right now dude a fucking welcome to Lapland Finland where you
just have a little bit of snow Mike hell yeah come on you gotta get closer come
on I thought it was maybe up to the kneecaps there’s a I’m not even at the
bottom are you serious I’m here to help two idiots as you can see it’s a very
snowy place in oh my gosh well we’ve got Mike Shepherd here we’ve got Jared over
there so if you have been watching me for a while welcome back to the channel
and if you are new here my name is Eric I love to travel and this is why Lapland
Finland is one of my top travel destinations I have ever been to okay so
first off you can’t go walking around the woods of Lapland without a pair of
these guys on the first activity on my list is snowshoeing up Lapland on
average gets 60 to 90 centimetres of snow and the snowpack is usually the
deepest in mid-march which was right when I was visiting and snowshoeing was
one of the best ways to fully immerse ourselves in the wilderness of Lapland
and get a solid workout in so we found out the secret to this deep treacherous
snow in Finland pair of these boys snowshoes so we’ve been out here for two
hours just out here in the wilderness of Finland snowshoeing around we come upon
this abandoned cabin okay so the cabin isn’t quite abandoned but the store
behind it is pretty cool you’re actually in Le’Veon we are at the ski resort and
this is actually a prop from a movie about the life of Santa this is
apparently where Santa grew up in the film but if you look this way here might
turn the camera we’re actually right in the middle of a ski resort I highly
recommend going for a snowshoe hike it is a killer workout and it’s a great way
to take in the area but if you’re kind of lazy or you’re looking for a bit more
of a thrill the next activity on my it’s snow it is the jet ski of the snow
is the best way to get around up here and it’s actually very interesting
before you go out and you rent this you have to have a full depth out survival
suit so if you can see I am in a full-on winter you know if you get lost in the
tundra this is gonna keep you warm just notice how quiet it is with all the snow
I could literally hear the snowflakes hitting my jacket that’s how fire to
this you can’t find this in New York no not in New York one of the biggest
questions I get asked about my videos especially the really glossy travel
videos is where do you get your music and I know for a lot of youtubers that’s
a big issue because of copyright I am proud to announce that this video is
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epidemic I can type in happy I can type in sad I can type in cinematic and by
doing that through the selection process I can narrow down almost exactly the
track that I’m feeling I’m gonna play this drone clip twice notice the
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have a link in the description of this video that gives you a 30 day trial and
there is basically no commitment what you think of it honestly it is my go-to
tool for making these videos complete and really telling the story through
sound design so that’s actually how deep the snow is
if you’re not an expert snowmobiler like jared is not make sure to stay on the
road if you are here in Lapland I highly
recommend renting one of these bad boys the faster you go the easier it is which
it’s a good lesson for life when you’re this far up north I think the best thing
to do is to just you know embrace the cold the next must-see place on my list
is the snow village ice hotel let’s start off with some hotel stats the snow
village covers an area of 20,000 square meters it’s built up every year from
scratch and construction begins around late October to early November when it
gets cold enough the hotel is constructed from 20 million kilos of
snow and 350 thousand kilos of crystal clear natural ice the temperature in the
snow village remains at a I mean I guess you could call it comfortable – – –
about -5 degrees Celsius the ice hotel comes complete with an amazing
restaurant a movie theater bar and even a chapel the Suites are all decorated
with elaborate art sculpted into the ice itself it’s a bucket-list one-of-a-kind
experience if you’re all about making unique travel memories the Ice Hotel is
for you so you can’t go all the way to Finland without doing the next activity
on my list which is the smoke sauna and the Finnish River ice bath so normally
what you do is you go into the sauna you warm up your body real nice to the point
where you are so hot that the only way to really appease this heat and to get
rid of this heat is to run down to the river and jump into the river into this
little hole which they call the Finnish ice bath now the tradition of the smoke
sauna is a massive massive part of Finnish culture there are approximately
5.5 million people living in Finland and there are an estimated two million
saunas that is how much the Finnish people like their sauna the smoke sauna
is an art form at sunrise a fire is made and it is stoked for six to eight hours
until the rocks are heated up proper temperature normally when you do
this you go naked butts because this is going on YouTube and I want to film the
whole thing from memory we’re wearing a bathing suit but this is the entrance to
the smoke sauna stop going in here shut the door behind you this is it put some water on this rock
really get that skin going in here now we just sit and marinate get nice
and toasty you because in a few minutes now the air is so cold that even moving
river water can freeze in a matter of minutes I’m ready for my eyes back
you ready yeah let’s go bro let’s go it gets so warm in there so fast
yeah like I don’t even feel cold right now oh you will in a second my friend
fear doesn’t exist fear is a mental thing you are screaming you won just get
the hell out 15 seconds later you calm down your breathing slows you look up at
the sky through the blue the best way to start the day you’re probably watching
that like Eric what are you doing I cannot even tell you how invigorating it
is to jump in ice-cold water when it’s minus 8 what is that in Celsius as cold
as what it is it’s very cold this next activity on my list is arguably what
this region of the world is best known for the Northern Lights and more
specifically unique hotels to view them simply put the Northern Lights are
caused by massive solar storms that rip through space and by the time the solar
storm reaches our planet the Earth’s magnetic field deflects the storms
except in the polar regions and the gases from these storms caused the
aurora they can only be seen under crystal-clear skies and very cold
conditions we’re on a sled on the way to our next
room we’re staying at it’s called the Northern Lights Hut
you’ll see in like a second it’s pretty cool this evening we are staying in huts
that have glass ceilings so you can have a perfect view of the Northern Lights this is the official tour of the
Northern Light Hut cabin you walk into this little cabin that there’s a desk to
the left you walk in a bit more you know take off your coat there’s a bathroom to
the right you go straight back there is a king-sized bed
you travel lights you lay back you look up and if you are lucky you will see one
of the most amazing phenomenons known to mankind
the Northern Lights oh good morning from northern Finland what a crazy place to
stay oh I slept so well last night oh it’s now the next morning after spending
a night in the Northern Lights Hut would I recommend spending the night here 100%
you walk out of your Northern Lights Hut you come in here they have a full
breakfast spread everything you could ever want for a solid breakfast you have
your coffee belly rubs oh when I travel and I see a dog I miss Bubba so much if
you don’t know who Bubba is Bubba is my old English bulldog away from home these
huts are more for the rustic hearted and if you’re into something a bit more
spacious our final night in Finland that we stayed in the Northern Lights sweet
11 a glutes here is a tour of our Northern Lights mansion you walk into
the master bedroom and it’s straight out of I mean how would you describe this
finland is very close to Mother Russia I’m half Russian this is what you’d call
Russian luxury it is decked out in gold there’s little studded diamonds in the
chandelier everything is gold the bed the mirror the windows the chairs the
bathroom has a rocket ship in it well yeah the showers I have in the back does
it you shut this and you’re in the portal so we’re gonna save this room for
tomorrow when the Sun is out because this is the great room and to really
appreciate it you have to see the view this honestly looks like a portal love
like that right now it looks like a portal to another dimension but in the
morning you have the view of Lapland and the ceiling has foam Northern Lights
just in case they don’t come out we aren’t gonna cook in here so I’m just
gonna give you a quick flash of this kitchen very mod ordain the steel coffee
maker I mean if you lived here it’d be a pretty nice kitchen but
we’re only here for one night you walk into this room and this is when it
really smacks into you that Nordic rustic vibe you have the pull-out guest
couch now this is I would call this this might even be the master bedroom as well
because I personally prefer this bedroom to the Russian gold luxury room this is
the cabin in the woods there’s a tree in the bathroom to rest your your bum on
and there’s actually a branch the hole if you have a really you know what
Finnish mansion would not be complete without your own personal sauna a place
like this runs you about a thousand euros a night but honestly sitting in a
hot tub with two meters of snow behind you looking up and seeing the Northern
Lights if you’re lucky enough tonight I mean as you can see it’s kind of snowing
so tonight yet we might not see them but you never know the weather can change
fast here that’s it for the trip to Finland if
you’re new to the channel make sure to subscribe check out the rest of the
Finland Travel series make sure to leave a like and we will see you in the next
destination I know I said at the end of Iceland the next one would be warm but I
really think the next one will be warm we’ll see you guys in the next video

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  1. Uploading this video from sunny Tulum Mexico! Hope everyone is having a killer Sunday. Finland is one of my top travel destinations for the year, comment below if you have ever been and don't forget to check out the link for Epidemic Sound if you are a creator, it's where I get all my music!

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