Top 7 Sightseeing Spots in Odaiba | Tokyo Japan Vlog

Top 7 Sightseeing Spots in Odaiba | Tokyo Japan Vlog

こんにちは (Hello)! 大家好。 This is Seraph, and welcome to Odaiba!
我是Seraph,欢迎来到御台场! Odaiba is an artificial island in Tokyo Bay
御台场是日本东京湾的人工岛, turned into a shopping and amusement center
也是个非常受欢迎的商场与娱乐景点。 with lots of sightseeing spots. Here are the best 7, in my opinion.
我会介绍我认为是七个最棒的景点。 Firstly, It would be to hard to miss the pop of
第一,你不可能会错过这巨大 rainbow wheel high up in the sky, the Daikanransha.
的彩虹摩天轮。 Second, you can enjoy the salty sea breeze
第二, 你可以一边享受海风 whilst admiring the iconic Rainbow Bridge.
一边观赏彩虹大桥。 Look, it’s a jellyfish!
看!是一只水母! Oh my god, there was a crab on it just now,
天啊,刚才在水母上有只螃蟹, but it’s gone now.
但是消失了。 Where’s the crab?
到底在哪啊? Hey there’s a crab here!
这里有一只螃蟹! There are two famous statues here, and one of them is
这里有两座著名的雕像。 the Statue of Liberty!
其中一个是自由女神像。 As you can see, it’s right behind me.
就在我后面! 3rd, the Statue of Liberty is a great photo opp with
第三, 自由女神像的背景是彩虹岛桥, the Rainbow Bridge as a backdrop.
所以是个最佳拍照的景点。 And the second statue behind me is Gundam!
而我身后的第二座雕像是! Super impressive, right?
非常壮伟,对吗? 4th, the Unicorn Gundam Statue is a fan favourite,
第四,非常受欢迎, with many people lining up to take a photo with it.
大家都想要跟它合照。 And yes, I was one of them.
是的,我也不例外。 5th, the Fuji TV building is not only beautiful on the outside,
第五,富士电视台不只外表亮眼, some parts are open to public for free.
里面的一部分地方还免费公开给公众。 This escalator is really cool, isn’t it?
这电动扶梯真的很酷吧。 Poop for snack?
敢不敢吃粪便零食? And the best part of the building?
这大厦最棒的地方? The anime shops which are designed to
这些动漫店,因为它们的设计 look like just the anime.
就例如是动漫世界似的。 I’m really looking forward to the last place I’m going to,
我真的很期待我要去的最后一个地方, and that is, VenusFort shopping mall,
就是维纳斯堡购物中心, because it recreates the look of European streets.
因为它里面的设计就像欧洲的城市。 Somehow I am now transported back into ancient Japan
好奇怪,我反而穿越时光到了古老日本。 instead of Europe, strange. 6th, the History Garage was something I stumbled into,
第六, 我不小心进了这个博物馆, but it is a pretty cool museum, and it’s free!
但是挺有趣的, 而且还是免费的哦! And, lastly, the most romantic shopping mall
最后,我去过最浪漫的购物中心, I‘ve been to, the VenusFort.
维纳斯堡。 And the ceilings have a really cool feature,
它的天花板还有一个特点, they constantly change from day to night.
就是它会不断的从白天变成黑夜。 If you stay until the sun sets,
如果你待到太阳下山, you will see the various scenic spots light up.
你会看到一些景点亮灯。 Thanks for watching my video, I hope you’ve enjoyed
谢谢收看, 希望你喜欢 this day out in Odaiba with me,
跟我一起在御台场游玩, and don’t forget to keep a lookout for my next post!
还有不要忘记收看我的下一个短片哦! じゃ、またね〜(See you!)

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