Top 9 Silverado 1500 Truck Camping Accessories🏕️ | Get Your Truck Camping Ready – The Haul

Top 9 Silverado 1500 Truck Camping Accessories🏕️  | Get Your Truck Camping Ready – The Haul

Hey, guys. It’s Joe from AmericanTrucks. And today, we’re gonna be going over some
of the best camping modifications for your Silverado. Now camping is one of my favorite activities,
almost nothing is better than getting away from home, sitting around the fire with a
cold beer, telling stories with the boys and sleeping under the stars. So what we’ve compiled for you today, it’s
gonna be a great list of mods, whether you’re out there camping, tailgating or just looking
to party it up a little bit during the occasional off-road trip. Now right off the bat, I did want to mention
this isn’t gonna be your all-inclusive list of mods with everything you need to survive
in the wilderness but it’s gonna be a good collection of what we at AmericanTrucks can
help you out with. We got some cool gadgets, we got some utility,
and we also have some quality of life stuff to make that time away from home just that
much better. Now if your family is anything like my family,
we bring all of the amenities with us camping. Some of you might call that glamping or for
the less initiated out there, glamour camping and I am definitely guilty as charged. I’m willing to bet though some of you guys
are probably in the same boat and space is a hot commodity and that’s gonna bring us
to our first mod here, the Smittybilt two-inch receiver heat rack. So if you’re not towing anything with your
truck, this is gonna be a great addition to get some more space. This thing is made out of steel, it’s got
that awesome black powder coat finish on there and it’s gonna be 20x60x3-1/4-inches deep,
really good bit of space, perfect for gear bags, coolers, as you can see right here,
kids’ bikes, this is gonna be a great option. This thing loads up to around 200 pounds or
500 if you evenly distribute the weight, cost around 75 bucks, comes with a limited lifetime
warranty. It’s a great addition to the rear of your
truck. Next up, a true classic, the hard folding
tonneau cover, this thing is almost a must. A great option to keep your gear dry and safe
from people but animals too. This one, in particular, is Undercover’s ultra
flex trifold tonneau. It’s a great, great option, aluminum in its
construction. You get this nice seal and it has a built-in
drainage system as well to keep your stuff dry. This thing rolls up really quick and down
really quick, so this is going to be awesome when you’re taking out gear. It’s gonna allow you to get to what you need
really, really quickly. Now one of the biggest draws, in my opinion,
with this one is going to be security and we harp on this a lot at AmericanTrucks. All that separates someone who wants to get
into the bed of your truck and whatever is in the bed of your truck is going to be a
simple pocket knife like this one which most people at the campsite probably have. This is going to take a lot more gear to get
into than those regular old vinyl tonneau covers. The aluminum is lightweight and durable. The low profile and black textured finish
make this thing look awesome on the rear of your truck. It’s also USA-made backed with a five-year
warranty. Great, great option for keeping anything valuable
or expensive secure in the bed of your truck. So next up, I mentioned expensive stuff while
you’re out camping and our next product is definitely going to fall into that category,
but I think this is one of the most valuable tools we have with us today, it’s the ARB
82-quart fridge freezer. Now we all know ice has a lifespan when you’re
away from home, that stuff does not last too long. This is gonna get your right past that problem,
it goes all the way down to zero degrees. You can plug it into either the cigarette
lighter in the rear seat of your truck or if you own a brand new Silverado like this
one here it comes with 120-volt outlet plug right in the bed of your truck, that’s perfect
for something like this. Now what I’m thinking with this one is medicine,
insulin, baby formula, coffee creamer or if you’re doing anything near the water, you
bring the fishing poles with you, this is going to be a great option to maintain whatever
it is you catch as again, it goes all the way down to zero degrees Fahrenheit. This thing is also downright monstrous, 82-quart
is gonna be the biggest volume ARB offers, a lot of real estate in there. This basket also pops right out, it’s a nice
and easy to clean. This thing is really tough as well as it’s
made out of steel. Now next up on our list, we have a great little
product from our friends over at Smittybilt. This little guy right here, this is gonna
be the Smittybilt high-performance air compressor. Now right off the bat, is this gonna be a
full onboard air system? No. But if you need to get the job done in a pinch,
this is gonna have everything you need to do it. It comes with all the needles you could ever
need, a nice coil hose like this one and even an inline pressure gauge. So all of that together makes for a nice little
piece of kit, clips right onto the battery. And this is really, really easy to use. If you have some small stuff like an air mattress,
a tube, if you’re near the water or a football like this one, thank you, Sage, this is gonna
be the perfect thing you need to blow this up, switch on the side here, right like that. Now we were doing some messing around with
this in the studio. We aired our tires down to 20 PSI, takes about
three to five minutes per tire to get them aired back up to 35 so not bad but if speed
is a factor for you, I would definitely recommend the larger version of this one, which is just
gonna get the job done a little bit faster. This is going to be a great little tool to
have in any off-road build for any truck out there. Now we need to get out to the site. So I figured we’d add some protection to the
front end of our truck here and that’s where our friend, the Barricade three-inch bull
bar comes into play. Now this thing is made out of heavy duty three-inch
tubular stainless steel. It’s finished in that black powder coating
which is not just there to add to the looks. Albeit if you were going for the blackout
look on your truck, this is gonna be a perfect fit for you. But that black powder coating is also gonna
serve as a second layer of protection on top of that stainless from the elements, so a
nice touch from Barricade. Right up front, you got this skid plate right
here and that’s going to at least encourage any brush or sticks to go under your truck
rather than into the front end of your truck. Another nice thing about this one, you have
two spots right up top for some extra LED lighting and this thing installs with no cutting
or drilling if your Silverado has tow hooks. This thing looks the part, it’s cost effective
and it’s gonna make sure you make a to and from the campsite without damaging the front
end of your truck. So next up we have two products that go hand
in hand on our ’16 Silverado here. And as far as I’m concerned, these two are
pretty much gonna be the star of this video. It’s the Rightline Gear truck tent and truck
bed air mattress. We’re gonna start off with the tent and this
thing is such a brilliant piece of kit from Rightline. It’s gonna get you up off the ground away
from any critters, mud, rain or snow. This thing even comes with a rain shield. This thing goes over the rails of the bed
too which is gonna help beat off that water, keep it from pooling up just to help keep
this thing dry. As far as other features go, you get some
nice windows, one on either side, you get a skylight which gives you a nice view when
that rain shield is off, a hook up top for the lantern and you get glow in the darker
zipper, so all nice features there. Now this thing doesn’t come at a high price
tag either. We’re only looking at around the high 100s
for the tent portion, and that is one heck of a deal here. You are getting a lot for your money and it’s
gonna give you some shelter when you’re outside away from home. So you could always throw a cot up in the
bed of your truck. But if you were looking to make the most of
that space, the Rightline Gear truck bed air mattress is definitely what you want. Pretty standard, high-quality air mattress
construction, PVC, flock top, you got those O-beams [SP] for support. And this thing even comes with a nice 12-volt
pump, so you have everything you need to get this set up exactly how we have it right here. Rightline claims this will sleep two adults
comfortably, albeit a little bit tight, but that’ll be a good way to cuddle up to the
girlfriend or wife, comfortable, cost-effective and fits perfectly. So we’ve gone over a couple things to protect
you, but how about our trucks? Let’s hop over to the interior and see what
we have going on. So up next we have a great mod that is not
specific to camping but this is gonna be a must-have for frankly any truck owner out
there. This is going to be the Husky gearbox under
seat storage box and it’s gonna be a great way to take advantage of that underutilized
space under the rear seats. You can throw anything you want in there really,
we have some ratchet straps, a hatchet. This is the pump for the air mattress we were
just talking about. They’re nice and organized with these dividable
sections but those sections are removable if you were looking to store something a little
bit longer. This will also work with floor mats that go
all the way back underneath the rear seats. It has some anti-skid on the bottom. And my favorite part, that black texture is
finish looks nice and factory. It’s a good way to hide something underneath
of the rear seats. So that’s gonna segue us perfectly to our
next product. And as you could have probably guessed by
this little Carhartt logo here, these are gonna be the Covercraft Carhartt seatsaver
front and rear seat covers. Now these are awesome, fit and finish on point,
materials are even better. These are made out of the legendary Carhartt
duckweed material, lightweight, breathable, UV, and water resistant. But my favorite part here is that these are
triple stitched and machine-washable. So if these do get dirty on your trip, you
take them off, wash them off when you get home, put these right back on and you’re back
in business. Now a couple of other features that I really
like about these, this armrest cover is great. I know my elbow always wears a hole in the
center consoles of my trucks right here, so this is a must have for me. And also if you flip this up, you get this
center cover right here. If you got a lot of people, this is going
to be the perfect thing to keep this area clean as well. Now last but certainly not least, we have
the Rugged Ridge front and rear floor mats. Now a set like these are almost going to be
a must. Camping is a dirty game and that mud needs
to get trapped somewhere until you can get home and hose off of your truck, these are
gonna be perfect for that. You got those deep chevrons in there, a nice
big lip around the outside to keep everything contained. Take them out, hose them off, put them right
back in and you’re good to go. In the rear, we have that over the hump section
for extra coverage and they work with the OEM anchors on the driver side. Most importantly though, these are gonna be
a little bit more budget friendly than your name brand rubber floor mats. Now that is gonna do it for our list. Leave us a comment down below if you change
or add anything. And yes, we know this isn’t probably what
Bear Grylls would bring with him camping, but he’s probably not having as much fun as
we are either. If you’re interested in any of this stuff,
I have detailed breakdowns on all of it, check out the description box down below for links. And I think like any good campers, it’s time
we chill back with a cold one. Subscribe for more videos like this one. And keep it right here at AmericanTrucks.

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