Toronto Ice Cream Tour – Amazing Ice Cream Spots!

Toronto Ice Cream Tour  –  Amazing Ice Cream Spots!

today’s video we’re gonna go to three
different ice cream shops in Toronto that I’ve never been to at least on
camera I did a six in the six video before ice cream and all the places are
going to today have not been on that list so they’re completely brand new to
people here and watching the channel and this is a Halle from the channel ally in
will hi I’ll leave the description link in the
description nice yeah I saved it I kind of saved that so I’ll leave a link fence
creeps me blowing to subscribe to their channel and we’re gonna go to our first
stop which is actually Long’s ice cream nice I’m excited I’ve heard it’s good
Charlie what sample would you want you’ll have a sample of chocolate
I got an Ovaltine ice cream my childhood reminds me of ol teen the movie A
Christmas Story or lines of Ovaltine Ovaltine songs pretty cool a lot of
their ice cream containers they look like Chinese takeout which is kind of an
interesting twist so this is the Ovaltine No which one you like better vanilla or
Ovaltine is good there’s the whole thing over here we just finished up at Long’s ice-cream
with the kids I wasn’t able to eat much ice cream a
bite of the white rabbit it was really creamy really good but then Maddie got
in there and took most of it and she started eating my Ovaltine ice cream
with a spoon even though was a cone yeah but I mean she was taking pretty big
bite foals making and making up her own rules so we’re gonna and they are gonna
get very high on sugar later you’re gonna go to sweet jesus which is
actually in the same area at San Leslie Villa as well it’s on Queen Street East
and we’re gonna have some soft-serve ice cream this time oh cool all right
where’s your horse well you should be singing about lies like that what you
want me to get demonetized like I said you mean you monetize that means I won’t
be able to make any money on this video if you swear
so don’t swear charlie okay cuz I know you like to say the f-word a lot yeah I’m gonna get hella leis and I’m to
come twist its regulator I’ve never been happier my entire life that I am right
now told you are we wrong wow it’s so light
though we have the beauty of soft-serve is like it’s so light compared to what
you think of me this looks huge weighs literally less than a Big Mac oh yeah I was so good the added flavor
the outside the crunchiness the hazelnuts oh my god okay that’s really
good see okay this is why I don’t like cones
because I always feel like it’s gonna like be gone yeah yeah you gotta work
harder this is good can you just shove it in your never now it’s gonna fall
over see the way he was attacking one side no I see he’s been going on ahead
I’m like Jenga right okay right screams oh my god I said some you’re chewing the
ice cream that’s how much you took he’s literally chewing ice cream that’s a big
bite you’re not gonna have that big of a bite my ice cream are you would you
think about it what do you think chocolaty which one do you like more whoa that was a big bite there you go
Charlie oh I don’t know if I have any the cone
has been kind of just falling apart it’s kinda lumps like a mudslide of just
toppings going all over the cone so Allie might have been right about saying
that the cups are better I just like cones in general I think you have to
work hard though when you’re eating them can’t be lazy you got to always be
attacking the edges constantly I got a cup and it was a safe move cuz it’s not
all over my hands right smart move yeah they’re gonna be up
until midnight yeah yeah yeah I look I’m messy this thing is all over my face
right now yeah where we going now so we’re going to
Dutch Dreams is right at Bathurst and Vaughan it’s the outside of place you
won’t be able to miss it you’ll know it’s an ice-cream shop just from that ok
perfect good so you said you’re more of a cup person Nautica yes I like to scoop
food into my mouth yeah well then you’ll really like the outside of this place
perfect ok if you’re in the area you take a look outside you see just the
decorations and the decor and it just looks incredible yeah see what happens
if I eat that from here we’re pretty far away from the door you can get a nice
aroma just like the waffles and the Cohen just peering right out of the door
there and it’s making me really hungry kind of lets the appetite you get you
get yourself like Kota you get ready right now you’re hungry if you’re not
hungry you will be when you’re outside of these doors this place is insane it’s
like anything that you can conjure up that you can throw into an ice cream
waffle you’re gonna get it here you got mmm Twix Smarties
Snickers s’mores Reese’s whoppers everything and you said you didn’t like
cones which is good cuz they actually have cups that are awful cups and you
can the cop and you cops very Dutch looking ornaments you got a lot of
paintings you got a lot of brass instruments you got a lot of kettles all
on the top of the ceilings and you for some reason also have an airplane there
you also have Donald Duck you got a lot of creepy statues they’re on top of fans
and you got two of course–i Aladdin right there on top I have went weird with mine I got the
blueberry bubble blast on top and I got watermelon sherbert I just went for it I
just you know you just went Sweat right yeah by the way does it holds together
pretty well I got I don’t know I I said I want something with peanut butter and
chocolate and then she figured it out for me and I said I want something with
cookies and she figured that out for me and I just took it took it’s so creamy
and chocolatey and delicious as the icing I don’t know I haven’t got to the
top yet but I like the drizzled like chocolate on in your pan I went for more
fruity UFO more chocolate yeah so maybe you want to try some alone you know what
of course I do go she said I’ll hold this place that’s the blueberry that’s
the blue bubble blast I think I might eat bubble gum inside there what that whoa yeah that tastes like
that tastes like bubble gum I think it tastes like blue personally I
had its describe a blue would taste like as a as a color this is probably all right so we just finished up at
Dutch dreams and I think I can safely say that I don’t want to have ice cream
for at least another month I think I’m pretty full I know I I I’m ya know
painfully full right now from the ice but it was worth it okay so we’re gonna
go over them again and I’m gonna think of which I actually really liked the
most the first place Wong’s I did like their flavor choices they had
I mean Ovaltine is something I’ve never seen any other ice cream establishment I
thought it was really good yeah sweet Jesus had a nice soft serve ice cream
but they only had a few different flavors really it was all about the
toppings it’s all about the toppings yeah the soft-serve I was like you had
no chocolate and then you had twist yeah this place had like almost every sort of
topping you can imagine yeah yeah very stressful to pick look I just made a
quick decision because there were so many amazing options you guys just went
list this and this you couldn’t you can’t go wrong with all the options oh
yeah you could go terribly wrong I give you they give you order the wrong things
the beginning of Sunday maybe the two scoops didn’t go that well together so
what would you say your favorite was of all the place to be tried today a
hundred percent 100% I like all the chocolate options but the cup thing I
had was made out of waffle cone and chocolate it was amazing
yeah I loved it are you not what do you know I liked it I think when it comes to
like atmosphere it was probably the most unique
yeah it was definitely the best in that regard yeah I personally I’m a
soft-serve guy I’m a softy big softy yeah I love soft-serve ice cream and I
love vanilla twist cones so for me I’d have to go with sweet Jesus I think that
was my favorite okay disagree I don’t even I like toppings yes but I don’t
even feel like that’s real ice cream I like the scoop ice cream 100% 100% well
that is where we disagree you like scoops I like cones and I like
soft-serve you like scoops scoops the cup oh yeah all right anyways I hope you
guys enjoy the video and I hope you got some ideas the places you might want to
check out in Toronto in the summertime when you want to get
some ice cream at your fix on your sweet tooth and we will see you in the next
video well I will do you won’t you’ll be gone you’ll be off and I actually can
you leave the frame

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