TOP STATION CAMPING | Why WE Collaborate? | Munnar | Ep 2

TOP STATION CAMPING | Why WE Collaborate? | Munnar | Ep 2

Siva: I didn’t get a sleeping bag. Did you get a sleeping bag? Hey guys, good morning Let me show you the view from the tent. Have a look. Awesome view, isn’t it? It’s getting late. We are going to do a small trek now. Let’s see. I kept my trekking shoes outside the tent, and … they got wet completely. I don’t think I can wear them today. We’ll have to figure that one out. Working out in the gym is only for your body. But a trek, takes care of you mentally as well. Time to time, we should do such small hikes. With such a busy daily life, it becomes a necessity to ESCAPE once in a while. I believe that we should always be connected to the nature. What do you think? Beyond the tea estate, there is a wilderness. We’re going on a very narrow pathway. Apparently, this is a trek. No idea, where I’m going, and what’s at the destination. But I’m sure there is a good view, why else would we trek there. Let’s find out. Look who’s behind us. Cherry. He’s a motovlogger too. Probably you know him. Cherry: Hello guys This is Cherry. Me: Cherry has done his signature. If you’re new to our channel, first subscribe to our channel. if you have never seen his channel, definitely subscribe to him too. Links are in the description Check out the view Wonderful. We did the trek. Halfway on the trek, check out this amazing view. A trek should be like this. Because, there was no proper trail for this, mostly just rocks, … And mainly the waterway for the tea plantations, served as the path for us. They haven’t set up a trail specifically for this trek. Just going with the flow. They do have a place identified, and that’s where they’re headed. I think the view is going to be great there. Let’s see Make sure you cover yourself completely, when you’re hiking to such places. If you feel something is crawling on to you, or you feel a bite, keep checking for it. These leech bites are totally harmless. But after the bite, blood keeps oozing out for a long time. So it’s better to sense when it’s getting on to you, and dust it away. Look at sir’s leg.. You say you have more? You say as if you have got more awards? Cherry: It has defecated. Arun: cover me as well. Arun: This is what I can do. Someone: it doesn’t even die. Me: They’re flying the drone now. But because of the altitude, the air is thin. and because of that it’s not flying properly. Check out the drone shots. Gautam: So, WrongTurnClub, Sajjad. So, we know this location, because of him. I bring everyone. He takes care of them. He’s responsible for all the leech bites. Seeing blood is very common in such trips, you shouldn’t worry about it. I think everyone will adjust to that. I don’t think its a problem. It’s just a different experience for everyone. You might not have bitten by so many leeches. Some people even danced by seeing them We came to see this point. Visibility is very low, because of heavy fog. But that too, looks amazing to see. Every 5 mins the fog clears up, and then comes back, so… it’s slightly difficult to wait for the right opportunity to shoot some videos. But really, it was an amazing view, and worth the trek. We’re going to go off-roading after this. So, we have to save some battery and storage for that. Let’s have a look at those shots later. Gowtam: Cherry, I think you would reach 100K by the time this video comes out? Right? Cherry: It will be great, if it does. I wish I get the Silver button somehow before my birthday. Okay, so we have just completed our tea estate trek. The trek was amazing. Check out the tea estate too. Gowtam, catch Gowtam: So, Chennai, 4:30am, we started. Around 12 people started from Chennai We thought we couldn’t make it. We just wanted to cross the Ghats before it got dark. That was the only thing on my mind. Not about taking photos, drone shots, finding good spots for photos. None of that was on my mind. I wanted to bring everyone by 7PM. But it was quite different. As soon as we were entering Munnar, we started smelling the tea leaves and the coffee. That’s when we realized we reached Munnar. A lot of things happened yesterday. You can get to see all of that in the video. Vignesh, joined us from Udumalpet. No idea what happened there. Let’s ask him. So, I started from Bangalore, as you would have seen. It was 2PM, when I reached Udumalpet, from Bangalore. We just passed our time there, but after that the ride got interesting. After that came the hills, the estates, The weather drastically changed as we gained elevation. That’s when I met Cherry and Gautam. Let’s ask Cherry, as he was leading the night ride. Let’s ask him how the night ride was. 30kms, before reaching Munnar, … the roads became very foggy. I didn’t expect that at all. Before that, we did notice the climate changing, and the sceneries. but… but after that, it got very adventurous. Full fog. Zero visibility. We couldn’t see what was in front of us. The lights from the oncoming vehicles, totally was a different experience. And after reaching here. After reaching here, we got tons of leeches here. and I got nervous about all these leeches. But as I woke up today morning, after completing this trek together …. no such thoughts remained. The beautiful scenes just made us to forget about all those leeches. And the drone shots were amazing. Gautam: All videos have come out very well. We have 3 different content now. We are confused how we are going to split up these content. So, check out all the three channels, and the videos in them. There is more to come, we are heading to do some off-roading. You’re going to see that too. Whether it comes in a separate video, or in the same one, do watch it. Stay tuned and watch it. Watch fully whatever it is, only then you get a complete picture of the adventure. Cherry: Definitely you will enjoy the video, I guarantee you that. We guarantee you that. Me: sure sure. Gowtam: A lot of you want to do group rides, if you can’t experience it on your own, then watch it from us. Definitely we will give you an experience of riding as pillion with us. We will show you, but we missed a lot of it because of night ride. We couldn’t see any of it. There were falls also on our way, which we should have stopped to enjoy… But because we were getting late, we had to hurry. This time, we are riding at day. The ghat roads are going to be amazing. And we’re also going to a waterfall. It’s actually a private fall. I’m not going to tag the location, because if I do, people ruin it by littering with plastic. This trio combination, is a great combination, because, All three of us, have different content types. Cherry is full of motovlogs. Motovlogs and horses, that’s his passion. His channel is full of that. Gowtam, too does motovlogs, adventure, and trekking videos. In ours, you can find, motovlogs, adventures, and cinematic sequences. Each of us have different skills and different types of content. I’m sure you’ll enjoy all three videos. Subscribe to all three channels. That’s what we’ve been trying to say all along. So, don’t forget to subscribe Rest of the team, have gone ahead of us. We are going to have some tea, and then get going. This is our camp site. This is where we slept last night. Our tents were here. Packed everything, and headed to the bikes. It’s drizzling. Have a look. Have a look at how many bikes we have here. This is where we parked. Check how many bikes there are. All of them belong to our team. Around 9 bikes, are here just on this lane. And then… All of this too. This is my bike. There’s a hornet. We have a Classic 350. A KTM Duke There are two Himalayans. Next up is the offroad, let’s see how each vehicle performs. Everything is packed and loaded on the bike. We’re going to start. To start the off-roading section, we have to go to a place first. Till there nothing special. But till there, its just group riding, and that’s a lot of fun, just riding together. I’ll be showing you the off-roading experience in our next episode. I don’t want to drag it long. If you haven’t subscribed to our channel, subscribe now. If you like the video, you know what to do. Hit that like. Drop your feedback in the comments. Share this video. I’ll see you in the next video. Till then tata bye. Who’s engine oil is leaking?

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  5. Bravo???Bravo gentlemen! Hats off to the grey cells that came up with this idea of trio collab. Of course, the tube is full of influencers giving you the idea to collaborate for your channel to do better, but I found this collab quite unique. Though I am yet to see the other gentlemen's videos, I am sure they are equally good. But your subtly and matter-of-factness makes your style unique. Kudos to all three of you, especially at my favourite part of this video where all 3 of you speak in turns…. simply loved the simplicity of the transitions from speaker to speaker. How could I forget, the drone shot at the beginning was to die for! When it zooms out above, leaving you bunch surrounded by mist was…… surreal man ?? And what else, yeah, the leeches ? well, these are muc better than the ones on two legs? Anyway, kick ass content man, guys?? Keep rocking, keep inspiring ????

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