Topsy and Tim Go Camping | Story Time for children read by DJ BBQ

Topsy and Tim Go Camping | Story Time for children read by DJ BBQ

Hi There! My name is Christian and do you know what
I love? I love camping.
Shall we find out what happens when Topsy and Tim go Camping?
Come on, let’s read! Topsy and Tim were going camping with Mummy
and Dad. They were taking two tents – a big one for Mummy and Dad and a small one
for Topsy and Tim. It was a long drive, but at last they arrived
at the campsite. It was in a field, beside a little wood. Topsy and Tim helped to unload
the car. Putting the tents up was a puzzle at first,
but Topsy and Tim soon remembered how to do it. “I like our tent best,” said Topsy. Tim went to fetch water. He was surprised
to find a tap in the field. It was a very splashy tap. There was hot soup for supper and sandwiches
and big red apples. After supper, Topsy and Tim went with Mummy
and Dad to explore the wood. “Somebody’s been painting arrows on the
trees,” said Tim. “Look!” “Yes,” said Mummy. “If we follow those
arrows, they will take us for a good walk and bring us back to camp.” When they got back to their camp they saw
that another family had arrived in the field – two big boys and their mum and dad. They
were unloading their car and putting up their tent. The big boys were very noisy.
“Let’s go and play inside our tent,” said Topsy to Tim.
“It’s time you two got into your sleeping bags,” said Mummy. Topsy and Tim were almost asleep in their
cosy sleeping bags when something hit their tent with a WALLOP! It gave them a fright. The naughty boys had kicked a football hard
at Topsy and Tim’s tent. “Sorry,” called the boys. Next morning, Topsy and Tim were up bright
and early and so were the big boys. “We are going to play in the wood,” said
the big boys. “We’ll come too,” said Topsy and Tim. They had a wonderful time in the wood.
They swung from trees like monkeys. “I’m the king of the jungle!” shouted
Tim. They chased after rabbits, trying to catch
them, but the rabbits ran faster. “I nearly caught one,” puffed Topsy, “but
it ran down a rabbit hole.” At last they began to feel hungry. None of
them had had breakfast. They wanted to go back to the camp, but they did not know which
way to go. “We’re lost,” said one of the big boys.
“No we’re not,” said Topsy. “The arrows on the trees will lead us back
to camp. Mummy said so.” Mummy and Dad were glad to see them.
“I was just coming to find you,” said Dad.
“What have you been up to?” “We’ve had adventures,” said Tim. Topsy and Tim were ready for breakfast, but
Mummy could not get the camp stove to work. “We’ll have to make do with a cold breakfast,”
she said. The big boys’ dad came to see what was wrong.
“Come and join us,” he said. “There’s plenty of room on our barbeque.” Soon there was the lovely smell of sausages
and bacon cooking on the big boys’ barbeque – and there was plenty of everyone. “ I love camping,” said Tim.
“I wish we could stay here forever,” said Topsy. What great adventures Topsy and Tim have together.
I can almost smell their food cooking on the barbecue. Mmm Bacon. It’s made me really hungry so I’m off to make
a BLT – that’s a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich. Thanks very much for watching I’ll
see you guys again soon. If you loved Topsy and Tim Go Camping why
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  1. Awesome 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😍😍😍😍😍😍😝😝😝😝😝😝

  2. Brilliant! We have this set of books, planning our first camping trip and of course, lost somewhere in the house is the camping book that I wanted to show the toddler to explain it all. Thankyou!

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