Hey guys, it’s Dan I’m gonna give you guys some tips and recommendations on what you guys could do in Geneva, Switzerland I spent a couple of days there and whether you’re hiding money from the government or just going on vacation I’m gonna give you guys some really good things to do So the first thing I recommend you guys do is probably pretty obvious But see the jet do which is that big fountain in the middle of the main part of Lake Geneva? You would definitely see this. You can’t miss it funny story when I was there We were walking all the way to see it close up Which I definitely recommend you guys do too But right when we got to it it shut off and the lake just looks totally weird and unnatural Without it because it was a windy day that day Yeah, I was unfortunate, but definitely you can’t miss it and you should probably go see that the second thing I recommend you guys do is kill two birds with one stone and See the jet from the Mont Blanc bridge There’s a bunch of really cool places around the edge surrounding the jet d’eau to see it but seeing on the bridge is really cool because there’s like a bunch of flags on the bridge and It’s just a really cool place to be a third thing which is probably one of my favorite things to do and Surprising thing about geneva is that they have this place called the bane date buggy Which is this bath area is auntie like I’m from, California So I’ve been to a couple beaches and I feel like it was just like a random beach in the middle of Lake Geneva Yeah, there’s like a bunch of people tanning. Apparently, there’s like saunas There’s like a restaurant there called the Louvre vet. They but key. It’s like they serve really good food there You definitely have to get a plate and hang around this area get your tan on look at the jet and Just enjoy being on the lake in this area and there’s also a bunch of kids like jumping off diving boards and stuff here too
it’s just a really fun time for your Family, and it’s just a really cool place and the next thing I recommend you guys do is to head to the old town Which is in the city more in the city, but the old town has a bunch of cool hills and restaurants shops cafes But architecture is just amazing, which is the next thing you guys should probably appreciate when you guys are there It’s just everything just looks really nice and like well kept clean. There’s like a bunch of it’s very hilly It’s like a Hills that takes you up to places and in the old town. You can also get to the Cathedral st Pierre which is just this really big Cathedral You could pay it like a five 10 euro fee to walk up and get great views of Geneva from this Cathedral as well But I definitely see this Cathedral Don’t get scammed like we almost did there’s like some lady that was trying to ask for money on the outside But definitely beware for scammers in this area. Definitely this hotel is really nice And then after that I recommend you guys go see the Palace of Nations and all the flags in this Monumental area is just really cool sight to see and then across the street is where the broken chair sticks sculptures Is just this huge chair and you guys take pictures of it and take pictures of the palace from here as well And then lastly if you guys have the time and the money hang around the Geneva Mall shops There’s just so many activities here just a bunch of shops to buy Mostly like luxury goods shops like Gucci Louis. I don’t know I didn’t have money for it But if you guys do go ahead and splurge there’s also much cool like chocolate shops here as well just really family-friendly area a bunch of like Fountains, there’s like a Cara. So when we were there just like a general mall area, but it was really nice Definitely on the higher end since Geneva is like a really really rich city But yeah, definitely do that if you guys can as well and also a couple honorable mentions I was in Geneva for a couple of days Like I said, you could realize to really explore most of Geneva and see all the great things in like a day or two So we had a two extra days and one of these days we went to Montreux which is an hour train or one or two hour train ride to the east I believe of Geneva but it’s just this beautiful Swiss city just nearby and you guys could see some castles here and it’s just a really Cool area and also the second honorable mention is going to chemin E, which is technically not in Switzerland It’s a on the French and Swiss border. But here you could go up to the Mont Blanc And just see some beautiful mountains. I’m gonna make a video for both of those places separately But definitely check those out if you guys want to see those two places and like always like this video if you guys liked it Comment if you have any tips for me Subscribe to see more videos on me and Schiavoni and montreux. Thanks

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  3. Wow Switzerland looks amazing that has been added to my bucket list dream places to go travel thanks great video

  4. This was an awesome video. Love the editing. Switzerland is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.

  5. WOW! What A beautiful Place! I've always wanted to travel to Europe, But I've never thought of this place. Ive heard of it before. But that place gorgeous!

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    How much is the train ticket from Geneva to Lausanne? And from Geneva to montreux? And from Geneva to zermAtt? Thanks

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