Tour Guide Jobs – How to get a job as a tour guide? Tips for getting a job as a travel guide.

Tour Guide Jobs – How to get a job as a tour guide? Tips for getting a job as a travel guide.

Just before we get started here’s a few
things that you’ll never hear on a job hunt
boy I can’t wait to start my job search today gosh I wish I could work all of
these jobs at once full time mustache model needed pay is generous Hi Kelsey
Tonner here from Be a Better Guide calm the fraps are here because you’re searching
for a tour guide job or maybe you just want to learn a little bit more about
the industry either way I can tell you that there are hundreds and thousands of
different tour guide jobs all over the world and there’s more and more every
year the World Tourism Organization recognizes that global tourism is one of
the fastest growing sectors of the global economy so that’s good news that
doesn’t necessarily mean that the job hunt is going to be easy or even that
there’s necessarily Guiding jobs in the place you want to work that being said I
put together this video with a few questions that you’ll want to ask
yourself when looking for tour guiding jobs Plus at the very end I’ve got an
awesome bonus for you to help on your job hunt first question do you want to
work in your own country or travel internationally and this is a pretty big
question and it’s going to depend on factors like is there actually tourism
in the area you’d like to work but as a general rule it’s easier to get hired as
a guide as a local or national from the country in which you’d like to work and
this makes sense too if you think from the travelers perspective somebody who
grew up here and spent their whole life here is going to have all kinds of
insights into history the cultural and etc but being said there’s lots of
opportunities where you can work internationally I’ve had tours in Paris
that were delivered by New Zealanders who are studying in Paris or people from
the from Poland who are working in Croatia or the Czech Republic sometimes
I’ve met national guides who escort groups say from South Korea so it would
be Korean guides who escort them on trips around the world
so those opportunities exist as well – do you want to be a tour director or a
tour guide now I made a previous video that explained this distinction which
I’ll put a link to below but very briefly I think of tour guides as the
folks who are with travelers and gas for shorter periods of time like an
afternoon tour or maybe a tour that lasts a couple
days tour guides will tend to have a sort of specific knowledge on a
particular topic let’s say winemaking if it’s a winemaking tour or the
architecture of a city if it’s an architectural tour of a city or
something like the Colosseum if you happen to be leading towards their tour
guides can also have specialized skills if you think of a whitewater rafting
guide they’re probably going to have some paddling skills and rescue skills
that go along with that guiding job for directors or tour managers on the other
hand will generally facilitate the logistics of a longer tour or an event
something like a conference now these can be things like helping with the
logistics of transportation of passport and border controls Airport pickups
getting groups and escorting them to restaurants to their accommodation and
oftentimes they’ll work with multiple guides so if I’m facilitating a group or
leading a group through an itinerate we might have a winemaking tour with a
winemaking guide a local guide on Monday and then Tuesday we’ll go have that tour
of the Colosseum now much like a tour guide being a tour director you can work
internationally escorting groups on international itineraries or you can do
it in your home country most major cities will have something called a
destination management company so if there’s a big event or a conference
happening they’ll work with tour directors and tour managers to help
people get out and see the highlights of their country now you want to think
about this distinction but don’t get too hung up on the terms there’s lots of
companies that use those terms pretty interchangeably and there’s sometimes
roles that you can get hired for they’re kind of a blend of both of them three
what type of tours would you like to leave because the tourism industry is so
diverse these days there’s lots of options when it comes to guiding you
know if you get a job as a brewery tour guide you are going to have a very
different job than if you’re a fly fishing guide working in some remote
wilderness camp so when it comes to your job hunt think about what you what
experience you would like to facilitate or what you would enjoy doing on a day
to day basis and also what skills might make you a good candidate for that job
now to give you some ideas I’m going to put a link below to a hundred and one
different tour ideas this is going to give you a sense of just how many
different tours are operating out there right now
and under each one of those headings there’s some links to actual companies
who lead tours in that area for do you want to work for yourself or work for
someone else there are pros and cons to both choice now working for yourself
you’re almost certainly going to have to put in more effort but the trade-offs of
having more freedom flexibility and control of your own business might be
worth it to you now if you’re freelancing and doing this yourself
you’ll need to be the one responsible for things like licensing insurance
marketing sales and customer service but these days it’s becoming easier and
easier to partner with people like TripAdvisor and Viator get your guide
calm and peak just to name a few of the big players who are online online tour
agents basically who will market and sell your tours for you for small
Commission so there are also peer-to-peer marketplaces think of
Airbnb but for tours and activities there’s all
kinds of websites that are popping up some of them working some of them not
working but I’ll put a link below to another resource which is over 90
different websites where you can list your tour or activity online but if
you’re interested just in guiding and sort of facilitating that experience and
you think that’s what you would enjoy the most it’s probably the best batch
just to work for another company and let them handle the rest 5 do you need a
license to work where you want to work in many highly touristed areas you
actually need a permit or a license to be a tour guide these are sometimes
controlled by national governments or sometimes by municipal or city
governments now in other places in other parts of the world it really varies
quite a bit sometimes you don’t need a license at all for example here in
Canada you can work as a guide in Vancouver in Toronto and the vast
majority of Canada without any kind of license however if you want to be a
guide in Montreal or the city of Quebec you do need a permit so the best thing
to do is to look into your local situation a good place to start is
asking other guides who are already working in that space and to try and
contact a national tour guide Association because they can help with
these types of questions six would you prefer to work for a
smaller tour company or a larger tour company smaller tour companies tend to
offer more seasonal employment there tends to be a lot more options to choose
from because there’s just more smaller companies out there and lastly you tend
to have closer relationship with your employers with your bosses and even your
fellow employees now larger tour companies can sometimes provide more
stability more work sometimes better pay and they can also occasionally provide
opportunities for promotion or developing your career now if you’re
interested in working internationally as a global guide then these large
multinational companies are definitely the way to go 7 what skills can I work
on that will make me a strong candidate companies are always looking for
enthusiastic personable and pleasant people to hire as tour guides if you’re
a great presenter if you are organized and you’ve got a good memory those are
all traits that help and if you’re comfortable leading tours in multiple
languages well that is going to be a huge asset for you as well as any
experience you’ve got in the service industry if you’re interested in
developing those skills or learning more about what makes an incredible tour
guide you should definitely check out WWB a better guide calm I hear that
sites amazing now I can’t quite help you with your local job search just because
there’s so many tour guide companies out there but as a bonus I’ve assembled a
list of 63 of the largest tour companies that hire guides and tour leaders every
single year you absolutely want to check out this list if you’re interested in
working for one of the larger tour companies and I think it’s going to be
an amazing resource to help you find a job of your dreams now to get that PDF
just use the link below and join up to be a better guide community thank you so
much for tuning in today in the comments below please any other advice you would
have for job seekers out there websites that you found useful or resources
please post them in the comments and share this video if you’re inspired
thank you so much for being here I wish you all the luck in the world with your
job hunt and I’ll see you next time okay so I did find one more company for you
here this is a Brighton sue tours so they operate in southern UK
looks like they’ve got award-winning tours visitors from all over the world
been running for 50 years and I guess you get to wander be deep through
decades of British fecal matter so put that one in the maybe pile

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  2. hey kelsi sorry if i'm writing your name wrong.
    you sound like a nice guy that i can trust asking few question
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  3. Hi thank you for this 😉 I am Marco , 19 years old Italian guy currently living and working as a nature/wilderness guide in Lapland, Finland. I am very passionate about nature, and it is this love that led me to travel this far from my native land to get training in the tourism field.

    I am writing you because I am planning to move to Australia to work as a guide soon and hope that you will answer my questions,

    – Can you please tell me, what job opportunities do I have in Australia with a Vocational Qualification in Tourism carried out at Lapland Tourism College?

    I currently work for Lapin Luontoelämys, a tourism company, and my main job tasks include organizing, and being the guide on, hiking tours, canoeing, biking and other tourism activities.

    – Will my skills as a guide trained in an arctic environment be recognized also in Australia, can I apply my guide skills, and other tourism skills also there?

    My question is, even tough I have been trained to be a guide in Lapland's environment, will I still be recognized as such in the Australian environment?

    I really give you warm thank you for your patience.

    Thank you 🙂

  4. hello! i'm tourguide in indonesia, so dont forget visti my fanpage facebook if you vacation in my country

  5. Hi Kelsey ! I'm Estelle, 34 years old, from France. I'm interesting in starting a career in international guiding, but I don't really know about how to begin my project. Do you have some advises ? How was your begining ? (I hope my english is understandable ) . I'm now learning english, and trying to find study.

  6. lots of mumbo jumbo dude,here is a truth from an actual GUIDE,social service users getmore and for sure and is better to be than this job,costs a lot of money time and energy to finish when You do i doubt anyone even gets back as much as they pent on.same goes for Music,i could make more with music stop selling lies here

  7. I really inspired by your video sir .
    Now I am in (Bsc computer science) second year of graduation. So can I get that job by my degree and if yes than what the corcess which should I do for the job.

    Please help me sir I love that job for my self.

  8. I'm so done with the Automotive Industry as soon as I finish my Automotive Diploma. I'm going into Tourism. Tour Guide or Hotels.
    Doing what I want.

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