Top of the Rock – NYC Tourist Trap or Must Visit? (New York Attraction Review)

Top of the Rock – NYC Tourist Trap or Must Visit?  (New York Attraction Review)

What’s up Members of the Barrio It’s Jon coming to you from Manhattan And today we are going to the Top of the Rock For the first time in my life I’ve lived in New York City for almost a decade And this is one of the most popular attractions In the entire city And I’m going to let you guys know if I think it’s worth the $40 admission This video is not sponsored I’m going to be as honest as possible We’re going 70 floors above the city To check out one of the best views of all of Manhattan Make sure to check out my other New York City Playlists linked down below For other great ideas for your next trip to New York City Here we go I heard good things about it I heard that you can see actually Central Park And that’s why I’m so excited And.. I think it’s.. I should have done this a long time ago So I’m really really excited for this It’s very important you can buy your ticket Online in advance It’s $40 during the day They increase the cost to $50 around the sunset period We’re going to check it out with as much light as we can Pre-saved right here.. So you get to skip the big line We just got past security It’s just like airport security The same thing at One World Observation Deck A quick note You can actually tour the studios at 30 Rock Which is right next door And I highly recommend if you’re interested in going behind the scenes of NBC Studios You could do that before this And then come here after Tourists photos are optional by the way You don’t have to take them But I don’t blame them for trying After 20 minutes of waiting we are on line for the elevators To go to the top It should be a very quick ride Alright next up is 67 You should be there in about 43 seconds I hope you guys enjoy Bye bye Make me famous Nah I’m kidding Alright so we made it to the 67th Floor And I admit that the elevator ride at One World Observation Deck Way better than this one But this was okay It only took 43 seconds I am most excited to see these outdoor views here And that’s one thing that Top Of The Rock has That one world observation deck does not have The ability to go outside And I’ve never been here before guys I’m getting excited For those who say that I only come to the videos when there’s food involved There is no food involved in this one And here I am Wow Central Park It looks so cool I like to see the lake Down there Let me do a close up for you so you can see what I’m talking about.. Onto the other side One of the most unique features of being at the Top of the Rock Is that you feel like you are amongst the buildings And that’s what makes this different than One World Observation Deck Where you’re all the way up there Highest point in the United States But you feel above everything Here I just feel like the buildings are surrounding me So it’s definitley unique in that aspect I’ve also noticed how many languages I’m hearing spoken up here This is one of the biggest tourist attractions in New York City That was just the first observation deck We have the 69th and the 70th floors to go So if that was just it.. I wouldn’t have been super impressed But I knew that we were going higher up It’s just going to get better and better I think It’s very nice It’s amazing I mean.. First time in New York And I expected this I’m actually impressed about one thing so far There’s not as many people up here As I thought there would be Look behind me I thought it would be absolutely packed And one of the advantages of Top of the Rock From what I’ve seen Is that there’s 3 decks Therefore you can spread the amount of people out So we have plenty of room for pictures Of course, we haven’t gotten to the top top Which will have in my opinion The best views But so far so good Let’s go to the top of the rock Alright guys really cool fact for you And special thanks to Seth my good friend And my old art history professor Rutgers For informing me about this When John D. Rockefeller Jr. Built this up here He wanted coming to work in this building To be an adventure And the top observation deck To be .. like being on a Great Ocean Liner If you look at both sides here And the middle of here with the antennas It almost looks Like you’re on the top of a ship And I didn’t realize it Until my friend Seth sent me a photo Very very cool architecture I love this building as well An excellent example of old school art deco New York City building And not that crowded I keep saying it We waited a while to get up here But.. Once at the top We’ve got a lot of room to walk around I’m actually enjoying that compared to One World Trade That was really packed in Into an indoor space Here we’re outside enjoying a beautiful summer day And just some of the nicest views I’ve seen In New York City ever By the way if you’ve been up here I am very curious What your experience was like Did you think it was worth the money? Tell us down below in the comments His first full day in the United States First day in New York City This is your first attraction What do you think? This is amazing Jon I mean.. I didn’t research about this building But you can see everything The Hudson Chrysler Building Empire State I’m really in love And enjoying this visit Just in case I get lost.. I can have it always with me I was actually reading Trip Advisor reviews I was curious what the biggest complaints about coming here were And outside of the wait and the lines to get in One of them was Save your money and go to a rooftop bar in New York City You can get better views I’ll tell you.. we have done so many rooftop bars We just did a video about rooftop bars And while many of them have great views I’m looking at you 230 Fifth Especially or Dear Irving was really good None of them have a better view than this Especially because it’s a 360 degree view of the city That’s just tough to find anywhere We’ve spent a little over 45 minutes here And i’m going to give you my full and honest opinion.. if it’s worth it to come here When we get outside That way they can’t hear me And I’ll just be completely up front Is it worth coming to Top of the Rock? This is a very complicated answer In short If you’ve never visited New York City before And you are into photography And you just want to get a feel of what it’s like To be in between so many big buildings Yes I think it would be worth spending 40 dollars on this It’s touristy The lines can be long It can be a little bit crowded at different spots But.. The types of pictures that you can get up there Those sorts of things you’re going to be sharing for years to come You’re going to put it on your Instagram That being said Me as a local To I feel like I’ve missed out By having skipped this for the last.. 8 years I’ve lived in New York City Not really And I think I’m a little bit jaded because I’ve been to so many different rooftops Around New York I still think this is the best rooftop But I also think it’s very expensive I think 40 dollars or even 50 if you go around sunset Is a lot of money If I want to compare this versus The Observation Deck At One World Trade I like this better I like being outside Comparing it to the Empire State Building I also like the views better from here I love the 360 degree panaroma But again.. It is a lot of money So in short If 40 dollars isn’t a ton for you to spend on some of the best views in New York City Spend that money gladly But if you’re trying to save up.. If you’re on a budget I would rather spend that money on other things Like food That’s just my style of travel This is a.. big tourist attraction for a reason Factor all those things in But in the end I approve this I thought it was a lot of fun I can not wait to go check out the pictures That we took And our friend Eric visiting from Mexico Loved it in his first full day In New York So it all just comes down to.. What your perspective is And if you think it is worth.. That 40 dollars or not Alright guys If you’re new to this channel Make sure to check out my other New York City content All linked down below I have tips videos I have guides to different attractions Food Housing You name it We’ve covered it As always until next time

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  2. We went there in June and I think that it was definitely one of the best things we did in New York city. The view was amazing ?

  3. I went to the Top of the Rock twice in February of 2008 and ended the views a lot and took some awesome and exciting pictures on all the three levels of the building! Thanks for the information and video my friend!

  4. i visited Top of the Rock. didn't film it though. there is also an elevator connecting the three floors. the view blew me away.

  5. I was wondering what to do this next trip. I will be up the 14-17th. Got a game on the 15th celebrating 3 years sobriety! Wish there was a Barro meetup. Great vid!

  6. We just got back from a holiday in New York. Thanks so much for your videos, it really helped us plan what to do! We have 3 children (16, 11 and 7) and we all loved Top of the Rock. We did it on our first day and booked the tickets online the week before (the kids woke up at 4am so getting there for 10am was no issue) and there was no queue. The weather was very hot so having the air con inside area was really useful, it wasn't at all crowded. This was our favourite activity of the whole week, with a day at Coney Island coming second!

  7. As someone who saw NYC from the empire state building, the one world observatory and the top of the rock I can tell I was not impressed by the view of NYC and Central Park from the top of rock. If you can I would not advise you to spend 40$ on top of the rock. The staff there is very nice though.

  8. Haha going to the top of any building for 60 dollars aussie is not worth it. That's 120 dollars of you take your partner.

  9. My office is a block from 30 Rock (also born and raised in NYC) can’t believe they’re asking $40 a head for that tour. ?‍♂️

  10. For someone who can't go to a rooftop bar because I'm under 21, this is the best observation deck in NYC

  11. As a New Yorker…this one passes….barely, but $40 is a rip off…well, overpriced. $15 to $20 max is fair.
    Regardless, superior views to the Empire State Building…and of course, only a few blocks walk to Central Park.

    Related note: A must do is the Staten Island Ferry, & it's free>Great views of NYC, and the Statue of Liberty.
    It you actually go to the Statue of Liberty, I'll hunt you down, and give you a Wet Willy.
    >>>When you get back, walk a few blocks to the South Street Seaport deck overlooking the Brooklyn bridge…free…
    … buy a reasonably priced beer, wine or food….at the food court….and enjoy.

  12. I visited NYC back in April and this was a place I had to visit, just because the city is so big, there wasn't time to see everything. So it was a brilliant way of viewing the city, from an incredible perspective. I went on a Monday morning and there was literally no queues whatsoever. $40 is a lot but I feel like everyone needs to do it just the once. I was able to take some great photos from up there!

  13. I'd recommend getting one of those attraction passes for a first time trip. It was the reason we went TOtR and Empire State in the first place since they were included in the pass. By themselves these entry fees are way too expensive :/

  14. Out of the 3 tower experiences I had, One World Trade was first, ESB second and the Rock was 3rd. But I must say, the helicopter trip I did over the city was the best view of all.

  15. If you want to step back in time, I suggest a trip to the Jane hotel in the Meatpacking District. It's a lovely old hotel, with an even lovelier Bohemian ballroom. It also has a rooftop bar with views over the Hudson.

  16. Tourist trap of course. Like liberty, empire state building, etc.. Visiting a city for their monuments and museums is stupid, there are no life into this,, no real experience or added value -you can watch all these on you tube videos this is the same.. Visiting a city is something else, it requires some skills…

  17. If you want to get the wonderful overview of NYC's terrain and skyline – this is the one spot to see it all. Obviously, July is one of the tourist peak times. By keeping one's expectations reasonable, one can be delighted by the beauty of the city from this spot. Take your time , don't rush – add extra pleasure by taking a snack and beverage to enjoy the unique vantage afforded by this magnificent landmark ; – ) Hello from London x

  18. I was here in 2014 and it was cool. You can see Central Park, The Empire State Building , etc. I enjoyed it compared to the Empire State Building which was so crowded and the views weren’t quite good. The Empire State Building is $32 vs $40 at the Top of The Rock. Do the Top of the Rock. I haven’t been to the One World Trade Center though so I can’t compare it to that.

  19. I went there in my first visit to nyc and totally worth it! Despite the huge lines, the high price and a crowded spot, it was one of the best things i’ve done in this city. Amazing view, i was able to see the sunset, it was simply unforgettable!!

  20. In my opinion, after checking out the views of NYC from the different observation decks, The Empire State Building has the best view. A close second is the One World Trade Center. Check out my channel for AWESOME NYC videos minus the cool narration like Here Be Barr:) I will upload the latest video today at 8pm. Subscribe for notification:)

  21. I TOTALLY AGREE! Anytime I have family/friends visiting from out-of-town, I take them to the TOP-OF-THE-ROCK! Its the only NYC observatory where one can get a 360 NYC view virtually unobstructed from the top roof outside. For us Senior Citizens there's also a a slightly lowered fee for us old-timers. The reason I like it more than the Empire State's view is that FROM the Top-of-the-Rock one SEES the Empire State Building! Plus you get a glorious view of Central Park, seeing just how big and beautiful it is. ALSO — consider going to the Top at night! On nice clear evenings the view is genuinely spectacular, especially recently with the tops of all the new skyscrapers bathed in a rainbow of neon colors.

  22. Miami beach a toures trap specially ocean drive,people go there to waste their money,over price and the service sucksss…!

  23. I went there at the end of March (super windy and a bit cold, by the way). It wasn’t a priority for me to pay for a view, but my friend insisted on going. I thought I paid a little less than the price you mentioned (it could be the season). I think it was worth it to see for a first timer in NYC. As you said, being amongst the buildings was nice ?

  24. As a photographer, top of the Rock is my favorite observation spot because its in the center of the city and you get to see all of the iconic architecture from one location. One thing I did not not hear you mention, please excuse me if I missed it, is that on the very top level, there is no glass in front of you to obscure your view. This is very important if your goal is to get some great shots of the skyline. Nothing is more annoying than trying to figure out how to avoid reflections or dirty finger prints on the windows. 🙂 Wether its your first time in the city or NY is your home, in my opinion, Top of the Rock is a top pick!

  25. i loved it, i did the option of getting a 2 trip pass where i saved so i went there at night and then again during the day (went early morning due to time constants of being on holidays and only having so much time to do as much as i could

    i think totally worth it as you get great views put a shot of empire state which if you go to empire state building you cant take a photo of it while on it

  26. You mentioned in one of your vlogs $15 for a beer and burger in NYC. You wouldn't get that value in Dublin. The wages for the servers are a puttance. Ireland in general is a complete ripoff.

  27. I'm visiting New York in Jan 2020 with my family of 4 and I'm dreading it. My flight and hotel was booked without me realising how expensive New York actually is. Top of The Rock is going to cost me £150 for an hour of gorgeous views. I'm in New York for a week.

  28. Great video brother!

    I’ve been to nyc countless times (best city in the world) and have done Empire State and top of the rock. In my opinion top of the rock is way better. I think it has the best views due to its location. You get to see all of Central Park to the north, and you see both Empire State and One World to the south. Also the outdoor factor is amazing and just like when you went I found that there was so much space to walk around and so many amazing photo opportunities! Fun fact if you look down towards 5th avenue you can see the roof of St.Patricks Cathedral which actually looks like a cool cross!

    Both times that I went to the top of the rock I paid I believe $10 extra which allows you come back again within the same day which is great because you can come in the morning when it’s not busy and then go again towards sunset and stay until night when the city lights all turn on! Giving you more great photo opportunities!

    Thanks for the great nyc videos, hope to see more!

  29. Hi jon
    Just back from first visit of new york and with help of watching your vids helped us have an amazing time avoided all the rip offs and cons…..
    First thing we went to ground zero to pay our respect and visit the 911 museum
    Went up empire state of the rock..walked the brooklyn bridge and explored dumbo…stratern island ferry..seen the greastest showman at maddison square gardens which was amazing…spent the day in central park and ate new york street food…so thanks for the great advice and will be back again next june as so much still to see and do

  30. Hi, liked your content. More success to your channel. May I ask what video editor you're using when you edit your footage from M50? I'm also planning to buy M50 but not sure where to edit the footage afterwards. Also, is there any mobile app video editor that I can use to edit the footage from M50? Would really appreciate the help.

  31. Went up there in March. One my favourite things we did in New York. It's well worth paying the bit extra for the sunset time.

  32. When I went up a few months ago, I did it at night. The advantage of this is that the wait time was minimal. Its great to see all the building lit up. Of course you don't get the view of central park, but it was still worth the price.

  33. Beautiful views from the Top Of The Rock, I met him in 2017 and I wish I could come back. Thank you for sharing the video, congratulations on your work. Greetings from Uruguay.

  34. We visited Top of the Rock last week. For our family of four, it wasn't worth the $150 we paid but the views are great! Just too spendy for us!

  35. I’ve never went to Top Of The Rock before. I went on the Empire State Building and One World Observatory. I like One World for the awesome views and that you’d basically get a 360 degree view of New York, but I like the outdoor experience you get being on the Empire State Building. I’ll have to check out Top Of The Rock the next time I’m in New York. Thanks for the video!

  36. Love the videos man ? considering moving to city with a few buddies soon. I was wondering how hard is it to find a full time job? Especially coming from another state.

  37. The views are awesome and yep those type of places are very touristy at the moment I am in London and the same goes for the Shard and the Walkie Talkie the lines were long.

  38. Thanks, buddy. Very interesting video. I'll be in NYC for the 1st time next May (for 6 days) and you convinced me to visit TOTR, despite you were very convincing about WT Observatory 😀 I don't know if you have ever done videos about the different tourist passes available to see the most important places in NYC. Does NYC Pass/New York Explorer Pass worth the money?

  39. Top of the Rock is crowded during summertime. It mostly depends on time of the day and day of the week. It is packed at sunset. Do youself a favor and buy VIP ticket. You will get up and down in few minutes. That is a big time saver. For any tourist it is must see attraction. Empire State Building is great, but you will not see Central Park.

  40. I completely agree with you. It is overpriced, but it has by far the best views in the city. If you're on a big budget, go to Queens and New Jersey and enjoy the skyline views from there.

  41. Yup. My fav top view, way better than a rooftop bar, if you are wanting the $100,000.00 views. Great review, again!!

  42. Is one of my favorite spot in NYC I always recommend it to people who come to NYC for the first time. Is worth it compare to the others.

  43. I went to Top of the Rock in June, 2019. I'm glad I went but I doubt I'd do it again. I would like to go back and spend some more time in the rest of Rockefeller Center. That looked pretty cool

  44. On the same day I visited one world observatory and top of the rock. Unfortunately it was raining in the morning when I was at one world observatory so the views were limited. To their credit they did advise I could come back later in the day when weather was scheduled to clear but I had other things planned. Was still fun seeing the financial district on a raining day. Same evening I went to the top of the rock where weather had improved and views of New York skyline were amazing. Just have the Empire State in front of you and the one world trade centre in the same shot is worth the entrance fee. Amazing to see the new skyscrapers riding around you and view of billionaires row and Central Park not too shabby either 😉

  45. Your videos & playlists are amazing. I've done the NBC Studios tour & will do the Top of the Rock. Thanks for giving me more & more things to do every time I go to NYC.

    Keep the positive energy & vibes coming.

  46. i bought my tickets to the Top of the Rock in a bundle with MoMA tickets. It ended up cost like $30 per person. i went in February so it's winter and it's way less people. outdoor deck is definitely very nice and it feels a lot more "real" than most observation deck coz we are literally surrounded by buildings. and OMG i didn't know there's ANOTHER observation deck on top of the building.



  49. NOPE! Can't do it! I just CAN'T! I'm too terrified of heights. My knees are even feeling wobbly just watching this video in the comfort of my own bedroom!

  50. Great video as always. I went yesterday, and my honest thought was: If you have never been to Top of the Rock, go there for once. Is it worth the money? Absolutely Not!

  51. Watching your video has led us to forgo the Empire State visit and visit the Top of the Rock. We are looking forward to the outside views of NYC, Thanks for your opinion on visiting this. Be there in two weeks

  52. Absolutely love this! ? This makes me want to book my next trip asap. Definitely going to subscribe. We just started a couples travel vlog so this is motivation! Check us out! We're a smaller channel but hoping to grow and support other channels with travel inspo like this one!?❤️????

  53. I went this past weekend.. Being myself I didn't find it overly expensive.. A family of 4 though.. gonna drop $150 on this. The views are outstanding.. especially on the 70th floor where there is no glass. There are 3 different observation decks on the 67, 69, and 70th floors. Skip the gift shop its vastly overpriced.

    Also at the bottom they want to take your picture so they can sell you overpriced photos at the top. But unlike most places you can kindly refuse and they will send you around.

  54. Me and my girlfriend visited NYC on last January and we been there… 40usd kinda sounds a bit expensive at the beginning, but definitely worth it as soon as we got the roof tbh.. weather was super cold that time and we couldn't make it to the last 2 floors lol, I recommend to visit it around 10am-12pm cuz you luckily won't find those long people's lines. I won't say is highly recommended but for first timers it's truly "a must".
    Im new following your videos but they makes me feel to go back there and try some more NY!

    Good job!

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