Top 5 Summer Walker | Strange Facts ( London On Da Track, Farting, Social Anxiety & more )

Top 5 Summer Walker | Strange Facts ( London On Da Track, Farting, Social Anxiety & more )

Summer Walker is a lady on the rise, she just
took home Best New Artist at the 2019 Soul Train awards. She went viral with news reports about having
social anxiety and having to cancel her tour. Her socials are blowing up and for a girl
with anxiety she sure knows how to look and act to get people’s attention. Ya, that’s how Summer handles herself at the
airport. I guess it’s a new form of meditation, yoga
on the go or she’s next level when it comes to hiding from the paparazzi. Wether Summer Walker is a fan of her new found
fame she’s about to explode and be known the world over so she’s got a lot to get used
to. She even posted to Instagram. “I had my life all planned out, guess I
just gotta go w the flow now.” Her rise to fame has been an extraordinary
one, from running a cleaning business and working at a gentleman’s clubs to YouTube
tutorials and shout outs from Drake. We will get into all the nitty gritty in this
video. What’s going on guys? It’s your boy Michael McCrudden back at with
another Top 5 video – this time on Summer Walker. We’ve already made a Before They Were Famous
on Summer and you guys had some comments that caught my attention. You also forgot to mention that Summer had
a cleaning business on the side! My girl was a true huslter & Why didn’t he
talk about her cleaning houses it was called summer so clean. At the time we filmed our video this information
wasn’t public knowledge. Not to fret we got it all sorted out in todays
video. If you guys know another artist that is about
to pop be sure to let me know who in the comments or via my DM’s so we can get a video made
on them for you ASAP. Aright, let’s get into this video. First up in the number 5 spot, we are gonna
talk about her social anxiety. Talking about her social anxiety, something
she sais she’s struggeled with since the age of 6 but her new found fame has obviously
taken things to – a whole notha level! She captioned this post:
I truly appreciate all the support and love. As you know, I have been very open about my
struggle with social anxiety. I want to continue to be healthy and to make
music for y’all, so I have decided to cut down some of the dates on the tour. I hope you all can understand. I’m grateful for every single one of you,
and I hope that you understand that wellness/mental health is important. All cancelled dates will be refunded asap. To be fair, she did keep 9 dates on her schedule
including a stop in Toronto next week. Summer has received a ton of backlash over
her announcement with people calling her a fake and everything else under
the sun but she’s stood her ground. I think it’s amazing for someone of this generation
to be a spokesperson for it being okay to let ones work speak for themselves and not
have to be on 24/7. Seriously, I think I got a little social anxiety
of my own! Some kid ran up to me at Wonderland and I
nearly shat my pants. True story! Next up at number 4, let’s did a little deeper
into her past. Summer So Clean! If you haven’t seen Summer’s Before They Were
Famous well let’s roll a short clip:
We got 11 minutes of facts in that video BUT what we missed was that she attended the Art
Institute of Atlanta. She was gaining a following on Vine and even
back then she was up to her old tricks at the airport. She had her cleaning business Summer So Clean
which had it’s own Instagram page, you gotta check this out: Gotta love a girl who isn’t afraid of a little
hard work. After finding those, I’m gonna need to update
her before they were famous. Of course this was her day job. At night… an experience she summed up with
this meme. When you shy af but need the money. In the number 3 spot we gonna talk about her
tattoos, hair, piercings and more. If you ain’t one of the 1.9 Million people
following Summer over on the gram well that girl has a unique look. Right now her hair looks o’ natural but just
this summer she had gone Tekashi rainbow, Joker green, pumpkin orange and recently Royal
Blue. Her body is covered in Tattoos with some new
additions to her neck and a teddy bear on her face. Sh’s also a fan of jewelry on her face…. and I’m guessing
she’s been to a plastic surgeon but let’s keep this party moving…. Next up at number 2 we have her man, London
On Da Track. A man who needs little introduction yet I
still haven’t for some reason made a Before They Were Famous on this man. Anywho, the two have known each other for
years but came out as a couple this year and teamed up for her debut album Over It which
went to number 2 on the Billboard Charts. The two briefly broke up with her posting
to IG that he was a chauvenist and her an alpha female but then he showed up at one
of her shows with flowers and the two have patched things up. After her recent win at the soul train awards
he posed to IG: Congratulations ? The music speaks for u
The anxiety makes u hard to read But to the ones that try to understand
Would kno yo heart is an open book I wouldn’t want u to b no other way
The spirits value you I value you
So proud of you and your journey Best new ARTIST ?¬タヘ? Queen Of R&B Everyone in the rap game seems to be coupling
up. Megan The Stallion and MoneyBag. Quavo and Saweetie. Me and Kara. Joking, not joking! Finally in the number 1 spot, we gotta talk
about her farting! In the interview with Billboard, revealed
her rather unique backstage ritual… I don’t see what the big deal is… she’s
still a super talented babe. Aright, it kinda kills the mood. London On Da Track you can enjoy all that. Aright, I’m wrapping up this video. Of course there are tons of other artists
blowing up on the daily. Keep your suggestions coming in. Best way to get
a hold of me is via my IG and Twitter ya dig.

58 thoughts on “Top 5 Summer Walker | Strange Facts ( London On Da Track, Farting, Social Anxiety & more )

  1. Social anxiety is real. Anxiety disorders, extreme empathy, etc. are real. Extreme introverts can often perform on stage, but can’t interact one on one without anxiety. Being on stage, or behind a cell phone is not as intimate as interacting directly with people. A lot of very creative and talented people suffer from these things. You ridiculous people don’t OWN artists just because you’re a fan. She owns herself. I hope that she gets good people around her and can protect herself from entitled energy vampires who think they have a right to just suck people dry.


  3. "she went viral of her 'social anxiety' and having to cancel her tour"

    nah, she went viral with 'last day of summer' last year.

  4. Her backstage ritual is what?!? ???? when you think about it its good to get it all out cuz I be thinking bout that what if a performer is on stage and the music stops or something but they let one slip ??. Its still funny how she said it tho. I also would like to see this ritual for some reason ??.

  5. Why are people giving her interviews if she has that issue. I wouldn't play her music interview her or even talk about her. I believe an artist should have that whole package including being able to do interviews. Its fucking weird and she needs to work on that.

  6. I f-ing HATE CALIFORNIA!!!! Y'all have the most ridiculous methods for charging people… And MORE than HALF of yall SUCK!!! All of y'all charge too much for travel and for your "time" in addition to the service fee.. but then the service doesn't get done half as good as it would've if you had gone to someone who wasn't going to over charge you. People in LA get all these certifications and degrees just to be outdone by someone who is self taught. So the price is ridiculous and the service sucks. Im basically paying you to come hang out.. DEAR EVERYONE WHO'S NOT FROM CALI, if you go there for any reason, get your hair and nails done in your city before you get on the plane. Im not saying that there's no one in cali who does these things well.. but the ones that do, you're not gonna find them on google. You have to KNOW THEM, and if you're not from the city, how could you? Just get it done before you do. Summer told no lies on that one. Ik from experience.

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