Tour de France diet makes reporter puke

Are we rolling? THE TOUR DE FRANCE CHALLENGE Hi. Tour de France participants are said
to ingest 8000 calories a day. It is true. I talked to a team chef. He gave me a detailed list of what a cyclist eats
in a day during the Tour. So I’m going to try to ingest 8290 calories. BREAKFAST Oatmeal
Omelet 3 sandwiches
500 ml smoothie Coffee
100 g pasta 1 yogurt
1 glass of orange juice Here I go. Normal intake for a grown man
is about 2800 calories a day. I’m getting full already. Omelet done! Done! Tour de France cyclists drink
enormous amounts of coffee. Done! Time: 1 h 15 min This will take forever. SNACK
before start Fruit
A handful of nuts 2 energy bars
Lots of water More coffee Energy bar number two … DURING THE RIDE 2 croissants with jam and ham
2 boxes of Coke
Lots of sports drink 7 energy bars
2 energy gels Time: 2 h 54 min Energy bar no. 1 out of 7 Not bad.
I’m pedalling through France… Across the Col de Choumalét(?) Col de… Français(?) Past the cathedral of Bastagne-Liège… No, that’s a race, isn’t it? I’m about to puke. Time: 4 h 7 min I’m okay. Barely. Croissant with… Croissant with jam and salami. I can’t take any more! Time: 4 h 56 min I’m about to have an accident. Time for the gels. This is not working.
I feel awful. DOWNED:
Oatmeal, omelet, 3 sandwiches,
smoothie, yogurt, orange juice, apple, nuts, coffee, 100 g pasta, 9 energy bars,
3 l sports drink, 1,5 boxes of Coke. Keep going? No, I’m giving it up.
I need the loo. 4300 calories in 5 h 3 min REMAINING ITEMS:
Smoothie, chicken, rice, juice, steak,
pasta, yogurt, muesli, fruit, nuts, coffee.

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