Top 5 tips for tourists visiting Mallorca: Majorca holiday guide

Top 5 tips for tourists visiting Mallorca: Majorca holiday guide

Hi and welcome. In this video my top
five tips for anyone visiting Mallorca. Five tips that will save you both
time and money and they are based on my 15 years of working here with tourists
in Spain. Mallorca – Food & Drinks More and more people are visiting Mallorca on an all inclusive package holiday and that’s great but what many people
don’t realize is that would be much cheaper to book your all-inclusive once
you arrived in the hotel. Booking your all inclusive at the hotel reception
will not only save you on average about 20 percent but it will also allow
you not to have to pay full price for the first and the last day of your holiday.
Days you will be mostly traveling and not in the hotel. So instead of paying this, you will be paying this. Doing it this will also allow you to book by
the day. So if you’re going to spend the day outside of the hotel because you’re
gonna go on an excursion or you want to go to the beach or you wanna go
out to dinner… this day he will not be wasting any money on all-inclusive. Also
like this you will have the possibility to taste the food see what’s on offer
before committing to it for an entire week. Mallorca – Getting there If you looking for your own flights to
Majorca, it is easy. Mallorca only has one airport so you really can’t go wrong. However most people come here on a
package holiday For them, all you need to know is that it will take you 1,5 up to 6 hours to make it to your hotel. This depends where you
gonna be staying on the island. If that takes too long for you, you can always take a taxi. It will cost a little bit more but they will get you there much faster. You can reach anywhere on
the island normally in under an hour. So what are your options if you’re not
traveling on the package holiday. Well one option would be to take a taxi. but do note that prices announced
at the airport are only estimates these will only go up due to recent
roadworks and traffic jams around Palma. Well another option would be to take a
public bus do know that the only direct buses go to Playa de Palma en El Arenal. For any other resort you will have to go to Palma, transfer your
luggage onto another bus, and go with the second bus from there to your resort.
This might cost you a lot of stress and hassle so I would definitely not advise
as the start of your holiday. And even then a dedicated resort shuttle will be cheaper. You will not have to transfer. You just get on at the airport and drive to
you resort. Be aware that resort shuttles can
not be booked in the airport. So be ready and book in advance. The same goes for
taxis. If you wanna take a taxi then please also book in advance. It will
avoid you from having to stand in queues and also give you the benefit of having
a cheaper locked in rate. If you want to book a taxi or bus or
resort shuttle there is a multitude of websites out there that will allow you to do so.
Most of them actually will have the same prices, the same transfer times and
the same buses. They are just a booking agent. The big difference in it is how they
treat you afterwards. I like to advise you because they
treat you very well. They send you an email explaining you for every
destination that you might be visiting in this case Mallorca specifically.
They will send you an email how, what, when and where. And not only
this, they send you a text at the beginning and the ending of your holiday also
telling you who and where you will be picked up by. Mallorca – Excursions If you want to go on an excursion on Majorca there is some simple things to keep in mind. Well they might sound simple but year
after year after year I see people making the same mistakes. First of all if you are gonna book an excursion, book it only from people you know and trust. No matter how good the deal might be,
never buy it from a flyer you find on the street or people you’ve randomly met. Yes in most cases you will be going on an excursion, you will be doing something
fun but also keep in mind that half of the day you will be watching some type
of presentation where they will try to sell you something. Another thing that is important to know,
if your gonna go on an excursion and you are 4 or 5 people, in most cases
you’re better off booking the thickets yourself and renting a car. Like this you
have your own time schedule and things are easy to find on Mallorca, the island is not so big. Use your phone, use some type of navigation app and you will easily drive
there. Beating all the queues and all the buses that will arrive there at the same
time. Last but not least there are a lot excursions on Majorca.
There is really a lot to do. But which one is right for you? Well this depends on what
you actually prefer. So I have a video on this. If you want to check that one out
later, I will put the link here in the cards section and you can see independently advised, which one you should take. Mallorca – Cheeky tip Before I move on to my last tip I quickly have to do a sneaky one. Over the many years I have been working here in Majorca I have found out time and time again that people have a bad holiday or something
didn’t go quite as expected it simply because they have been given the wrong
information. And why is this simply because most of the information out
there is made to sell you something. Sell you a specific hotel or sell you a
specific excursion it’s all about sales. That’s why I would very much like you to
subscribe to my channel Where I give independent advice on excursions, destinations, hotels and many more things. Why do I do this? Well simply because I
believe that when someone works an entire year for their holiday they should
be able to come to Mallorca and have an excellent one. Mallorca – Your resort A lot of people still think of Majorca as one big island, one big Mallorca that is all the same. And that is absolutely not true because we have so much variety. Over 40 different resorts there that are all uniquely different. We have
resort like Alcudia which is a big melting pot with a very nice beach and very specifically
for people with young children. Then we have to resorts like Pollensa which are more for couples who would like to have a nice, relaxed, quiet holiday. Then we
have El Arenal which is for people from Germany who like to party. Then we have
Magaluf which are more aimed towards people from a England and also Scandinavia. Then we have Cala Millor which is basic family resort. Then we also have Cala Ratjada which is a bit of a mix of the both. Its
party and it’s also for families and it’s mostly for German people. But of course
all these resorts everyone else will also be welcome in. It is not because it is aimed at a specific
type of person, that you have to be that type of person to go there. So please very
importantly, if you book a last minute holiday or a special offers, know where
you gonna go. Because I have seen time and time again people who wanted to
party end up in a resort where there is absolutely nothing to do in the evening and
people who are traveling with kids end up a resort that is extremely loud.
So to avoid this, look a little bit on the internet, have a look at your resort
and where you are actually going. All there’s left for me to do is to wish you a great holiday in Majorca. I hope you truly very much enjoy it and please
check out also the rest of my videos to get more information.

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  6. Hi,
    Very nice and helping video! I Always loved it when people do this kind of realistic reviews and tips!
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  12. Please, DO NOT PAY all inclusive, that's the worst thing you could do if you really want to enjoy Majorca… I've been working for a long time in hotels as I am Majorcan and it's one of the most common jobs anyone here could get… It's terrible to promote this kind of tourism, I'm sorry if you don't want to hear that but it's part of your responsibilty… Because of that we work a lot of hours and most of the main companies make us work 6 days of 7, it gets hard to the staff. Get out of the hotel, go for a walk and enjoy the propper island and the towns, and PLEASE pay the service to people who really want to cook the traditional food (my recommendation: go to places called "Celler", there are many around the island and it's typical and the best one…) THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your understood, let others know about the reality if you really want to keep enjoying the best way our beautiful home.

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  15. Please, update your information.
    The Aerotib bus service connects the Palma airport with different towns around Mallorca without the need for transfers.

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