations, Coffee plantations, Hills. Lots and Lots of greenery and it’s quiet, well compared to compared to Ooty, it’s quiet. And, it’s much much cheaper. Okay! I release the big one. Kashmir was traditionally the summer
destination for our parents. For many years, it was locked away. It’s
open now. Everyone’s making a beeline for Srinagar. I strongly recommend you do the same. It’s spectacular. You can take a Shikara,
you can go down Dal lake, you can go up to Gulmarg, you can
see the flowers in bloom, you can see the hills. It is one
of the most special places on Earth. So those are my tips for Summer getaways. You can ask me if you want some other
tips, in fact you can Askme anything!

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