so if you have been watching me for a
while welcome back to the channel and if
you’re new here my name is Eric I love to travel and in this video I’ll be
showing you why west Sweden is one of my top travel destinations for 2018 the
first activity on my list is island hopping
now the coast of West Sweden is dotted with more than 8,000 islands and each
one has its own unique charm summertime in this part of the world is actual
perfection with long warm days and cool short nights we have the Sun out
actually some nice lens flare action going on I think it’s 9:30 p.m. but it
looks like it’s four o’clock in the afternoon I’m starting in the south you
have the island of rano which is a close 20 minute ferry ride from Gothenburg the
island has about 350 year-round residents it’s primarily a fishing
Island and if you come to this island ask for ho con so my name is Hong Kong
called stem and we are in my garden a brutalized man basically runs the island
he is one of the nicest people I have ever met in any of my travels
he owns a local hotel on the island go show him some love go show him some
business if you’re looking for that escape from Gothenburg that isn’t too
far away this is your Island further up the coast north right on the border of
Norway and Sweden are the koster Islands the car-free costs our islands are
Sweden’s most westerly inhabited islands and they are 100% the place to go for
nature as in Sweden’s only marine National Park since there are no cars
allowed at the islands are best explored by bike there’s not many places on earth
where you can get this kind of peace and quiet and the beauty points what do you
think Mike we as Americans feel like this is the type of place that you would
go to retire it’s quiet it’s with nature there’s water but this is actually a
place that people come they choose to live here and start families here and
this is their life they don’t retire to move to a place like this this is it
this is where they live we come from New York so this is the complete 180 of the
lifestyle that we live I say good half the year when I’m not traveling in life
it’s so important to see the other side of the coin you to see the world and
live in the world how other people totally different from your lifestyle
choose to live I highly recommend it stopping at Koster garden for a
delicious locally grown vegan lunch when you’re there ask for Stefan at the owner
and tell them Eric sent you finally make sure to stop in the town of smirkin
which is the liveliest summer town in West Sweden if you look behind me this
almost looks like a postcard I’m in the coastal town of Bergen in West Sweden
and it’s known for these tiny little boat houses all along the canal my
biggest tip for smirkin like all my travel destinations if you want to get
here and experience it like this with no crowds no people no noise you have to
come on an off day come on like a Monday or a Tuesday right at sunset and here in
West sweet and the sunsets at let’s see it is just about 9:20 and you can see
look behind me there is not a single person here besides those seagulls the
next thing to experience is fishing culture West Sweden runs deep with a
seafaring and fishing a culture throughout all generations wall and
Gothenburg makes sure to stop at the restaurant Gabriel in the fish church
which is a massive hall that only sells fish and seafood have asked for Johanna
the stud at with the long beard he’s the guy who owns restaurant Gabriel the West
Coast and Sweden’s of shellfish is amongst the best in the entire
world not making that up the entire world that’s thanks to cold clean that
mineral rich water there’s a bunch of companies that offer crayfish safaris
currently on a boat heading 30 minutes out the sea to learn how to create fish
like a local Sweden we’re joined here by the captain mr. Martin fish got 70 pots
and normally they do 700 oh it’s pretty light today
but there’s no the best things that traveling you get to experience
different ways of living in Martin is the pro at this I’m slowing down the
operation so you see this this guy’s too small about you said what a year two
years two three you throw him back we just found this
random island that we docked the boat all right so I have to work slow for two
or three minutes and you let him cool off I’m going out here and now we are
enjoying actual fresh crayfish that you just saw his catch moments ago and if
you really really want to fully immerse yourself in Swedish Island and fishing
life rent a boathouse with a few of your friends in the town of Gribbs data
alright so it is just about 6:30 in the morning and listen to how quiet it is
here this is where we stayed last night we are staying in an actual boathouse
this is one of the most unique places I have ever stayed just because they kept
it with the natural rustic feel of an actual boathouse I mean I haven’t seen a
single person other than jarrod and Mike since we arrived here that’s the
isolation that you’ll find here in West Sweden
up next on my recommendations is ocean kayaking the weather and the water are
actually so perfect that it feels like you could be somewhere in the tropics
and it’s hands-down one of the most beautiful stretches of water in the
world go and rent the kayaks with some friends and head out for a day-long
excursion through the coastal waterways throughout this trip you know Sweden has
been very relaxing very just peaceful and tranquil and I feel like this is the
first bit of treachery we’ve come across not quite treachery but I guess danger a
little excitement we’re kayaking around and we just come across a cliff right
there are you sure this is our guide Marcus is it good to jungle course it’s
good to jump and smile we’ve come so far to Sweden you want to jump off the cliff
are you nuts of course he did say jumping your own risk but I think we’ll
be okay a dashing 70 metres swim across the channel scaling of the 20 metre high
rock face oh I wasn’t recording just kidding Mike and I made our way to the
edge of this cliff which was much higher from up there than down by the water
I’ll say that we counted it and on three we sent it off the cliff
Mike landed kind of kind of bad a few if you look at this still frame Mike landed
on his side so if you are jumping off something this
high do a pencil dive unless you are trained at doing flips off of high
cliffs and now a traditional Swedish lunch with some good old smoked mackerel
some bread eggs and of course coffee and cake my next recommendation is to go to
West Sweden door mid summer celebration midsummer is the celebration of the
longest day of the year there’s tons of dancing around a maypole
good friends schnapps and of course saunas now I’ve made a whole video on
the topic of midsummer which I’ll link down below in the description so make
sure to go check that out for a full in-depth look on this Swedish holiday
and finally I recommend enjoying the city of Gothenburg again I’ve made a
full in-depth video on my top things to do in Gothenburg so make sure to go
check that out as well in the description and with that I will see you
in the next travel series which will be in New York City thanks for watching and
I’ll see you then

100 thoughts on “TOP TRAVEL DESTINATIONS of 2018: SWEDEN!

  1. FINAL video in the Sweden travel series! A list of why Sweden is one of my top travel destinations of 2018. The next travel series will be from New York City!

  2. Wow this place is very beautiful. I like your videos they are interesting and funny. I love travelling and see beautiful places and I that think this place is very good .I hope you enjoy. What was the best place?

  3. Rukku Sumayya weekend getaway suggestions from me


  4. Hi am Rajab from East Africa, I wanna travel to Sweden.
    Do you have any trustworthy company you can recommend me to use?

  5. Koster is heaven so many beautiful pearl along westcoast of Sweden , west coast of Sweden should be experienced sailing it harbour to harbour island to island its heaven in summer.

  6. Seeing you in Grebbestad is super nice:) so many awsome stretches of water sailing in summer! Welcome back! Next time go sail thats really top way to experience coast go sailing summer up down westcoast of Sweden:) welcome❤️❤️

  7. You should go to Uppsala in sweden at the last day of april. It’s almost as midsommar, But with more alcohol and parties in the city. And it is only in Uppsala, so people from Stockholm , gothenburg, and many other places in the world are traveling to Uppsala at the day called ”Vahlborg”.

  8. Trust me there is also a more America like side to sweden also. Not Everyone has a second house just for midsummer

  9. I am originally from gothenburg but now I live in värmland and my whole family on my fathers side are from the skärgård outside of gothenburg. Not Vrångö but Donsö and I’ve been to Vrångö many times in my life and I recognized a lot of the places you visited. Only on Donsö I feel really home

  10. Did you say Grebbestad? If so, I love that place, I go there like every year! But did you say Grebbestad or something else?

  11. The Swedes are a kindly friendly folk. I visited Stockholm and getting lost was no problem, everyone speaks English , and are willing to help , if one becomes lost , like myself.
    Would love to visit the west coast. The actress Ingrid Bergman spent her summers in a small tourist resort called Fjällbacka, with her husband Lars Schmidt , it's 150 km north of Göteburg (Gothenburg). It's the peace and tranquility that attracts me , plus the kayaking and swimming. Heaven on earth!

  12. i wanna share with you a way that i visited Sweden due to this great company , best experience i ever had , link :

  13. I love that you give recommendations for quiet times with no people around. Appreciate that.

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  15. Apparently you can't defend yourself from assault in Sweden, I would never go there to their corrupt country overrun by alien citizens.

  16. Try Stockholm archipelago next time, I like it better than the west-coast because its so mutch greener and beautiful nature..🙂

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  19. My top is Norrland, around Kiruna, Abisko and Swedish fjäll. Just one of this thinks you just must too see in the life.

  20. Next time you visit sweden you need to go see a Football Derby! Preferably IFK Gothenburg – AIK or AIK – Djurgården or Djurgården – Hammarby IF

  21. Don't forget about Malmö. It's a peaceful city with true southern Swedish city-life. You'll encounter friendly, trustworthy, hard working swedes everywhere, and there's a lot to be amazed by. Especially in Nydala and Rosengård! Memories for life.

    Make sure to tell all your friends and family about your trip when you've arrive home safe and sound. The world needs to know! 🙂

  22. I might just go to Sweden, I'm going on vacation for the 1st time without family and want to make a solo trip. This seems like the perfect place tos tart!

  23. Tusentals delade rum, privata rum, lägenheter, uthyrning, övernattning, hyresgäst, rumsdel, sängandel, platt andel, par och rumskamrat tillgängliga. NU Du kan ta en titt på vår webbplats:

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