Top Affordable Travel Destinations For 2020

Top Affordable Travel Destinations For 2020

Hey you guys! Thanks for joining us on another journey. Today, we’ve got a different kind of episode for you, and you’re gonna love this one… April, tell us about it. We’ve collaborated with some of our YouTube friends to bring you the top Affordable travel destinations for 2020. Oh Yes. If you’re new to the channel hit that subscribe button. If you’ve been watching every Thursday, we greatly appreciate it. So sit back, relax And enjoy the journey! Hi Wayne and April, it’s Ryan here from the One Shot Adventures channel and I’ve chosen the elder statesman of affordable travel destinations in Southeast Asia… it’s Thailand! A country that offers everything from modern city life to Incredibly beautiful mountains and countryside and of course the best of island getaways. Thailand has been a popular destination for decades now So the economy has grown stronger and it’s nowhere near as cheap as it used to be. But you can still find incredible value at all sorts of budgets. One of my favorite cities, Chiang Mai, which is up in the north of Thailand You can get a pretty luxury Airbnb for as little as five hundred US dollars all other bills included And Thai food is some of the best in the world. And you don’t need to break the bank to try it. You’ve got incredible street food markets basically around every turn. And you even got more than your fair share of Western comforts, like shopping malls, cinemas, coffee shops And they’re all a lot cheaper than the US and Europe Thank you so much for having me on the channel, Wayne and April–and thank you for living life! Guatemala The land of eternal spring When people come here, they usually stay for a few weeks and then leave But the colors, the people, the food, the lifestyle will stay in your heart forever Hi everyone I’m Ella from Ella in Wanderlust. My top affordable travel destination for 2020 May be the smallest country on the African continent, but what it lacks in size it sure makes up for in rich culture, Incredible beaches and colorful wildlife. The Gambia is a country perched upon the coast of West Africa. It’s often referred to as the smiling coast of Africa and with good reason Everyone is so friendly There are some amazing eco-friendly accommodation options at very affordable prices, for example Footsteps Eco-Lodge cost 60 pounds a night for a whole private cottage and, Being only a short walk away from the beach, It really is a slice of paradise. Hey, it’s Matt from Xennial Traveller and my top recommendation for 2020 is Myanmar. Also known as Burma, this country only opened its doors to the outside world in 2012, So as you can imagine there’s plenty of magic still to be discovered in every corner. The best-known location in Myanmar is probably Bagan where you’ll find ancient, Thousand-year-old temples that people still worship at today. That’s also where you’ll see the most magnificent sunrises and sunsets. But if like me you wander off even further beyond the beaten path, then you’ll find yourselves trekking through wild rivers, remote villages, Jumping in an incredible waterfall and without many other tourists around. I’m all about adventures in unusual places and right in the middle of Yangon, which is the capital city, I found this absolutely incredible abandoned amusement park, which was just so cool. So check out more of my channel and hopefully see you guys there in 2020! Hey you guys from Go Travel On The Cheap! Dennis and Tim here from STUFR. Our favorite budget location is… drumrolls Edinburgh! We fell in love with that city the first time we got there It’s a big city, but it feels small. Especially the old town part feels so local and has an amazing vibe. What makes Edinburgh cheap? From anywhere in Europe, you can get an affordable flight to Edinburgh. From Amsterdam, we paid 70 US dollars per person for a return ticket. You can find some awesome Airbnbs there that will host you for a bargain. Most sites you want to check out are for free and they offer Amazing free walking tours as well. And to get some real Scottish food, you don’t have to pay that much. Go into any pub and the very affordable menu will speak for itself Of course, you have to try the traditional haggis But also visit Clarinda’s Tea Room, our favorite hot spot for an amazing British lunch or fresh sweets. And if you are in town, make sure to taste the deep-fried Mars Bar made famous in Edinburgh. We hope you will get to enjoy Edinburgh soon And of course we recommend you check out all of our videos on Edinburgh on our channel called STUFR We also have food and travel videos from the USA, Japan, Barcelona and Amsterdam in our home country the Netherlands. We hope to see you soon. Bye Hi everyone, King Tolentino from The Philippines For me, the best travel destination for 2020 is, of course, my home country! And I’ll tell you why… We have stunning beaches with all the different colors of sand From black, brown, grey, cream and the finest and whitest of them all. Then we have all the types of waterfalls you can chase, from mini falls to the majestic ones We also have lagoons, Rivers and caves. This country is made of more than 7,000 islands. There is definitely something for everyone I’ve been exploring the country my whole life and I’ve barely scratched the surface Talofa world, my name is Anthony Perez. You can find me on YouTube as A.Perez Voyages I’ve traveled to 39 countries and I have to say my favorite destination in all my travels is the island nation of Tuvalu. Tuvalu has a reputation at the moment of being the least visited country in the world. It may be a bit isolated to get to from most first world countries, but once you get there, you’ll find it’s rich in every single aspect of culture possible. It is a Polynesian nation speaking to Tuvaluan How do you say, I am good… The people are very welcoming, very friendly and the scenery is absolutely beautiful being on a coral atoll on the middle of the Pacific with blue water, white sand beaches What more can you ask for? Hey you guys! This is Look Who’s Blogging And our choice for the 2020 top affordable travel destination is Georgetown! This is the capital city of the Malaysian state of Penang. You can check out Armenian Street, which is known for its street art Malaysia features many hawker stations that offer Inexpensive food. You can visit the colonial Penang museum to learn about lifestyles during the historical era. Another place to visit is Penang botanical gardens. It is free to enter but I would not suggest paying for the stupid tour In addition, you should check out Penang Peranakan Convention which houses over a thousand pieces of antiques. Another place to explore is the upside down Museum which gives visitors the feeling that they are walking on ceilings and walls and lastly, Wonderfood museum and informative and interactive tourist attraction We hope you have a chance to visit Georgetown. And thank you for living life. Bye-Bye! Our top affordable travel destination for you is… Croatia! Oh yeah, you got to check this place out. This is like Italy was 20 years ago One of the reasons this place has become such a hot spot is because of the TV show Game of Thrones and you can see why with all of the medieval towns the waterfalls and all of the natural beauty, it’s Absolutely amazing! When you’re here, you have to try the wines. They do not export them There’s nothing better than fresh seafood and Fine dining at a fraction of the cost Don’t forget April favorites, all the desserts Let’s talk about those accommodations. Oh my goodness, these are so affordable compared to the United States. You’ve got to check out Croatia for this reason. Get there before it’s too late We want to thank you guys for watching our video all the way to the end. If you would, hit that subscribe button share it with a friend and, like always, thank you for living life!!

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  1. Great Video guys, very informative and great destinations! My favorite is Tuvalu because I never heard anything about it! But all of these destinations are great! Nice compilation and so many familiar faces! Good Job!

  2. What a great and amazing collaboration effort with these familiar vloggers! We are currently doing a full time traveling, and definitely have tons of inspiring places to check out, while having some of the aforementioned places in our itinerary to make us excited. Keep up the great work, y'all!!
    Halef and Michael

  3. So awesome to have my first collab and a chance to meet other i guess you would call us "Small Youtubers" with big hearts πŸ˜€ ! Looking forward to connecting with everyone and meet somewhere roun the world. Thanks for the awesome video idea and creating a little community in the process! Happy travels !

  4. I really enjoyed taking part in this collaboration! Thanks so much for having me ? I loved watching the complete video. It's so fun to see everyone's entries made in their own unique styles ?

  5. "Thank you for living life" such a cute quote and great to see all those creators giving their recommendations! I wonder how expensive it would be to reach Tuvalu, it seems a great place but only getting there isn't affordable at all.

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  7. Great video, I’m all about cheap travel! I’ve been to Thailand, Guatemala, Myanmar, Edinburgh, and Malaysia but not Pedang. I’ve yet to visit Africa, The Philippines, Tuvalu, or Croatia adding them to my 2020 list. I’m with April, all about the desserts. πŸ™‚

  8. Thanks guys for inviting us to join this video! It was so nice and interesting to see all the recommendations! Tuvalu looks beautiful and we hope one day we can go there. Lots of love from us in Guatemala to all participating creators!

  9. Great travel inspiration for 2020! So fun hearing all the suggestions from our fellow travel vlogging friends. I was just talking to my hubby about traveling to Croatia this morning.

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