Top 5 Trendy Holiday Vacation Destinations | MojoTravels

Top 5 Trendy Holiday Vacation Destinations | MojoTravels

‘Tis the season to treat yourself welcome to MojoTravels and today we’re counting down our picks for the top five trendy winter holiday vacation destinations for Americans in 2019 are you a fan of our videos be sure to subscribe to mojo travels and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos for this list we’re looking at the most popular destinations for American travelers looking to get away to some sand and surf during the holiday season of December 2019 as identified by Google travel trends number 5 belize city belize well it was only a matter of time for decades travelers in the know have been keeping this beautiful Central American nation to themselves but it would appear that the masses have finally caught on in 2018 the Caribbean Journal identified Belize as quote the Caribbeans fastest growing destination and the 2019 holiday season seems poised to solidify that claim but given that its Central America’s least densely populated country rest assured that even with increasing numbers of travelers you can still find plenty of peace quiet and personal space though Belize City may no longer technically be the nation’s capital it remains the country’s historic and cultural heart here you can sample the humble but delicious offerings of belizean cuisine admire the Victorian colonial architecture and brush up on the nation’s fascinating history we’ll let you in on a secret though what Google Trends doesn’t tell you is that often Belize City can serve as more of a launch pad than an end destination. Travelers typically only spend a day or two here on either end of the trip once you leave the city that’s when the adventure really begins Belize is home to many well-preserved Mayan ruins such as shounan twin H and catacomb San Ignacio is the quintessential Belizean town, rich in charm culture and friendly locals those looking for the classic Caribbean beach experience are sure to enjoy Key Cocker and placencia however those in search of the country’s most picturesque ocean view will wanna head to ambergris Key Belize of course offers great opportunities for hiking as well as world-class diving number four st. Lucia this Eastern Caribbean nation is the sort of destination you might imagine catering to the beautiful rich famous a fluent yet unless you’re committed to a luxury experience st. Lucian need not be a more expensive holiday escape than most other Caribbean destinations the view from your beach chair however is guaranteed to look like a million bucks with its sandy golden shoreline lush forests and towering green mountains the landscape of st. Lucia certainly inspires though the spa treatments are the quickest route to rest and relaxation the island is equally known for the unique hiking opportunities it presents how many people can say they climbed and conquered the Pitons over the holidays one of the things people tend to be most surprised about when visiting st. Lucia is the quality of the food when you hear the term Beach vacation one usually thinks of all-inclusive and let’s be honest the meals are usually the worst part of that package but in st. Lucia even the foodie in your family is likely to be satisfied the local cuisine is a unique and enticing blend of East Indian British and French cuisine from roadside Street food vendors to more upscale restaurants it’s easy to get a great meal highlights include the fresh lobster callaloo and Lumbee or as you might know it conch number three Aruba it seems travelers departing from the United States are feeling very Caribbean minded this year and can you blame them nothing is better than the sound of the ocean and the feeling of sand beneath our toes when you know that back home they just got another two feet of snow a constituent country that technically remains part of the kingdom of the Netherlands Aruba is a small island nation just 69 square miles in size don’t let its modest footprint fool you though it squeezes in a whole lot of tropical paradise with swaying palm trees turquoise water and golden beaches the weather here is hot, but not oppressively so given that it’s a dry heat and the tropical marine climate limits the temperature with a cool breeze of course if you ever tire of lounging by the beach sipping the island’s namesake cocktail Aruba Arriba the capital city of a rainy estat always makes for a good visit practically a postcard come to life it’s full of colorful buildings with architecture bearing the distinct mark of Dutch influence shopaholics will be very pleased with what the stores have to offer while the nightlife is similarly known to be excellent number two and Cayman Island the largest of the three islands that make up the Caymans Grand Cayman Island is home to the territory’s capital city Georgetown as well as an estimated sixty three thousand residents after spending a week or two there we suspect you’ll be tempted to add yourself to the headcount of permanent residents Grand Cayman is an island of beaches but its crowning jewel is the world-renowned Seven Mile Beach which consistently ranks among the most popular and highly regarded stretches of shoreline on the planet of course even the most spectacular of beaches can get old if there’s nothing else to do in the area rest assured on Grand Cayman Island you will rarely get bored one of the must-try experiences of Grand Cayman is Stingray City in the North Sound here among the sandbars travelers can get up close and personal with stingrays in their natural habitat similarly popular is a nighttime trip to a bay on the north side of the island where bioluminescent phytoplankton create quite the surreal light show add in scuba diving a variety of watersports and fresh seafood and really doesn’t matter like a gift you deserve this holiday season number one puppy eighty Tahiti hobby a team might not carry the same name recognition as our last three entries but trust us when we say that it deserves the top spot plus there is really no arguing with the numbers according to Google Trends it’s just about the trendiest holiday destination during winter 2019 so let’s take a closer look shall we poppy 80 is actually the capital of Tahiti in French Polynesia a port city it’s the heart of Tahitian culture from the marche pappie 80 where you’ll find fresh produce seafood hand crafts and more to the evening food court at plus v8a where food trucks known locally as hula to set up shop each evening poppy 80 is the perfect destination for anyone looking for more than just Sun and sand out of their winter vacation really poppy IT offers up the perfect balance a slow-moving relaxed pace and carefree approach to life in paradise coupled with just enough to see and do to ensure that the more active members of your group are not tuning out by this point you might be getting tired of hearing about beaches but then again if you’re dreaming of a winter holiday probably not in poppy tea is a great home base for exploring the rest of the island which boasts an abundance of natural beauty including Vulcan make black sand beaches from hiking and snorkeling to a jeep safari through the lush Tahitian forests or a lagoon cruise Tahiti has so much to offer and pop Yeti is the perfect place to return every night for great food drink and a peaceful night’s sleep do you agree with our pics check out this other recent clip for mojo travels and be sure to subscribe and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos you

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