Top 5 Under Tourism Destinations | MojoTravels

Top 5 Under Tourism Destinations | MojoTravels

Head off the beaten track to one of these hidden gems. Welcome to Mojo Travels and today we’re counting down our picks for the top five under tourism destinations are you a fan of our videos be sure to subscribe to mojo travels and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos for this list we’re looking at destinations marketing themselves and gaining prominence under the new classification of under tourism according to National Geographic each of our entries are prime holiday spots which have historically struggled to compete with more popular nearby alternative cities or resorts in recent years the world has become increasingly conscious of the damaging effects of over tourism which include rampant pollution overburdened infrastructure and the gentrification of local neighborhoods in response many responsible travelers are seeking out alternatives without compromising on the richness of a full authentic experience number five quail a Peru this Peruvian archaeological site is a perfect alternative for those looking to avoid adding to the already huge tourism burden on Machu Picchu which of course has established itself as one of the world’s top bucket list destinations the lesser known site of quail up is actually even more ancient than its Incan brother predating the lost village by some 900 years given that quail ups its 10,000 feet above sea level it’s easy to see why the original inhabitants of this incredible site were known as cloud warriors the walled settlement consists of some 550 structures many of which are adorned with intricate stone carvings in 2017 the Peruvian government spent 20 million dollars on a cable car up the mountain in order to make the ruins accessible for casual tourism the epic cliffside journey takes around 20 minutes affording visitors incredible misty views of the beautiful oakum Bumba Valley with luxurious double rooms at the nearby Cooke to lodge available from as little as 250 dollars kweilyn poppers an affordable insight into an ancient world number for today as to Italy Venice’s problems with over tourism are well known throughout the summer the sinking city is dangerously overcrowded with some 2.2 million tourists lining the narrow streets and canals every day with daily cruises wrecking the waterways and putting a strain on infrastructure the local and national governments are making an active effort to promote the nation’s other treasures one such destination is the stunning sea port of Trieste just a few hours away by train to the north today Estes it’s near the Slovenian border boasting its own canal network and impressive assortment of palaces today esta has long been an important political and cultural melting pot attracting Royals and artists alike including James Joyce and Heine Mejia vodka in fact it was in Thea stood that James Joyce started work on his masterpiece Ulysses which is widely regarded as the most important novel of the 20th century in 2012 Lonely Planet contested the most overlooked destination on earth praising the incredible architecture relaxed cafe lifestyle and the local cuisine add to all of that the neighboring nature reserves and sun-drenched beaches and tea esta truly has a little of everything to offer number three kept Cambodia once exclusively the haunt of Cambodian high rollers camp is now being promoted as cambodia’s premier tourist destination as Phuket struggles under the burden of pollution and ecological destruction it’s no wonder that kep has been perfectly content to keep a low profile once a beach resort for the colonial French elite kep is still fit for a king but far more accessible and inclusive than it once was overlooking the Gulf of Thailand the region is abundant in natural beauty from the lush jungle vegetation to the golden sandy beaches there’s no shortage of picture-perfect opportunities to light up your Instagram perhaps chief among these attractions is keps butterfly farm a tranquil netted space on the Jasmine Valley Trail dedicated to education and ecological preservation just a short trek or cycle away as kep National Park a hikers paradise offering well-worn trails for visitors of all fitness levels praised by visitors for its welcoming and safe atmosphere kep has a laid-back vibe perfect for those looking to avoid the crowds put their feet up and feel all their worries wash away number 2 game out IH Portugal having just experienced a nine percent year-on-year rise in flight traffic Lisbon is heaving under the weight of tourism with many locals uniting in protest against the perceived destruction of their city it’s a perfect time to explore what else this beautiful country has to offer hidden away in the north of Portugal is ge-ma- – a medieval city and unesco world heritage site often referred to as the birthplace of the country due to its links with alfonso first king of portugal today the city is a stunning blend of ancient tradition and modern luxury home to a 10th century castle cobbled streets and many open-air cafes there’s a historic splendor to the space but it’s at night that the town really comes alive nearly every tour a sand bar is lit up with the sound of live music seemingly every night of the week and tourists are readily welcomed throughout the city at just an hour’s drive from the buzzy city of Porto key Mata is easily accessible wonderfully inviting and historically resplendent what’s not to love number one Brussels Belgium sure it may be surprising to think that a capital city could suffer from under tourism but compared to the nearby fairytale town of Bruges Belgium has long been neglected by the majority of tourists it’s best known as the de facto capital of the European Union but Brussels is so much more than politics and boardrooms with an impressive selection of world-class museums and art galleries a thriving beer scene and regular music festivals Brussels can compete with the best of Europe’s elite when it comes to entertainment and culture take a walk from the heart of old town through incredible gothic plazas and baroque archways and make your way to the Belgian comic strip Center a gorgeous Art Nouveau building celebrating tanta and other iconic belgian characters and of course no trip to Brussels is complete without indulging in some authentic Belgian chocolate the city is overflowing with traditional chocolate ears with many offering the opportunity to get involved behind the scenes in private expert-led workshops now doesn’t that sound like a simply scrumptious holiday do you agree with our picks check out this other recent clip for mojo travels and be sure to subscribe and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos [Music]

16 thoughts on “Top 5 Under Tourism Destinations | MojoTravels

  1. Brussels is nice but not a place to spend too long in, its best to have your hotel stay there and then spending some days going to nearby towns. I'd say around 3 days is a good amount of time to enjoy Brussels.

  2. Been to Brussels twice for the Tomorrowland festival and I could say it was always good times. Brussels Beer scene is the best!

  3. I disagree with Brussels. For reasons that everyone knows but won't talk about, Brussels has become one of the most dangerous cities in Europe especially for females.

  4. Great video😄😄
    I would also take in consider:😅
    Damascus Syria
    We all know why it's not visited much anymore
    But it's back and you can check many vloggers that visited recently
    Like drew bensky😄😄

    I also think eastern Europe in general is amazing and many ignores much that the country can provide
    Like all people consider visiting Budapest and very few know any other Hungarian beautiful cities and towns
    Almost the same for Germany too
    With amazing nature and a loooot of castles that most Germans well spend a life time without visiting them all😀

  5. I'm from Trieste and it's the first time ever that I see someone mentioning it on a travel related YouTube channel! And yes, I have to agree, Trieste is a little gem, definitely worth it! 😉

  6. South America has so many hidden gems … Chile/Argentina winter stations, Brazil's NorthEast and South, Punta del Leste in Uruguay, Ecuatorian islands … the list goes on and on

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