Why are you sitting at the edge? Royalty. Hiding behind the tree. Snacktime. Restday snack. Are you uncomfortable? What’ve you bought? Parmesan. Nice, I bought one as well. 15 km skate is finished here in Toblach. I didn’t had that last push today as I wanted. I ended up at 20th placement today. I hoped for more today but I didn’t had that little extra today but that’s how it’s. Tomorrow it’s classic pursuit. It’ll be nice to do some classic now since it’s been skate the three first stages of the tour so it’ll be nice to do some classic skiing. It’s time for classic pursuit. It starts at 01:00 PM. It’s cold and the sun is shining. Looks like it’ll be a great day once again. Hopefully I’ll be able to climb a few placements today. Actually it’s not the placements that’s important but the time. So we can climb a bit in the tour compilation. We simply need to go fast. I had a better feeling today. I had the fifth best time and climbed to a 15th place. I’m not sure, i haven’t checked that closely. But anyhow it felt a lot better today so that was nice. Like I’ve said, my body feels good but But it’s like any other job, you have bad days sometimes. Yesterday was one of them. So now I’m just cooling down. Tomorrow it’s restday and we’re traveling to Val di Fiemme. That’s where the last three stages on the tour will be held. It’s 15 km classic masstart the day after tomorrow. It’s still 2 distance races left and hopefully I can ski really god at them and climb even more in the compilation. We’ll see how I stand after today. There’s Ustiugov. They seamed like they didn’t want to be filmed. It’s time for an evening jog. The clock is soon 08:30 PM. We’ve meeting now so I’m going to change and go out for a run afterwards. It’s not what I most likely want to do but it’s good for the recovery. So I’ll just run for 20 min. See you tomorrow. Then we’ll travel to Val di Fiemme, Italy. So I’ll take to you tomorrow. What’re you doing? You’re in the hotel reception. Have some on lost this? What do you say, Ebba? I’m embarrassed. I don’t have much to say. We can’t have him in public. Now it’s your turn. My turn? Yes. Sure. You couldn’t find a better place then this? No. Huh? It smells like bacon. Yummy. Am I on Youtube now? Yes, just what you asked for. Exciting. Tiny and cozy room. Now we’re in well, Val di Fiemme is the name of the valley but we’re in a village outside from where we compete. Nice. I can’t complain about my view from the room. Let’s go down and eat lunch. It’s in full swing here at the stadium. I’m just out and taking it slow. I’ve been out for almost 1 hour. So that’s enough for now. I almost feel better now than in the beginning of the tour. We live pretty close from here, on the other side over there. We can see the slope we’re going to climb the last day from there. Down there the slope begins. Which we’re climbing the last day on Sunday. Then we climb half the way. Up there somewhere. The stadium is over there so we ski pretty flat at first. Then we begin to climb. It’s Friday today and first we’ve 15km classic masstart. I’m out for a morning jog. The start isn’t until 03:15 PM so I don’t want to get soggy. So I’m just out and moving for 30 min. Hey there! Watch out for the road. Typical Italian streets, narrow. But cozy. I’m just biking after the race. It was a fresh body. The track was pretty easy and the conditions were good so no one really had the guts to go really hard. In the end the tempo increased. I don’t really have those speed characteristics so I couldn’t follow. A tougher track and worser conditions would suit me better. But I’m still satisfied with a 11th place today. The main point is that it’s not that far up to the top. I think it was around 18 sec to the top so that’s good. I’ve bought some chocolate. I came right before the siesta. So now i’m going to prepare for tomorrow. I’ll treat myself. So now I’m going back and rest. Watch some series. It’ll not happen so much more today. It’s too bad I can’t film during the races Since everyone has other things they must do. Ready for the last stage. I’m filming from my phone since I’ve sent all my things up the slope. This will be exciting. I’m a bit nervous for how it’ll go to the slope since it’s very narrow and it feels like it’ll be like a war about the positions. I’m nervous about that actually. It’s better to just be calm and do the best I can. It’s in the slope it all begins and I’ll fight for all it’s worth. How do you feel, Calle? It feels really great. I’m really happy over today. No, I’m just kidding. I didn’t get any points. Too bad. You must have climbed in the total. One or two placements. Will you be top 10? No, 11th maybe. In the total? Yes. Good! Now we’re up. Happy we don’t have to climb even more. We’ haven’t even taken half of the slope, You’re the best swedish guy we cheer for. We’re cheering for you. They cheer for you, Calle. What is this? Now we’re doing the last night here in Val di Fiemme, Italy. It’s going to be nice to come back to Sweden again after this tour and charge my batteries back in Åsarna. Its been an not so great tour. The beginning of the tour wasn’t that great But the last stages was more stabile. The tour hasen’t been my main goal for this season either. It’s not this sort of competition that suits me the best. I hoped for a little more today then just 11th but they were too strong for me. I’m glad I still gave my all today. So now I’m going home to Åsarna and recovery and do some training so I can ski good the rest of the season. I’m looking forward to 30 km in Falun with interval start and 50 km in Holmenkollen. Those two are my main goals for this season and the ones I want to ski really good at. But there’s more fun competitions as well. It’s time to turn the lights off. We’ll travel at 07:00 AM tomorrow morning. So i’ll end this weeks vlog here. I hope you’ve enjoyed following around at World Cup races and mostly on this tour. Give the video thumbs up if you enjoyed it and keep subscribing. See you next week. Time to say goodnight. Goodnight. See you, bye!

33 thoughts on “TOUR DE SKI PART 2

  1. Riktigt kul när du hälsade på Ustiugov på ryska. Inte ens ett Hallo tillbaka 😂

    Edit: det var mest för att det var en rolig situation. Antog bara att det betydde Hej

  2. Hej Jens! Mycket bra vloggar och bra kämpat i Touren, men skulle du kunna försöka få en mer jämn ljudnivå i dina klipp? Nu är introlåten stark men allt annat är svagt så man måste ändra volymen.

  3. Jens, you had really solid results and you're showing such improvement this season over last too. Great job. And thanks for bringing us along on the journey.

  4. Hi Jens,
    It was interesting to get your input after all these races. I watched every race, kept track of you on the screen. Yes, Val de Fiemme was better for you. I think you were solid in between 10th and 15th position. It was too bad that the races, except one, were mass starts. Last race, the climb, did show your ability to stay in 10- 15 places. The climb was the ultimate test for everybody, and you did good. I bet it was pretty pleasant to see Klaebo going backward. It shows he is not tough skier. I think it was great that you beat him.

  5. Relativt bra avslut på touren Jens….du närmar dig toppåkarna så sakteliga…..snart tar du en pallplats i Världscupen!

  6. Starkt jobbat! Det ska bli riktigt kul att följa dig och dina landslagskollegor resten av säsongen! Hoppas, hoppas bara att det finns tillräckligt med snö i Falun… just nu är det knapert..

  7. Bra story i vloggen med många olika klipp från det där runt omkring, skidåkningen kunde vi ju se på TV. Bra krigat i Touren också, framförallt i backen.

  8. Jag gillar att du förklarar och visar saker på ett sätt som man ser för sällan på Youtube. Till exempel hur du inte bara filmar slalombacken och säger "där ser ni backen", utan även pekar hur långt man klättrar. Ett annat exempel är att du säger nåt i stil med "20 minuters kvällsjogg för att snabbare återhämta sig". Du berättar både hur länge du joggar och varför du gör det. Och så varvar du den intressanta infon med bra omgivningsbilder. Tack för bra videos!

  9. Det är ett sant nöje att få följa din framfart, Jens. Tack för att du läger ner tid och energi på dessa fina vloggar.

  10. Väldigt bra jobbat, du får nöta lite klövsjö backar och sprint så har du Tour de ski nästa år. lycka till med resten av säsongen!

  11. Hej Jens! Jag tittade på dina tre senaste bloggar på en gång. Du är väl gjort! Allt går enligt plan! Lite mer och Ustyugov kommer att be dig om en intervju …))) (Maxim, Ryssland, Ufa)

  12. Tack för ytterligare ett bra avsnitt men tycker att de är alldeles för korta. Få lite fler sponsorer intresserade så att du kan utveckla ditt intresse.

  13. It was a nice tour and video. Succeful in the WC, I hope see you an the podium. Greetings from Perú… Ok, no Im in Finland 🤷🏻‍♂️

  14. Man, I never ever comment but I just have to for this blog. You're doing such an awesome job on bringing us both interesting and fun content here. Sometimes I just choose the play all videos option and let it run along with some music. Last night we had some friends at our place for game night and they eyes were glued to the tv screen all the time, I was just laughing.. 🙂 Scenery is also breathtaking, and insight of a life of a professional xc skier is awesome. Yet you do it on a laid back way, so easy to watch, video after video. Keep up the good work!

    Greetings from Croatian living in Canada!

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