Torres Farm and Resort | Travel Around the world in just 1 day | #NaicCavite

Torres Farm and Resort | Travel Around the world in just 1 day  | #NaicCavite

welcome to my castle hi guys so today is another day which
calls for brand new adventure yeah and today we are going to show you another
tourist destination here in the Philippines ok guys let’s start our
world tour come on ok guys this is the Leaning tower of Pisa also known as “Torre Pendente de Pisa ” is a bell tower in Pisa, Italy so are you ready for our next stop? let’s
go to Singapore. Come on. and now we just landed here in the famous Merlion found in Singapore okey from Singapore we will fly to PARIS so hi guys, welcome back to our channel. and now we’re here at the pool side I believe this is one of their polls
here in Torres farms coz we also saw one in front of the Torres Farm just near the entrance so, we’re at the back and here you get to enjoy their pool for only php200 but if you only wanna take pictures and enjoy their garden cafe you only have to pay the entrance fee worth php180 so what i have here guys, is the price list of their rooms they also have day tour and prices varies
depending on the room type and if it’s a weekday or weekend so for the room
type they have this Italy deluxe room good for 2pax and for weekdays the
price ranges from a php3,500 for weekends php4,000 and they also have this turkey villa good for 6pax and for weekdays it starts from php8,000. It’s a lil bit pricy but we don’t know the experience yet. So, don’t judge. okey. But for the weekends it has an increase of php2,000 so, that would be php10,000 for the turkey villa and they also have this Japan villa, Presidential suite, Philippine villa, and Dubai villa i believe these are the Dubai villas, im not sure so, oh my god Presidential suite, Philippine villa, and Dubai villa the prices starts at php20,000 that’s for the weekdays and for the weekends that’s php23,000 and that’s good for 15-16pax. So it’s like a whole family i guess so, here in Torres Farm guys, they really have a lot of amenities to enjoy so one of that would be the swimming pools, and you also get to have a lot of photos taken because they have this. what do you call this? that the statue of liberty tourist spots abroad of different countries one of the tourist spots that we have here in Torres Farm would be the statue of liberty so, if you guys wanna visit the statue of liberty you need not to spend a lot of money thousands of dollars for you to fly there but you only have to spend for only php180 for the entrance fee ofcourse for your fare, if you have cars. so you get to save a lot of money. come and visit Torres Farm hi guys. I was shocked by their milktea

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