Top 7 Hidden Secrets at Disneyland – Pt 3

Top 7 Hidden Secrets at Disneyland – Pt 3

Welcome to TPMvids Disney Beat where we talk
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find us @TPMvideos. Disneyland is said to be the happiest place
on Earth. One comment I see a lot on the channel is
how you all want more videos about Disneyland so we’re here to deliver just that. The Disneyland resort is filled with lots
of magic which include many hidden secrets and details at both Disneyland and Disney
California Adventure. We already have a few videos dedicated solely
to Disneyland secrets so if you haven’t seen those yet, they’re all in the card
on the right hand side. This list contains some of my favourite details
so get ready to explore more of the Disneyland Resort as we count down the Top 7 Hidden Secrets
at Disneyland Part 3. Number 7
It’s almost impossible to visit Disneyland and not get a snack while strolling through
the park and the scent of fresh popcorn in the air might influence your decision. So as you walk past these popcorn carts all
around the park, keep an eye open for the hidden Roastie Toasties. Now you’re probably wondering what they
heck is a Roastie Toastie? Well they’re these little mechanical figurines
that can be found turning the gears to help pop the popcorn; they date all the way back
to when Disneyland first opened in 1955. Originally, the Roastie Toasties were all
clowns like this one here in the hub or this one by It’s A Small World. As time went on, some of the clowns were modified
into other figures that matched each land or attraction. This Dapper Dan figure can be found on Main
Street, there’s a Davy Crockett figure in Frontierland and by the Matterhorn Bobsleds
you can find the Yeti, which was broken…wait this isn’t Expedition Everest. Disco Yeti? The Roastie Toasties are just another small
detail that makes Disneyland stand out from the rest. On this day around the park not all of the
figures were out so next time you’re at Disneyland and even Disney California Adventure,
talk a walk around and see how many different popcorn people you can spot. Number 6
Heading over to Disney California Adventure, Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout takes
you into the collectors fortress. Once you’re inside, many artifacts and creatures
are on display. Glass cases can be found hanging above the
foyer which contain many otherworldly creatures but there’s one creature that’s very familiar
to Disney park fans. Everyone’s favorite purple dragon Figment
from EPCOT’s Journey Into Imagination can be found hidden in one of the display cases. Although the case is a bit foggy, you can
make out Figment’s pink stomach and you can see his little dragon hands up against
the glass; this isn’t just a figment of your imagination. This marks the first time Figment has been
seen in a Disney park outside of Epcot. Now Mission Breakout features many easter
eggs, a lot of which relate to Marvel or Disneyland itself, such as the old Yeti Animatronic from
the Matterhorn Bobsleds. So how did the collector get his hands on
Figment from Epcot and what’s he doing at Disney California Adventure. Well back in 2014 Marvel released a Figment
comic book series so this hidden Figment in the queue pays tribute to the comics. It is uncertain if this figment is one of
the original animatronic figures from Journey into Imagination. I mean their poses do look very similar, but
what do you think? Comment below. Number 5- Sun and Moon
When someone mentions It’s A Small World you probably have one of two reactions: oh
my gosh that ride is so annoying or I love it, it’s a Disney classic. Well whether you love or hate it, here’s
a little hidden detail to keep you occupied on the 14-minute ride. The It’s A Small World theme song was written
by The Sherman Brothers as an anthem for World Peace. The first verse talks about laughter, tears,
hopes and fears then in the 2nd verse we hear: There is just one moon and one golden sun
and a smile means friendship to everyone. Well, the sun and moon are really important
parts of the song. As each show scenes brings you into a different
part of the world, there is always one sun and one moon placed in each room. Sometimes they’re more obvious than other
hidden abstract sun and moons but they’re in there. This was intentionally done to show that no
matter where you are in the world, we’re all united by the same sun and moon. So next time you’re on It’s A Small World
at Disneyland see how many sun and moons you can find! Number 4
Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge is the newest area at Disneyland full of hidden secrets and easter
eggs and this next one is all about trash. Once you’re inside the Black Spire Outpost
Marketplace right here beside the restrooms you’ll find this water fountain station. When you translate this Aurebesh sign it says
“WARNING. This water is not safe to consume for most
lifeforms. Please drink with caution.” Now don’t worry the water is completely
safe to drink but be prepared to be greeted by a little hidden surprise. Living in the water tank is the one-eyed Dianoga
monster and you might remember this creature from the compactor scene in Episode 4 A New
Hope. The animatronic is an interactive figure that’s
activated when someone presses one of the buttons but it does take a little while to
appear. In this sequence where the creature fully
extends out of the water, you get a good glimpse into how detailed it really is. Now continuing on the trash tropic, Disney
is known for their themed trash cans and these are what they look like in Galaxy’s Edge. That number on the trashcan: 3263827 isn’t
just some random number and is pretty significant. It’s actually a Star Wars Easter egg and
it’s the number of the trash compactor from that scene in Episode 4. At the end of the scene, Luke talks to C-3PO
over the radio and says: Number 3
Pacific Wharf at Disney California Adventure is based off of the Fisherman’s Wharf in
Monterey, California. There are a couple ways to enter the land
but did you know that this bridge here simulates a 2.0 earthquake? It’s true. But you might be thinking to yourself, well
wait I’ve walked across this bridge many times and I’ve have never felt it shake. Well, you aren’t wrong because you only
feel it if you stop on the bridge. So next time walk to the halfway point, stop
and when you do you’ll feel this constant tremor under your feet. Now there are some people who think that the
shaking is just from other guests walking over the bridge but even when no one else
is on it, you still feel the tremor. Try it for yourself next time you’re at
the park. Now another place in Pacific Wharf where you
can experience an earthquake is in the Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop. Inside there’s an awesome interactive mural
that comes to life when certain items are ordered. When someone orders the Earthquake sundae
the back mural shakes to simulate an earthquake. It’s a really cool piece of art! Number 2
New Orleans Square is full of many surprises whether you’re on the lookout for Captain
Jack Sparrow, joining the 999 happy haunts or just walking around taking in the atmosphere. Well along the walkway by the Rivers of America
there’s a hidden crypt that appears to be patched up with bricks. You can find it pretty much parallel to the
Haunted Mansion but you’re probably wondering what’s it’s doing in New Orleans Square. Well, it’s actually a remanent leftover
from an unbuilt attraction concept. In a Blog Post by former Imagineer Eddie Sotto,
he talks about a project that would turn Tom Sawyer Island into LafFitte’s Island based
off the French Pirate Jean LafFitte. It was planned to have LafFitte’s crypt
along the Rivers of America across from the Haunted Mansion. You’d enter the crypt and travel through
a tunnel under the River to get to the island. This was a way to eliminate the rafts and
create a better flow to the Tom Sawyer Island but none of this ever came to fruition. Back in the early 90s when they were redoing
the New Orleans walkway as a viewing area for Fantasmic, Imagineers placed this sealed
crypt along the wall to eventually help tell the story of LafFitte’s Island. In 2007, Tom Sawyer Island was transformed
into Pirates Lair based off the Pirates of the Caribbean film series and even though
it’s not LafFitte’s island some of Sotto’s ideas made it into Pirate’s Lair. Number 1
If you’re a Beauty and the Beast fan get ready because one of the best-hidden secrets
at Disney California adventure can be found in the Animation Building. You may have gone inside this building to
escape the heat or experience some of the attractions but there’s one attraction that
many people seem to overlook. At the back you’ll see a sign for the Sorceror’s
Workshop and if you head to the left and go down the ramp you’ll enter the walkthrough
attraction. The first room is the Magic Mirror Realm where
you get the opportunity to play with some animation displays. Then if you continue through you’ll enter
the best hidden room at Disneyland which is the Beast’s Library or is it the west wing. Well they call it the library which that what
it looks to be, but if you’re familiar with the movie then you know the picture of the
Prince and the red rose is in the West Wing. Well either way, this room is truly magical
because every 4 minutes, you’ll hear the rumbling of thunder as it transforms from
the library into the west wing. The pedals even fall off the rose. The room is also equipped with interactive
games and activities but just seeing this transformation take place is worth the visit. Now when you first walk in the sign on the
wall says that you can find Ursula’s Grotto after the Beast’s Library but the Grotto
was removed to make way for the Elsa and Anna meet and greet, so sadly that no longer exists
but definitely go to check out the library next time you’re at DCA. So did you know about any of these little
hidden details before this video? Do you have any other favorite hidden secrets
at the Disney parks? I’d love to know! Leave a comment down below to start a conversation
and don’t forget to hit that like button if you enjoyed the video. Oh and be sure to out check some of these
other videos which we think you’ll enjoy.

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