Toronto travel guide; things to do in Toronto Canada Ontario | tourism video

Toronto travel guide; things to do in Toronto Canada Ontario | tourism video

On this episode of Traveling with Krushworth,
I’m in Toronto Ontario On a whirlwind one-day visit to Canada’s
largest city. Walk the streets of this dynamic multicultural hub. It’s known for its city and provincial politics, arts, Music and food scenes—and its longstanding
sports history. Canadians also know the city for its booming
film industry And as the home of the Toronto International
Film Festival, which brings nearly a half million people
to the city each September. As a filming location, Toronto acts as a Stand-in for other places or is highlighted
for itself. I went for breakfast at an eatery in the city, used As a film location in Michael Dowse’s “The
F Word.” You might recognize the George Street Diner, Which was used for the charming
banter scenes between Danielle Radcliffe’s “Wallace” and Zoe
Kazan’s character “Chantry.” With me as your guide, ride to the top of
the famed CN Tower And then go an extra 33 stories—147 floors
in total—to One of the highest observational platforms
on Earth, the Skypod. Take the time to see the unbelievable 360
degree view, Perfect lit up at night or during the day. For many visitors, Their tower experience is one of the highlights
of their trip Before returning to street level, take a leap
of faith and Walk onto the glass floor. Don’t worry, it won’t crack— It’s built to sustain the weight of 35 moose. It is, however, 1,122 ft straight down. Only a stones throw from the CN Tower in the
Entertainment District, the Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is the largest indoor aquarium in the country with 16,000 marine animals. Move from the serene kelp forest to the otherworldly
Planet Jelly display. Step into the underwater tunnel and glide effortlessly Through the Dangerous Lagoon on the moving path. There’s nothing like sharks, rays and other species Passing above and all around you. The aquarium is one of the Premiere attractions in the city today, and
welcomes people year round. My next adventure had me setting off down
Yonge Street To the lights of Yonge-Dundas Square. Known for events set at The very heart of Toronto, it’s a place for people-watching and performance. Toronto has eclectic and trendy neighbourhoods, Including Chinatown along Spadina Avenue. My only time to visit this district represented
by delicious food, shops and stores was at night Next, I visited nearby Kensington
Market, an outdoor area Where open air grocers, hole in the wall bars
and restaurants are Populated by the city’s hipsters and travellers
seeking to unwind. While my timing didn’t allow a daytime visit,
it just means A return trip will be planned sometime soon. Toronto’s cultural districts offer a microscope lens
into the city’s fabric and heritage. Thank you for watching this Toronto episode
of Traveling with Krushworth. To follow me to Montreal, click the link up
top. Or if you’d like to visit other Canadian
destinations, click below. If you enjoyed the video, make sure you like
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