Top 5 Tips for Winter Backpacking and Camping

Top 5 Tips for Winter Backpacking and Camping

Welcome to the wonderful world of winter
camping. I want to talk to you about the top five ways that you can enjoy winter
camping. Welcome to the wonderful world of winter camping. A lot of people are a
little bit intimidated when it comes to winter camping but I want to reassure
you it can be a wonderful experience. The most important thing is staying warm.
That is one of the main things that people are really concerned about.
Obviously, it feels like it’s freezing out there, how do you enjoy that? So we’re
gonna go over the top five tips for winter backpacking and camping. When it
comes to clothing it’s important to layer so I like to start with a good
base layer, something that wicks moisture away and then your mid layer, that’s
something that’s going to provide good insulation, a good layer that you can use
for when it’s when it’s warm, you’re working hard and you’re hiking and
sweating you can go down to that mid layer and probably ditch this big puffy
jacket and then as soon as you stop you want to also have something that’s going
to be really warm and keep you well insulated, so I always love to have a
good down jacket and then one other thing is you want to have a good
hardshell, something like something that you would take skiing or something like
that, but a good hardshell to keep you protected from the from the elements.
Getting good sleep is super important for backcountry and winter camping, so
how do you do that you basically need to pair a good sleeping bag with a good
mattress, something that will keep you off the snow and keep your body warm all
night long. This is from the Col series from Marmot and this is a negative 20
degree fahrenheit bag and I absolutely love this bag. There’s nothing better
than getting inside of it and warming up and sleeping super cozy and soundly all
night long. This bag basically has a lot of key
features that I love, it’s got a really warm foot box so your feet don’t freeze
overnight, it’s got a really bomber draft collar, so that it locks in all of your
heat while you sleep and it doesn’t escape through the night. That’s really
important to have a good sleeping bag and that makes all the difference in the
world. The next thing that I truly love is a four season sleeping mattress.
This right here is the Comfort Plus sleeping mattress from Sea to Summit
and it is truly wonderful thing to sleep on. Sometimes I even do carry it it’s a
little bit heavier but I’ll carry it even in the summer time just cuz it’s so
comfortable but one of the key things about this is that there’s dual chambers.
So basically on this underside all of this air is separated from what’s on the
top side, so it keeps the cold air against the snow or ice or ground and it
keeps the warm air against me and comfortable and happy and then also that
way my body is not constantly trying to warm up the air that’s against the snow.
My body is only maintaining the temperature of this top layer of this
dual chamber sleeping mattress and this mattress also has down inside here so it
actually will be even more of an insulator than your otherwise typical
three-season mattress. So I love this thing, it’s super awesome it is a little
bit heavier but that’s everything that we’re dealing with with winter is a
little beefier, a little bit heavier that goes the extra step to keep you warm. A
handy thing to do is to use your body as a dryer so basically as you’re going out
throughout your day you’re gonna be sweating, you’re gonna get things wet. I
like to keep a pair of socks tucked in my down jacket and that dries it out and
I’ll rotate that multiple times throughout the day and then when I go to
sleep at night, I’ll throw clothes into my sleeping bag and my body will keep
those things dry so there’s any moisture, by the morning when it’s time to go to a
new day I’ve got dry clothes. So this was a game changer for me but when it’s time
to go to bed at night before you do, fill up a Nalgene bottle with hot water, tuck
that in your sitting bag and you’ve got a heater that’ll keep you warm all night
long. Winter camping is different than summer camping in many ways and one of
them is about how to plan for your food that you’re going to take in the
backcountry. So there’s a few things that I think are really important to keep in
mind and that is how many calories you are consuming. Your body is going to be
burning through far more calories in the winter than it does in otherwise three
season adventures, so things that I want to do are basically bring a lot more
food and bring different types of food. The types of food that I’m looking for
in general are higher in fat content a mistake that people often make they
don’t bring enough food, they treat it like a summer adventure
where it’s okay to go a little hungry from time to time to save weight…don’t
do that with winter camping. Bring plenty of food and really constantly be feeding
your body calories. So I like to have lots of things like pro bars or
different like trail bars also bringing almonds and bacon for breakfast things
that are kind of higher in fat content but basically just constantly be eating
or snacking, it’s a good excuse to do that and give your body something to
work with. Give your body fuel to work with, to keep you warm. So there’s
really no set rules but do yourself a favor whatever you’re planning for for
your summer adventures take about 50% more food for your winter adventures and
you’ll thank yourself. With winter camping it all comes down to being
comfortable, if you’re doing that you’re happy. So hopefully these tips helped you
out and you enjoy them if you did like it please stick around and subscribe and
we got more cool stuff coming your way enjoy!

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  1. Jonesing for some winter backpacking but the avalanche risk in CO is off the charts. Hopefully things will chill out later this month!

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