Tour a $17.75 Million NYC Penthouse in 360

Tour a $17.75 Million NYC Penthouse in 360

So we’re in the great room of a
seventeen point seven five million dollar apartment we’re on the 52nd floor
of a building called fifty-six Leonard which is designed by a Swiss
architecture firm called Herzog & de Meuron Now because we’re on the 52nd
floor, we can see the entire curvature of the island of Manhattan as it curves
down to the tip. We’re in Tribeca on the corner of Soho which is in one of the
most southernmost areas of the city aside from the views you have the living
room, you have the dining room, and you have the kitchen which was also designed by
Herzog and de Meuron So this countertop is something that they colloquially call the baby grand countertop because its shape piano, while the kitchen itself
seems like it’s minimalist to the extent that no one could ever actually use it.
The majority of the useful appliances are hidden behind paneling. It’s obviously open-concept but at the same time this is a pretty informal
comfortable space There’s even a wood-burning fireplace
which is a total rarity in new construction This is a fantastic view to wake up to
in the morning you have these 14-foot high ceilings and these floor to
ceiling windows looking down onto the southern tip of Manhattan and you could
see all these boats constantly I mean you’re looking at the daytime obviously
it’s going to be spectacular at night what the master bedroom also has, is its
own private balcony it’s one thing to see this view behind a plate-glass
window and it’s something else to actually be in the open air looking out.
You can literally hear the cars down below You can see people moving but of
course this view is pretty much unbeatable In this master bathroom you
have a really nice feature where the medicine cabinets are hidden behind
these panels that pivot outwards so that you can save space. Not that you
really are concerned with space if you have this apartment given that the
bathroom alone is more or less the size of a studio apartment there are another three bedrooms aside from the master all of them have the
same 14-foot high floor-to-ceiling windows so this is what a 17.75 million
dollar apartment looks like Now the price per square foot is around a
thousand dollars more than the average luxury price per square foot in Manhattan
but of course the average luxury apartment isn’t on the fifty second
floor, isn’t new construction and doesn’t really have these views. So is it worth it? I guess that’s up to whoever has 17.75 million dollars to spend

100 thoughts on “Tour a $17.75 Million NYC Penthouse in 360

  1. Too much of a maze of hallways for me. The rooms have a non-cozy feel. But for the same $17m, I could buy my own condo building elsewhere & sell nice apt to others for less. Nyc is just getting to be way too overpriced.

  2. i wouldn't live in that nasty apartment. Mine is so much bigger than that and has 3 floors. That apartment is just an overpriced shit

  3. The thing no real estate agent can definitively tell you with 100% certainty is that if you do spend that kind of money, a year later a new building will be built right in front of you blocking ALL the views. BELIEVE ME ….. I have seen it happened in the past ..!

  4. Okay im scared of heights ba all building is one thing but a weirdly structured supertall building with the outside walls made of glass is another thing.. Just imagine being late for work and having to take the elevator 50 fucking floors, tho i guess people who live n a place like that dont have to worry about eing late for work

  5. It’s sooo refreshing to see a breathtaking New York space without also seeing (and listening to) a realtor in a too small shiny suit showing off. The view is spectacular, but I really appreciated the understated host.

  6. Living room and dining room? How that could be if they're in the same room? Fake bogus seller! Shame on you, big ass cockroaches.

  7. Can someone PLEASE!!!!! Tell me if you know of a YouTube video tour of a high rise NYC apartment AT NIGHT!!! I want to see the City lights. Please comment below or Facebook message me thanx

  8. What the hell……I was watching this on my iPad and as I was moving around, the video was moving in the same direction. I then realized that it was the camera causing this. This is the first time I have ever seen a video like this. It was great. Whoever thought of this, is a genius. Hope you sell this apt soon.

  9. Anyone who can afford a $17.75M apartment will probably have a private chef and/or cooking staff. It's a design flaw to have an open concept living room/kitchen combo in such a luxury home. Who wants to be entertaining guests in the living room with the cook staff chatting and banging around an open concept kitchen that's only a few feet away with no barrier to block the noise, light and smells?

  10. waste of money how in the world can somebody pay 17 million dollars rent every month people has nothing to do but waste money that's okay bro I can see the view standing outside

  11. for this money I m gonna live on the French Riviera, or in Queensland Australia, right on the ocean front.

  12. Looking at all those windows, unfortunately, all I can think of is how it would look to see a terrorist plane coming at you, yeah morbid I know…So obviously even if I could afford that space it is not, by any means, my cup of tea.

  13. Architecture has gotten easier ! All they have to do is create one room ! Not cool! we just don't have the artistic talent.

  14. No one loves floor to ceiling windows more than me. But 14 feet high seems like over kill. There is a point where high ceilings seem cold and industrial to me. But maybe it is just the engineer in me that sees an inefficient use of space.

  15. Why are modern buildings so dull. There’s no sophistication and fine craftsmanship like the old buildings. The interior is hollow and white as usual with massive glass windows all for a panoramic view of the city. Remove all the furnitures from that place and all you have is a warehouse with a nice view.

  16. Can’t be the only person that for the first 2 mins was thinking “ what the hell is the camera man doing “ lmao then realize I’m the camera ma

  17. I hear the emergency vehicles…and police….So much cement and glass and no vegetation….how depressing. It would be jail for me.

  18. would never thought i see this apt. ever again in my life. so crazy i did the security system for this apt. great thing i took pictures when i was working this site it was beautiful .

  19. So many door options to kill yourself when you realize your life is as meaningless and empty as your $17.75 million apartment.

  20. 17.75 Mils? Does it have siri installed with voice commands for cleaning itself, making reservations and flying me to space when I want?

  21. I wouldn't get within ten feet of those windows, which would make the apartment way too small. I'll just keep my 5 acres of grass to not cut often enough and 6500 square feet of worthless junk and space to heat and cool.

  22. CIA/WHO report of 2004 and why HUNDREDS of MILLIONS will be movin to America….ROFLMAO…KARMA…we have TAKE/STOLEN 70% of the worlds resources these 50 years now we are gonna find out how GODS Karma unfolds.

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