TOP Things to EAT, SEE and DO in Milan – Italy Travel Guide!

TOP Things to EAT, SEE and DO in Milan – Italy Travel Guide!

Hey everybody and welcome back to another
episode of Triple P where we explore people, places and palates. So today guys I am in the fashion capital
of the world, where else than Milan in Italy, and I am going to be taking you guys through
the 5 things that you have to eat and see on a day trip to this fantastic place. So let’s go! This iconic structure is extremely special! It is the second largest church in Italy after
St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome and the third largest catholic church in the world. Not only that it also has an impressive number
of sculpted statues and spires built onto this building – guess how many? 3159! It is not wonder that it took over six centuries
to complete. It is definitely worth not only checking the
altars inside, but to also make your way onto the roof for amazing views across the city. Right next to the cathedral you have Italy’s
oldest luxury shopping mall and a major landmark of Milan. It is named after the first king of Italy and the beauty of its arched dome, its glass and
iron roof as well as its spectacular mosaics will absolutely mesmerise you. It is here that you will find some of Milan’s
legends such as The Camparino which gave birth to the tradition of the aperitif, or even
the famous Savini restaurant-cafe, where you can savour the traditional Risotto Milanese
as well as their pistachio and hazelnut gelatos. Take a break from your shopping at Gucci or
Prada, and savour Savini’s 150 year old delights. This castle has had a rich history and surprisingly
has been transformed for a plethora of purposes. It originally started of as a Visconti fortress,
but later turned into a stunning palace ruled by the Sforza dynasty. Did you know that it was during this time
that it was decorated by artistic legends such as Leonardo da Vinci! It then went on to become a military complex
and finally in the 20th century was turned it into the headquarters for Milan’s
Civic Museums. In between this castle as well as the “Arch
of Peace” lies the beloved Park Sempione, the largest park in Milan and a favourite
amongst the locals. Since 1888, the shop Luini has become a household
name and a local’s delight. Everyone is making a bee-line for these pillowy
fried dough parcels from heaven for less than 3 euros! You can get it with various different fillings
including the original tomato and mozzarella, the classic ricotta and spinach or even the
delicious salami. There are tons of flavours to chose from! Unfortunately I was not able to take any photos
or videos inside the shop due to their policy. Their guard informed me that they wanted to
keep the famous recipe a secret. Exclusive eh? If you are looking for a great hang out spot
that is charming, vibrant and filled with life than head on over to the Navigli area. Enjoy the happening night life at the restaurants
and bars, or just visit some of the cozy shops and book stores right by the canal. If you are looking for something more unique,
then visit the “smallest bar in the world” called “Backdoor 43”, a tiny 4 square
meter hole in the wall cocktail bar that you may just easily miss. Through a hatch you’ll be greeted by a barman
wearing a V for Vendetta mask and the rest of the experience, I won’t give away. You’ll just need to go there to find out
for yourself! Alright everybody that takes us to the end
of the video. I really hope that you learnt something new
and that you are planning your next trip to Milan very soon. Please click on the LIKE and the SUBSCRIBE
buttons below so that you can continue on this travel journey with me and I will see
you guys next time. Arrivederci!

17 thoughts on “TOP Things to EAT, SEE and DO in Milan – Italy Travel Guide!

  1. Wonderful episode loved it. Looking forward to next one. My new vlog is out too would you mind passing by for a while

  2. Awesome surya..Very Interesting and informative.. Now I know what to expect when I travel there and I’m excited.. Keep posting and inspiring

  3. your channel is going to blow up.. so professional!! i can watch your channel all day and good job

  4. You have such a great presenting style! Milan is one of the Italian cites that has always passed me by. Definitely need to check it out some day. The Luini place looks amazing, love local gems like that. Love secret bars too!

  5. Beautiful. We have great memories of Milan. We saw dmthe Duomo, Galleria and the Nawigli too. Hope you had a nice Gelato too. 🙂

  6. Great list, we spent one day in Milan and enjoyed some of these but I'm so sad we missed that delicious looking sandwich. I'll just have to go back ;p c/t

  7. We love watching your videos! Great editing and we always say this feels like it should be on the travel channel! Amazing job! c/t

  8. I did not think Milan was still so old school like that with it being so metropolitan It would be pretty cool to shop in Milan with all those beautiful restaurants.

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