Top travel guide to Venice on a budget – How to Holiday Better – BBC One

Top travel guide to Venice on a budget – How to Holiday Better  – BBC One

With its picturesque Canals Elegant bridges and breathtaking Architecture, it’s no wonder every year 25 million visitors are drawn to the stunning city of venice However, it’s also notoriously tting people out of pocket So we’ve asked Richard Madeley a frequent visitor here for over 20 years to share his survival tips Just as it can entrace it can overwhelm with its heaving crowds and its bustling waterways and its hefty price tags So here’s my guide to getting the best out of this magical place When you’re choosing a place to stay it can be seriously difficult to find an address here That’s because almost none of the streets have names on them even the postman get confused so it’s a good idea to pick somewhere That’s close to a notable landmark and that way you’ll be reasonably sure of finding your way back home again Idly Remember the time I was here with judy, and I’ve gone out by myself for a while And we were due to meet in a restaurant for lunch Could I find it nope? furious That’s one of the many reasons. Why we always return to this particular hotel, and Thanks to its deceptive location there is absolutely no chance you’ll get lost if you stay here See what I mean Saint Mark’s Square perfect Any trip to venice will inevitably involve a visit here as it’s home to the City’s three most iconic attractions the doge’s palace the Basilica of Saint Mark’s and of Course the Bell Tower the San Marco Campanula Locals call this place triangular Delle, Bermuda the Bermuda triangle And that’s because tourists come are in their masses, but they never leave That means that this is by far the busiest part of the city so expect crowds Now instead of queueing around the block to visit the doges palace you can book what they call a secret Itinerary tur before you get here. They’ll take you anywhere You want to go inside, but crucially the guides leave at allocated times at fixed points? And that means you just turn up and go no waiting the sheer number of people that attracts means the prices are sky high a Regular plate of Pasta in one of the many cafes that surround Saint Mark’s square is going to cost you if you’re lucky 15 euros if you’re not lucky 50 euros even a cup of coffee could be as much as 25 euros So instead take a wander through the back streets. That’s where you’ll find both the true character of the city and the best prices I’d recommend eating at one of the many cecchetti bars to get is like Spanish tapas It’s the best value most authentic venetian cuisine that you’ll find and here’s another tip when it comes to coffee Don’t sit at a table instead. Do what the locals do and drink at the bar that way an Espresso costs, just a euro and speaking of tips 5% here is considered more than enough It’s perfectly ample or you know surround things up to the nearest five or 10 euros and if you bill any bill says self It’s your inclu so nothing to worry about it’s all taken care of gradually for dessert Gelato Artisan ice cream, but be careful some shops charge top back for gelato that is far from authentic So how do you spot a fake well if the ice cream comes to you piled really really high that is a dead giveaway It means it’s been whipped true Italian ice cream has to be churned, and that’s what gives it. It’s unique dense texture Here at La Boutique. Del gelato. It’s the real deal. It’s delicious Getting around venice’s main canals is cheapest by Vaporetto the water bus a pass for two days costs 30 euros But of course no trip here is complete without a ride on a gondola the trouble is prices reflect their popularity The city of Venice sets the official hire rate for gondolas at 80 euros for 30 minutes But not many people know that that same rate 80 euros covers six people in the same boat So if you don’t mind sharing you can split the cost six ways Ahead of us is one of the most photographed sights in the whole of venice the bridge of sighs So called because it was the walkway that condemned men used to leave the City’s courts Nowadays the only thing to sigh about is the amount of time it will take you to queue up to get a look inside Honestly this angle is the only one you need to experience Then as evening draws in then you’re looking for a nightcap. There’s nothing. I’d recommend more highly than a visit to my favorite watering hole Harry’s And it was in this bar nearly 70 years ago that they actually invented the Bellini it’s made up of Peach juice and Prosecco Thank you very much indeed Marchesa, and it’s simple it’s elegant it’s understated But it’s ineffably classy just like this place So there you have it With a few of these tricks up your sleeve you will be in a much better position to tackle this most intriguing of cities And I promise you if you come to venice you will never ever forget the experience and more than that you’ll want to come back

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  1. Not much insight and for someone who's been coming her for years it all sounds very Holiday 1985. He's having us on isn't he. But do go in Winter, the city is so much better for it. In fact, I think he's talking cliched bollocks. Richard we expected more, and you know it.

  2. We loved it. Leonardo museum was good. Please note the hotels have to charge tax when you leave. We paid €30 tax.

  3. I had a chance to visit the city and it was so beautiful, made a video about it. It can get expensive but you have to be smart about where you spend your money. Great tips BBC, wish I saw this video before I went, but definitely going back.

  4. i think being born in the first world countries is truly one of the best blessings one can have. dreaming of visiting a place like this is much harder for people from developing worlds.

  5. Best tip for visiting Venice on a budget: GO VISIT SOMETHING ELSE
    As a matter of fact, Venice has far more visitors than it can handle/bear. You don't go to Dubai if you can't afford it and the same goes for Venice.

  6. Too many stuck up pricks working there, liars and thieves. The always inflate the prices for many items for tourists like boat rides to get to your hotel or taxis. The rest of Italy is so much more pleasant that this shit ridden rives, overrated city. Other than those boats rides, it offers nothing unique and actually even those boat rides aren’t limited to Venice. Italy is beautiful nation, filled with so many nice cities, don’t waste your time in that shitty city.

  7. Judy got furious at a genuine mistake, that anyone could make, in a city notoriously difficult to navigate. Unreasonable at best.

  8. Lol. Thats why I always stop here, in a hotel overlooking St Marks square! 1000 euro a night. But then Im rich. And then I go to Harrys, my favourite bar, 20 euro a drink. Fuck your budget!

  9. I beseech thee all……..listen to this without watching and I guarantee you will HAVE to look now and then, just to make sure it is NOT Partridge!!!

  10. 0:44 – "Almost none of the streets have names on them, even the postmen get confused". Uh, no. All the "streets" have names, except we don't use the name "street". Postmen don't get confused. Also, beware, being on a budget and going to the Harry's Bar are things that live in different universes.

  11. This guy has travelled to Venice "frequently" ????? Hard to believe because the info provided here is terrible.

  12. When you English speaking people will learn that we italians do not have that weird tone/accent in our language? BA BA DA BOO PI? You are truly pathetic, just listen, there's no place in Italy where they speak like that

  13. This Video us rubbish: no hotel with views to San Marco' square is budget. A little further away you'd get delicious wood oven pizza for 6€, and cappucino for less than 1€. As impressive as the doge's palace is, or the Basilica, I would skip it if on a budget and look it up on youtube instead…

  14. Walk or take the Vaporetto, there is absolutely no reason to take a water taxi or the bus. Get out of Venice during high tourist times and take a train to Verona or Milan.

  15. Great video, but this was not a budget-friendly guide. The average traveler probably would prefer to spend less than 100 euros a day, 50 if they are on a tight-budget. I know I am going to try to keep it under 50 when I go. Hope I can do it, haha.

  16. 1) Don’t stay in Venice if you are poor and have no taste. Instead, check sky scanner for the cheapest months to fly. The cheapest days of the month usually correspond with hotel prices. Also, try to rent an apartment if you can find one; preferably with a kitchen oven/stove. Better still, bring an electric stove as I will explain below.
    2) The train station isn’t cheap. Sandwiches in there are not 1 or 2 euros. The cheapest sandwich is 1.95 Euros and is the size of a baby’s hand. However, the train station is where the true Gelato’s are. Fake Gelato is usually piled up and puffy because of air. True Gelato is fairly flat and there are two Gelato shops in the train station. Bring about 15 Euros for two el grande cones, each being around 5 to 6 Euros for 4 different scoops each. It may look pricey but the taste and experience is well worth it.
    3)Take the Gondolas but haggle. Why? Venice is sinking and won’t be around forever. So go on the true gondolas if you have the chance. Besides, 80 Euros is not the fixed price and most drivers are willing to negotiate.
    4) I agree with this but the problem with doing this throughout are other tourists. The place is packed full and the city never sleeps. The narrow alleys and paths don’t help either. My suggestion is that you buy the 24hr tickets. You don’t have to use them all up on the same day either. You can use it on any day for a total of 24 hours worth. So if you buy say today and you use 3 hrs worth, you still have 21 hrs worth for the next day.
    Also, there are two main ticket operators. One is Alilaguna and the other is Unic ( I will edit this with the proper names later).
    5)Don’t buy water if that is the only thing you want. Bring an empty flask or bottle from your house instead, then fill it up in your hotel or guest rooms. People say that the fountains are fresh; fresh my ass! Just don’t risk it if you have another means of supply.
    6)Venice is daunting when it comes to price. 15 Euros is already about £20 depending on the price you pay to exchange. Also, stay away from Saint Marks Square, the Rialto and anywhere there are loads of people when it comes to just snacking. Head for the outskirts or residential areas of the city if you want to eat out or if you have an apartment with a kitchen stove, then head for the COOP or SPAR for food and ingredients to cook. If you head out before 10am, the seafood markets are usually open by then and buying fresh seafood like sardines which are cheap as chips can cost as little as 3Euros for half a kilo and can feed 4 to 6 people. Do a weeks shopping if you are staying for 10 days. There are plenty of cafeterias and restaurants hiding about where prices are decent. Avoid fast food joints like KFC, BK and McDonalds. These places are a rip off!
    7)Learn basic Italian. English is known in Venice but the locals prefer it if you can speak basic Italian. Knowing how to say Hello/Hi, please/thank you, can I have and where is and how much can go a very long way.
    8)Have about 500 to 600 Euros money if you want to enjoy and experience everything.
    9)Don’t buy masks in the main tourist areas, those are all fake and made in China. This goes for hats, Murano glass and Burano lace. Look for artisan mask sellers and you have to visit Murano and Burano for the authentic Glass and Lace. However, there are stalls in Murano and Burano that pretend to sell genuine glass; avoid these fakes. Get off at Colonia water bus stop on Murano and go inside the big shop to the right. They sell only genuine glass and have a factory on the island. Their glass also comes with certificates of authenticity for your own peace of mind. Once you’re ready for Burano, be prepared to que up for a very long time. If you leave for Murano early, around 6 or 8am, then you can avoid this huge line. We left late, so we had to stand there for over an hour just to get to Burano. This also applies if you are coming back from Burano to Venice. The lines at around 2pm on Burano are a joke.
    10) it costs 25 Euros for an adult to go into the Doge’s palace and 9 Euros to go into the clock tower. The basilica is free but there are entrance fees inside for other parts of it.
    11)Haggle, haggle and haggle! There’s nothing wrong with haggling and you will actually earn respect for it. We’re still in Venice right now and I’ve lost count when it comes to how many times I’ve haggled. 🙂

  17. stay on ludo island not the Venice islands and get a bus boat pass go out of slightly out of season stay a wek for the price of cpl days enjoy ludo island and Venice

  18. Hello Friends…, Here is the link of “17 Things You May Not Know About “VENICE, ITALY” | The Floating City And The City of Canals []”... Hope You Like it…:)

  19. €50 for a plate of pasta ? You can buy a bag of pasta for about 60p, Europe is a disgusting high priced hole. I never visit Europe now, so many better places beyond there.

  20. BBC is a terrorist organization promoting the terroristic destruction of Venice through excess tourism

  21. This guy's got NO idea, do NOT visit Harry's Bar, its the most boring bar in Venice and the most expensive. As for accommodation rent an apartment via from £80 a day for two people self catering.

  22. I like to relax and not worry about being ripped off extortionately when I go away , sod hunting around here there and everywhere to not get ripped off , plenty of other lovely cities to go to

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